Sampson awaiting word as IU contemplates his future

According to a source close to the situation, Kelvin Sampson had not heard any word on his future at Indiana as of about three hours ago. The administration had not contacted him.

However, many of the high-level decision-makers from the university are meeting today, and word is that president Michael McRobbie wants a swift resolution to the situation.


  1. Awesome, thanks for the update! Most of the posts at the message boards are so over the top and negative, I’m going to keep checking here all night.


  2. somewhere Mike Davis and Robert Vaden are laughing, and somewhere Bob Knight is hunting, so he should be our next basketball coach.

  3. First, Sampson and Meyer should be put on admininstrative leave until the investigation is done for due process. The university doesn’t need something like the Jim O’Brien issue at Ohio State, he won a couple million from OSU and their athletic department can swallow a lawsuit like that. IU’s athletic department can’t afford to give up millions if they are found to have wrongfully terminated Coach Sampson. Secondly, all of this talk about bringing back Bob Knight is a pipe dream and silly. He was just as bad as tarnishing the image of the University with his behavior and that is not moving the program forward into the future, so people shut up with the bring Bob back talk.

  4. I remeber back a couple of months ago stating that this is going to come…I also remember getting blasted by several readers for saying it…I feel that you need to drop the coach and AD for making such a stupid hire before the NCAA drops the hammer on IU…the way I see it we are going to be in the hole for about 2 to 3 seasons after all is said and done

  5. A high ranking source close to me, has advised me that contrary to what Greenspan reported yesterday, Samson will be fired this weekend, if he does not accept a “minimal buy out offer” (his exact words…not mine) and voluntarily resign. My source also advises me that at this time, Greenspan’s job is in no danger whatsoever. Sincerely, DMT.

  6. Chris or Doug,

    Have you received a similar e-mail to this from JD Campbell which was just received by the IDS according to their blog:

    “As he stated last night, he can not answer any questions regarding the recent letter of NCAA allegations.” In addition, Campbell told me on the phone not to ask any questions regarding the NCAA situation. If I did, he said, I would be taken off the media invite list for future press conferences.

    Sounds like JD needs to get the ax as well.

  7. I’ve been an IU fan my whole life. The fans would love Bob Knight. We are 2 presidents removed from Myles Brand, and I think Bob Knight would want nothing more than to have Brand hand him that title after the national championship. If we need a coach, I think we need the best one out there and Bob Knight is probably the best option. At least he is going to CHEAT, which is probably the most important thing in trying to restore Indiana Basketball’s reputation.

  8. Peegs says something is about to happen! His inbox is blowing up!

    This could be what we have been waiting for! Time to move on!

  9. Scott,

    We did receive the e-mail from J.D. Campbell about tomorrow’s press conference.

    And I will say only this: They can tell us what they would prefer not to answer. That can not tell us what we may or may not ask.

    I hope that what happened with the IDS was a misunderstanding. J.D. is usually better than that.

  10. I understand bring back our Coach is a pipe dream. Maybe it’s my bias, but isnt this a lot worse? For the most part, I think when Bob Knight did most of those things he was hurting himself (or increasing his legend status), but this stuff with CKS hurts us all, and most of all the players and program. Just a thought. I know most people long ago made their minds up about RMK.


  12. Some more brilliant reporting from Fox; quite the news flash. And, yes, that’s where this fan/alum’s patience ended.

  13. Yes, the news just broke. There will be a press conference tomorrow. McRobbie will announce a new investigation which will be completed in a few days and Sampson better be fired at that point, or IU basketball is ruined forever as the NCAA will crush us in June.

  14. scott, how do you know what president mcrobbie will say at his press conference? mightn’t he either fire kelvin sampson tomorrow afternoon or put him on a paid administrative leave pending completion of the ncaa process and make dan dakich the acting coach, and announce that iu will not go to the ncaa this year?

    president mcrobbie has three objectives: to resolve kelvin sampson’s employment situation with dispatch; to do so with a minimum of financial loss to iu; and to do so with a minimum of harm to the school’s reputation and the basketball program’s success in the long run.

    looking ahead, i do not realistically see bob knight coming back to iu and have advocated bruce pearl as a successor, but understand he might not be interested. don’t know if butler’s or xavier’s coach might be interested.

    if iu doesn’t get someone who is an “indiana man” or a knight protege, they could do worse than to get a tom izzo protege, whose ranks, like knight’s, are legion.

  15. Tony Dungy for IU coach. That is why he was there Wed. Interesting post from Duane M. Thomas. Is that like……Stephen A. Smith? I like that guy!

  16. The thing is IU and the Fans stood Behind Bobby Knight all through the years. They new Coach Knight was throwing chairs,hitting his own players and got in trouble at the Pan Am games. IU and the Fans stood behind him. Then they got Mike Davis to take over where he was not a coach. Now Coach Simpson may or may not be guilty in what he has done the point is you all want to throw him out over this when he has turned IU basketball around where Coach Knight was running it down. Give the man a chance to do some good. I I think if the NCAA finds that he did wrong you should stand behind him like you did for Coach Knight. You all think this basketball program is the only one that ever got in trouble. I’ve been an IU fan all my life and I think its time to stand behind Coach Simpson otherwise I guess I will have to find another program to support.

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