Report: Players want McCallum

It’s already looking like another crazy day of trying to sort out various reports about IU’s basketball coaching situation.

That latest I’ve seen is a report from John Decker of who has heard that players are demanding that if Kelvin Sampson is leaving that he be replaced by Ray McCallum rather than Dan Dakich, who has been rumored to be the likely successor. McCallum has been at IU two seasons, while Dakich arrived in early November.

We’re working on confirming this report and will keep you updated throughout the day with the latest news on IU’s coaching situation.


  1. Honestly, deep down I hope the players do either walk or get their way with their choice of McCallum. I’m sick and tired of all the screed about preserving the dignity of IU and the 50 year run of no blemishes, yet when an accusation is hurled the school won’t even stay with the man long enough to make it to his “day in court” with the NCAA. This reeks of hypocrisy and is double-speak in the truest sense of the word.

    OK, I’m cool with defending IU’s run of no violations in 50 years. But also, give this man his due… let him defend himself in the court of Myles Brand. If then he is found guilty, fire him. If then it requires IU to have sanctions for a year or two, so be it. But at least IU will be able to hold its collective head high and at least say they did the more honorable thing of standing by a human being until they could stand no more.

    Right now, I’m just damn ashamed to be an IU fan today…

  2. Embarrassed now. No reason to be ashamed unless IU doesn’t do the right thing today. If we don’t take decisive action today there is plenty of shame to go around!

  3. I’m more ashamed due to the actions of this atheltic department compared to the actions of Kelvin Sampson.

  4. Ryan, I am with you and am more ashamed of the AD than of KS. They knew what they were getting when then IU Prez Herbert Smith pressured IU to hire KS. IU has had 3, soon to be 4 Bball coaches, 4 f-ball coaches, and 4 ADs in the last what, 8 years?

  5. I dont blame them Dakich is dumb and not the right choice. What has he proven in his career?! Oh wait he played for Knight so he must be a genious and he supposedly STOPPED Jordan..who the F cares now. Stick with Ray Mac, someone with a good relationship with the players.

  6. Not their decison. They either play for the coahc the university appoints or they don’t play.

    Who do these people think they are?

    McCallum – good guy and all that – was with Sampson at OU and came here with him.

    Sorry, Ray, you’re too close to Sampson – he and attitudes like his are who we’re trying to scrub out of this program. We can’t have anyone who has a past with Sampson associated with this program – certainly not as the face of it.

  7. With 116 phone call violations reported last year in the NCAA it sounds to me like IU is being made an example. don’t get me wrong, KS should get what he deserves. This smells of Myles Brand.

  8. I’m hoping McRobbie isn’t tempted to make a black and white decision. Punishment, yes. But also due process. Appeal the NCAA findings. Do right by the players first, IU second, NCAA third, Coach, too.

  9. You’ve got to love the judgment of a bunch of kids–kids who aren’t old enough to know how much Hoosiers disliked this card when it was played last time.

    So, the players are really going to quit and ensure DJ won’t be the Big Ten player of the year? They’re going to quit and just not play the post season?

    Really? Well, I guess they can quit, we can go ahead and impose a post-season ban now, and then we’re ready to go next year without any new sanctions to deal with. Perfect.

  10. Quote on from IU “source”. So many source so many stories. Anyway, I love the part about science fiction….

    “No decision was made until this morning, I cannot stress that enough,” the official said in reference to various reports Thursday that claimed a decision to fire Sampson already had been made. “All those reports about it being made yesterday and of the players being told and of the team threatening not to play were not true. It’s pure science fiction.

    “The content of the meeting with the players was to keep them focused on the season and to [allow them to] ask questions at that time.'”

  11. The last time IU players had their say in a coaching hire, we ended up with Davis. So I say let Greenspan do his job from firing (if applicable) to hiring. It seems to me presidents are way out of touch on what is needed at IU. Let the AD do his job. This kind of madness is exactly what Bob Knight bitched about the last few years of his career at IU. Say what you will about Bob, the IU program has been straight down the shitter since his departure. Thank you Mr. Brand and Mr. Herbert, each of you are former leaders of IU that done absolutely nothing to progress IU’s Athletic Department forward in the coaching arena.

    j a c k

  12. pappy and harmon,

    You have your right to your opinions, but i think they are embarrassing. This is not your team, it’s theirs. They don’t get payed for this, they are not professionals. To use your own words, they are “kids.” Kids who came to IU to play for coach Sampson. Sampson ultimately hurt them the most, but if they truly want to play for him or McCallum over someone else, you have to listen. How on earth can you say to them “you play for who we pick for you” and not feel like a total scum bag? This is not their job, and we do not own them. Give them the respect they deserve. Out of everyone, they’re getting hurt the most by this situation, and they deserve a fair say in this. I hope the athletic department and the university do so, or they are much more embarrassing than Coach Sampson.

  13. More speculation, but I posted this a couple of weeks ago. I guessed the kids might be tighter with Ray Mac than Dakich. I feel both could do a good job if KS is out. Maybe a co-op effort with the two guys. Maybe one call the defense scheme and the other focus on offense. Not sure what to think about the kids walking talk. I guess it is always an option. Somebody from IU please SPEAK!

  14. You have to know that bloomington north coach andy hodson is loving this. if McCallum stays, he gets to keep his start player, who has been unbelievable this year.

  15. McCallum is fine to finish the season. But, long-term he should be gone. He might be the dirtiest on the staff. And that sucks because his son is big time.

  16. Dirtiest on the staff? Any proof Jim? I am not defending KS, but these are all STILL people and people trying to do their jobs. Get real!

  17. Well, first he gets a little guilt by association because he’s been with CKS awhile. Second, nearly every team in the Big Ten has complained about him making too many visits and making them during dead periods. Especially going after a couple Buckeye commits. Outside of having a son who is a stellar player, I dont think he brings a lot to the table. I’m fine with letting him finish the year if the players really want that.

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