Sampson pre-game show with Don Fischer

Kelvin Sampson was just on Don Fischer’s Inside Indiana Basketball pre-game show.

The findings brought to light today concerning Sampson’s NCAA violations were only discussed early in the program, before Sampson arrived.

“Perhaps Indiana comes in a little distracted from the report that came out today from the NCAA,” Fischer said.

“All they have to do is play basketball,” his colleague Todd Leary replied. “There’s a few of these kids that are playing their last seasons at Indiana University and they have goals of winning a Big Ten Championship and playing very well in the NCAA tournament. They all owe it to each other to play basketball games and not worry about everything else that is going on.”

As for when Sampson arrived, he only spoke of the upcoming game against Wisconsin.

“Wisconsin isn’t a hard team to prepare for, they’re just a hard team to play against,” he said. “I think they will play better tonight than they did in their place (two weeks ago when Indiana visited Wisconsin).

He finished by saying tonight’s starters would be Armon Bassett, Eric Gordon, Jamarcus Ellis, Kyle Taber and D.J. White.