Report: Hoosiers to finish season without Sampson

SECOND UPDATE: Just heard the same thing from another source in the athletic department — that nothing is finalized yet. An important step in this process that has not occurred is for athletic director Rick Greenspan to meet with university president Michael McRobbie. Until Greenspan and McRobbie meet, the source said, no decision can be made.Again, this doesn’t mean the WTHR report will turn out to be incorrect, but just that people close to the situation are saying the report is premature.

UPDATE: A source close to the athletic department says that this report is not completely accurate.

Doesn’t meant it won’t happen this way — Dakich taking over on Saturday has been the assumed course of action all along — but nothing has been finalized yet.


Rich Nye of Channel 13 in Indianapolis is citing an unidentified source in reporting what we’ve been expecting — that Kelvin Sampson is not expected to be with the Hoosiers at Northwestern Saturday and that Dan Dakich is being asked to serve as interim coach for the rest of the season.

Nye quotes the “source close to the situation” as saying that by Friday afternoon, Sampson and the university will likely reach a financial settlement ending his employment or will be suspended pending termination under the terms of his contract.

We’ll be working to confirm this report. To read the entire report on, click here.


  1. This really comes as no surprise. This move was put in motion when Dakich was put in the replace Senderoff, if not before then during the pending internal investigation.

    It is a shame on Sampson’s part. He is an excellent coach, and the future would have remained bright for many years with him at the helm, if it was for those pesky phone rules.

    I am one that will hate to see him go, but feel we have no choice to protect the integrity of the program.

  2. Look on the bright side, everyone: it truly can’t get any more ridiculous than this. I mean, I guess we could hire Larry Brown, and he could bring in a team of illegal aliens. Then he could be sanctioned by the NCAA for violating their long-forgotten rule against wearing blue socks with black slacks (MAJOR VIOLATION!), for which IU would be banned from the tournament every other year for the next decade, but that’s not very likely. Right?

  3. Oh CKS!

    You should have won championships here. You could have won championships here. You WOULD have won championships here.

    It hurts to see you go, but given the circumstances it seems it has to happen.

    Good luck, Coach! Good luck!

  4. i agree swampy..this whole thing is would think the NCAA would have other fish to fry…a coach is going to lose his position over less then 1 phone call per month…if Sampson goes i hope the AD follows, Hebert loses his professorship, and the head of compliance is let go…

  5. triple…i don’t think it has to happen, at least not yet…even with such a fine Law school we have forgotten about this little thing called “due Process”…but oh well..if Dick Vitale says he should go, who am i to question the decision..

  6. TD, calm down man. EJ is gone whether the coach is Sampson, Dakich, Knight or whoever comes in next year. As for the postseason ban and the recruits leaving, lets see what happens before making predictions. When Davis left, everyone assumed DJ, AJ, Vaden, Bassett, and Keeling would all transfer or not come to IU, and the only one who left was Vaden. If the report is true and Sampson is gone, whoever the new coach is will determine who if anyone will leave.

  7. Greenspan should be next. It will take 2-3 years to rebuild the program (again) and IU will pay to buyout Sampson’s contract plus pay a new coach. Get a coach who doesn’t cheat and who graduates his players.

  8. THANK YOU HT for going to the source, the Athletic department and getting some clarification. Who knows what is going on yet! Some news places are just chomping at the bit for Sampson to be gone! Good heavens, when I hear it from President McRobbie’s mouth and Sampson stomping out of His office with a box then we know it’s a done deal. Until then, I think all these over reactions tell us a whole lot about how the world feels about it. As of now 1:52pm Thursday, He’s still coach.

  9. are you all kidding? it sounds like sympathy here for sampson?!?! you’re on probation. just like in life, when you’re on probation, you have to be EXTRA careful.
    dave- it wasn’t 1 call a month. it was the 500+ before he came here. and he didn’t learn his lesson.
    mike p- excellent coach? nah. good recruiter (and we can all see why with the violations). but his offense is as horrific as davis’.

  10. Refresh my memory! Isn’t Dakich the ex assistant coach a IU and then went to Bowling Green University. If my memory is correct he never in ten years as a head coach never had a team in the NCAA tourney. Can any one confirm or deny!

