Sampson speaks

Sort of. The former Indiana basketball coach has issued this statement through IU media relations:


“I have made the very difficult decision to leave my position as head coach
of the men’s basketball team at Indiana University. While I’m saddened that
I will not have the opportunity to continue to coach these student athletes,
I feel that it is in the best interest of the program for me to step aside
at this time.

“I wish my players and staff nothing but the best for the remainder of the
season. They are all truly incredible people. As I have previously stated, I
welcome the opportunity to go before the Committee on Infractions in June. I
look forward to getting back on the basketball court in the very near


  1. This sucks…but I guess it had to happen. At least there will be no lawsuit. I hope the players rally and play with a chip on their shoulders.

  2. If he’s not quilty the don’t step down. Again I don’t understand the logic. If he cares about iu and the players then he shouldn’t leave.

  3. He was forced to leave and we all know it. These guys are too close, you can see it when they play and when the times are tough.

  4. If Sampson cared so much for the university and the athletes, he wouldn’t have made that first call. Good riddance

  5. IU brought this on themselves when they hired damaged goods ! I guarantee you that absolutely NO ONE in Norman, Oklahoma is surprised by this turn of events. Can you say, “been there, done that” ?????? Come on, folks — you know what happens when you dance with the devil.

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