Sampson IU’s coach “for the foreseeable future”

Rick Greenspan leaves the podium after addressing the media.We heard from Rick Greenspan moments ago that Kelvin Sampson will not be fired right away, as many fans have been calling for today.

Greenspan said he expects Sampson to coach tonight and for the foreseeable future. He left it to the media to editorialize on what the foreseeable future means.

I think what we can take away from this press conference is that after a day of revelation on how the NCAA views IU’s case, we won’t see much action from IU for awhile. The athletic department will be doing further investigation, Greenspan promised, which may eventually result in personnel actions or further self-sanctions against the program.
Fans will seethe, storm and simmer in the meantime, no doubt.

Greenspan avoided a direct answer to a question about whether IU could fire Sampson for cause at this point. The answer to that question dictates whether IU can fire Sampson now without fear they’ll end up owing him millions if he successfully sues IU for a wrongful termination. From what I’ve read and heard, it seems like IU could fire Sampson for violating NCAA rules, but it seems a little muddy on whether it would be a better idea to wait until the NCAA has made a final determination on that.


  1. Hey, ish me agin from Loosierville… Ima abouts to drive my dern pickup into the dern shed ona ‘count of dese der alley-gayshuns. Now dat young-en Simpson seemed like a good ole boy he did, but now dat he dun brought shame on our house, its high time we strung him up by his britches and hire us a real coach. Maybe Adolf Ruff. He never done once got caught for cheatin’ … an he played all dem white boys like a good coach shud.

  2. Wow, “Loosierville” has demonstrated that creativity has not deserted Bloomington…(-: /

    Repeating a post to the initial press conference report:

    At 9:16 AM today the IndyStar reported: “Indiana University men’s basketball coach Kelvin Sampson provided ‘false or misleading information’ to the school and NCAA investigators, according to a list of five ‘major’ violations the NCAA is alleging against IU.” By 2 PM the story hit USA TODAY, SI, etc.

    IU has already had five days to review the NCAA letter and allegations, but as of late afternoon on 2-13 we have only an obfuscating and defensive press conference, Mr. Greenspan’s generally useless and sycophantic IU response, and the almost unbelievable bureaucratic and self-serving Calhoun comments, punctuated by “ahs” from reading the programmed responses?

    Not IU’s finest hour.

    This issue goes way beyond whether phone calls may have been inappropriate or misconstrued, and goes to the core of whether IU’s basketball program, or even its athletic program, is being operated with integrity and competent oversight.

    Rather than IU’s officialdom being squirreled away trying to find a way to alibi the behavior, or with months to hope the furor subsides, the proper managerial action might have taken 15 minutes — 13 minutes for Mr. Sampson and Mr. Greenspan to get from Fee Lane to Bryan Hall, one minute to quietly dismiss Mr. Sampson and have him escorted off campus, and one more minute to equally quietly put Mr. Greenspan on administrative leave pending an internal review of his performance by a group to include elected trustees, faculty representatives, Dr. McRobbie in person, and a representative of the IHEC or Mr. Daniel’s office.

    IU’s performance to date on this fiasco, including some of its somnambulant and inept trustees, raises questions down the line: About Dr. McRobbie’s fitness to direct the IU system given his developing track records of hiding in a foxhole while his reports take a beating — not quite what contemporary management gurus mean by employee empowerment — and putting dollars ahead of academic values; and about a board of trustees that Mr. Daniels has packed with politically inspired but uninspiring appointments. Where does the buck stop at IU?

    Perhaps IU should create a one-time high level oversight group, consisting of national sports leaders — external to IU — with demonstrated integrity, to do a top to bottom review of the IU sports machine prior to IU’s NCAA hearing appearance? Perhaps start with Archie Manning as chair? This seems the only way that some honesty about the system’s values and operations might finally be provided to IU’s faculty, students and alumni, so IU can find some direction out of this mess.

    Part of this situation traces to the dominant goal of continuously feeding more dollars to the ever-expanding IU bureaucracy. Even setting aside the issue of what IU’s overriding missions and goals should be, the apparent desire to protect IU’s basketball dollar margin even if it entails lies and damned lies has turned into system counter productivity. Mess with the integrity of IU long enough and the dollar flows to the IU Foundation might turn down. Thus finally motivated, the resultant image of Dr. McRobbie turning somersaults down Fee Lane, using Mr. Greenspan as a landing mat, might almost be worth the dollar hit.

    I am an IU alum, and my family holds five IU degrees. This kind of crap happens everywhere in collegiate sports, and will continue so long as an increasingly “professional” collegiate sports mentality and its increasingly rabid fans are allowed to drift away from our universities’ educational missions and some civilized values, so there is no naivete about IU’s being just one of a crowd. But, as an alum, and as a former IU faculty member who believes in the rules and tried to play by them, this IU performance stinks. It’s an embarrassment to every IU graduate, its current faculty and its students, as well as to those who have in good faith thrown endowment money at IU.

    Here’s a flash for Indiana’s Governor, for whom organizational integrity is frequently a case of peekaboo, fix it or bring on board some folks who will!

