Sampson Q&A with Michael McRobbie

IU President Michael McRobbie

Here’s a transcript of the questions reporters asked IU president Michael McRobbie today and the answers he gave.

Q: Have you talked with coach Sampson since these allegations came out?
McRobbie: No.

Q: Will he continue to be the coach?
McRobbie: The point of this investigation is to consider the allegations against him.

Q: Do you expect to have the report back next Friday then?
McRobbie: Yes I do.

Q: How long do you expect to take (after you receive the report)?
McRobbie: Depending on what the recommendation from the athletic director is, the process is described in the coach’s contract, depending on what it is.

Q: Does the wording in the contract give you the ability to fire him?
McRobbie: I don’t have the exact wording in my head, but the contract is available in many places.

Q: Given the expeditious nature of what you’re trying to do now, is there any thought of the university trying to go to the NCAA to try to move up the hearing date to April?
McRobbie: No, that hasn’t been considered.

Q: Once you get the recommendation from the athletic director, can you describe what your process will be?
McRobbie: It depends on what the recommendation is. I really can’t pre-judge what will happen until I get the recommendation and know what it is.

Q: But as to your process once you get it?
McRobbie: It depends on what the recommendation is. If it’s a recommendation for dismissal, that process is described in coach Sampson’s contract.

Q: What process will the investigation take?
McRobbie: I’ll leave it to the investigators to define whatever process they think is appropriate.

Q: Have their been any conversations with coach Sampson about him possibly resigning?
McRobbie: There have been conversations with the coach by others, but I’ve had no such conversation.

Q: Given that it was an intern that found the original discrepancy that led to the Ice Miller report, how confident are you that your investigating committee will be able to determine where Ice Miller and the NCAA differ?
McRobbie: Very confident.

Q: Did you consider suspending coach Sampson?
McRobbie: Coach Sampson’s contract makes no provision for suspension in this situation.

Q: If there is language in his contract that says there can be suspension, why isn’t he going to be on suspension?
McRobbie: The contract says that if there’s a recommendation for termination then he is suspended without pay. That’s the only condition for suspension, I believe.


  1. Again, the “least worst option” is for KS to take the bull by the horns and resign immediately while thanking all of us for giving him the chance to coach the IU team.

    Otherwise its death by electric sander to the head

  2. Why is Greenspan not considered to be at fault in this? Instead,
    he investigates his own department’s failures, including his own!

  3. McRobbie had a chance to be leader. He is another graduate of the NO SPEAK school, that all the actors in this play seem to have graduated from. KS is the king of NO SPEAK. Somebody step up and be a leader. Someone with substance. This is to the point of disgusting.

  4. so not to take attention from the more important matter… but what about our recruits? Ebanks? Roth? Pritchard? Holloway? Elston? Are they all gonna jump ship? These alligations are going to SERIOUSLY hurt the recruiting process and will set the program back AT LEAST 5 years I’d say, considering 2009 and 2010 recruits are already committing. Pardon the language, but KS is a piece of (crap)!!!

    (Editor’s note: This post has been edited to remove vulgarity. But I think you still understand what is being conveyed.)

  5. ww…you took the words right out of my mouth. All of the skirting around questions and non-transparency is only making the school and the athletic department look like fools. Will someone at IU please be straightforward when answering these questions?

  6. McRobbie is doing the right thing. You people are very impatient and this thing will be a 2 to 3 year nightmare if McRobbie responds with the knee-jerk reaction like all of you are calling for. He is acting like a leader out of the best interests of the institution. This is an institution of higher education and research and despite what people think not just a place for basketball.

  7. Hey kids…you can’t tell me that this surprises you. IU knew exactly what they were signing all of you loyal fans up for when they hired this clown. It was a complete shock to the College Coaching Fraternity that IU picked Sampson. This has always been viewed like that pimply faced goon walking hand in hand with a supermodel. You just shake your head and say out loud “How did that guy get that???”
    I hate it for you and the legacy that was IU basketball. IU faithful deserve better than this.

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