  11. I don’t have any speculation or assessment to contribute here except to say that the “Hoosier Scoop Poll” being taken, with the hiring of RMK as one option, truly reveals how arrested the local sports culture is. Amazing. And to think people here pride themselves on knowing the sport. Get a life, H-T. You must be desperate to maintain attention or sales.

  12. He never reached the NCAA tourney. He made two NIT appearances and won the MAC regular-season title in 2002. He had losing seasons four times in last five years. He’ll do OK as an interim for the rest of the season; however, I doubt he will become head coach.

  13. It’s time to move forward and rally around Dakich and the players. These kids have a chance to do something great and if they need to use winning for Sampson as motivation I’m all for it. Sampson has nobody to blame but himself but I understand the kids being upset. Still, if they don’t want this season to fall apart they will move forward with a determination to win. I’d like to see IU players, coaches and fans circle the wagons and focus all of our energy on winning. Let Greenspan and McRobbie worry about the rest. In my opinion RG should be gone as well but let him clean up the mess he helped make. We have games to win.

  14. The news of Dakich taking over is not new… Greenspan alluded to this in an interview last week that there was a succession plan in place…

    If you read between the lines…(speculating). What the source really says is that there is contention in negotiations and that IU has given Sampson’s lawyers till Friday Afternoon to come up with an acceptable exit package for Coach Sampson…

  15. arlogut- i think those violations were at OK..not IU…but i get your point..repeat offender…i think recruiting is a part and parcel to coaching…dont you think it will be easier for Williams(NC) to coach the incoming 4 Mcdonalds All americans, then say 4 non All Americans…i get the didnt learn his lesson thing…but the penalty should somewhat fit the crime..i think other solutions could be found…as for his coaching..i think it is actually getting better, the addition of Taber into the lineup is a good example,as well as free throw shooting improvement, he is coaching better

  16. It’s just sad. Kelvin obviously has a gift in some respects to leading young men. He also obviously has some character flaws. Funny that folks with some measure of greatness are often found to have a bit of both sides in them. Still phone calls and denial compared to some other things that go on, and even went on here, virtual ghost employment, academic advantages,”gifts” disguised as other things. It’s easy to catch little fish, tougher to catch the big ones!

  17. Why not Ray McCallum? He would seem to know the system better, have longer relationships with the kids, and does not bring in the Bobby baggage.

  18. s.carter…my point exactly…if his fault is fawning over his recruits, there could be far worse things…tim floyd comes to mind…i agree flaws are a part of everyone

  19. I agree I think McCallum would be a good choice, but I think he might have been mentioned in the violations report, something minor, but still..? He would probably do a great job recruiting Indiana and I’d love to see his son stay to finish at North!

  20. what do we think the chances are that steve alford will leave new mexico and come back to coach iu next season??

  21. Maybe McCallum doesn’t want the job. I’ve heard from students at Bloomington North that they were planning on moving next year anyway. To get Ray Jr to a better high school team.

  22. I say let him finish out the year then let him go. At least let this team finish in peace and unity and not have the program disrupted anymore. I know this probably goes against the m ajority, but I really do think this is best for the player and the program.

  23. To make Dakich or even Alford a head coach here–bad move either way. Dakich needs to demonstrate an ability to lead/develop a strong program, and Alford is a bit to arrogant for me to stomach. And Knight won’t come back–would you?

  24. I’ve seen Dakich just about every day for the last week and he is always on his phone. Maybe negotiating a contract?

  25. Don’t you just love those unidentified sources and unsubstantiated reports? For crying out loud, stop trying to scoop the next guy and get the straight of this.

  26. the craig: what are the chances that if Alford is hired, IU will be worse than they’ve been since the 60’s? Chances: real good.
    Dude needs to spend less time at the salon and more time watching film.

  27. dave- williams is a good coach. but kids go to nc because it’s nc. same reason they USED to come to iu. used to have the tradition of winning so kids would come without having to be called. they WANTED to be here. williams doesn’t have to recruit. the powder blue does it for him. i want iu to get back to creme-n-crimson is enough for any kid to want to come. that an indiana standout (like EJ) wouldn’t even consider illinois or nc or duke. i don’t know if it’ll ever be like that again, but i hope so! i think KS could have gotten us there but he’s dumb. seriously. dumb mistake. and iu can’t keep him or they’d be in even hotter water.

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