  3. Please Remember I.U. Fired Coach Knight as part of a Zero tolerance of unethical behavior, but yet allowed Miles Brand to collect a bonus post leaving the University as President which I found to be unethical. Now we tolerate Coach Sampson and AD Greenspan’s unethical behavior. I refuse to watch I.U Sports, give a penny, or wear Cream and Crimson until I.U. Cleans up it’s act and stresses ethical behavior by all, Coaches, Player, and Administrators.

  4. Ron – you should write a book. your posts are of novel length! j/t

    Is anyone really surprised that IU is pussyfooting around this until after March Madness? It seemed pretty obvious that due to the Hoosier’s record this year they’d just skate right thru March and revisit the issue after the season ended.

  5. To quote my own earlier post

    “So, I’m not a know-it-all on this subject, but I am a reasonable person & and life-long IU basketball fan. Here is my “lay-chics” opinion of this situation:

    1. I believed in giving Kelvin a fair chance and a clean slate when he came to IU. I like his coaching & the boys seem to be doing well under his leadership.

    2. I’m disappointed that he has let us down, and that he brought more conflict and heartache to the IU basketball program. The players certainly do not deserve this distraction! Having said that, I’m not ready to have him fired – Especially in the middle of the season. I think the manner in which he handles this situation will dictate my opinion of him in the future.

    3. These new allegations don’t mean alot to me because they are just an extension of what we all already knew about – Ole’ Myles & the NCAA just wanted to make sure they didn’t leave a single stone unturned in their attempts to create drama at Indiana. I don’t feel a renewed sense of anger toward Sampson.

    4. While I respect the fact that rules are rules, the violations are kinda stupid if you ask me. He made too many phone calls, or 3-way calls – So what?!?! Oh, but my favorite violation is him giving a potential recruit a t-shirt and drawstring backpack – Are you serious??? I cannot tell you how many times I have been given a free t-shirt or drawstring backpack for filling out a credit card application, or visiting an apartment complex! Who cares? There should definitely be limits on the gifts schools give, but a free t-shirt is hardly a major bribe & seems petty to me.

    And everyone – Please remember that not allowing Sampson to coach tonight and in the near future would be punishing the IU basketball players, as well as Sampson. That does not make sense to me!

    That’s it for now. Go IU!!!!

  6. Oh, and let’s not even get into IU’s motives for firing Bobby Knight!!! IU fired Knight due to his behaviors, but they were the same behaviors that we once profited from – Does anyone remember the foam chairs that IU sold to fans? They were little red foam chairs printed with something like ‘If the refs unfair, don’t despair, just throw your chair!’ IU made a joke about Knight’s behavior and marketed it to the fans, then they turned around and fired him for his explosive personality. Even though Knight’s personality scared me a bit, I think it was hypocritical!!!!

  7. His contract says we pay him until the end of the month. FIRE HIM NOW !! Cut him a check and get him out of Bloomington NOW!!

    He should not coach one more second for the HOOSIERS !! If I broke any rules I would be gone.You can say what you want about Coach Knight but anybody who knows , will tell you he and his staff could count phone calls , follow NCAA rules , graduate players , and people he had a positive influence on. Indiana Basketball has a strong and rich tradition. A tradition of hard work,character and ethics. The stone that was taken from the ground to build the campus is sacred stone and so is Indiana Basketball. Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do !!

  8. “This issue goes to the core of whether IU’s basketball program, or even its athletic program, is being operated with integrity and competent oversight.”

    So the right thing, Mr. Greenspan.

  9. Sad day for Indiana Basketball. Greenspan should resign by Friday Noon, Sampson should be fired by 10am Thursday, and Indiana should self-impose suspension of all post-season play for 2008. Maybe then the NCAA in June will take no further actions for 2008-09 season, other than to impose sanctions on recruiting, and scholarships.

  10. I think it is pathetic that a “assembly hall official” asked a fan to remove a shirt tonight at the game that said bring Bobby Back, but does little of NOTHING to stop a $#ck the refs chant, for 3 games in a row. This athletic department’s paranoia and fear of a backlash by Knight supporter’s is out of control.

  11. If this message was sent twice I appoligize!!
    IU could have prevented this from the very beginning. They invited trouble and now they have it right in their lap. Why would a clean up to date program even think of hiring someone with that kind of history! When we were looking for a coach all we heard was that we needed to find the best fit. Well the best fit was only 2 states away and on his way out. IU let him slip right thru their hands. Who would have been a better fit than an IU legend and native to Indiana. No one would have taken the job any more serious and of any more importance. You want to talk about recruiting? Who could have done a better job of keeping Indiana kids in Indiana. A majority of the fans wanted him.(ticket buyers, gear buyers, donaters) It seems as though IU listens to what the fans want and then does the oppisite!! The plan is simple cut Sampson loose, pay the consiquences and hire the guy you should have in the first place. New Mexico is a nice place to visit but I bet he would rather be at home.

  12. Fire the idiot that hired sampson then fire him.but that will not happen, the a.d. will jack around with this untill I.U. gets banned from post season play. other schools play well with coaches that are not thugs or cheater/liars. A winning season is not a get out of jail free card…or should’nt be. and by the way, no time out w/ 4 seconds left to set up a play? what the………

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