Source: Sampson out

2 p.m UPDATE: I just spoke with the same trustee again. He said it’s not clear what exactly is being discussed regarding Sampson right now, but that he’s been told that discussions about Sampson’s situation are still ongoing.

1:40 UPDATE: I just spoke with an IU trustee who said he doesn’t know if and/when an announcement will be held, but it’s his understanding that negotiations regarding Sampson are still underway. That possibly implies that a resignation and buyout of his contract are being discussed. The trustee thought this was a possible reason for no announcement being made yet.


As we did last night, we are hearing early this afternoon from a source very close to this situation that the decision has been made to end Kelvin Sampson’s tenure as IU basketball coach. We are seeking clarification on whether this means he will resign or be fired.

Meanwhile, CBS is now reporting that Sampson will be suspended for the rest of the season as part of a termination process, and that an announcement will come soon. You can read that story here.

We will continue to seek further details on this difficult situation for the Hoosier basketball program.


  1. I am so sick of reading what fiction CBS and Fox have had to say that I’m just going to stay here on the Scoop and see what you guys come up with. You guys have been great.

  2. Does anyone see the irony in what has transpired in the last few days? Indiana University officials are being shaddy (if not lying) about Sampson’s future when the whole reason Sampson’s future is in limbo is because he was shaddy to the NCAA. The University seems to be throwing stones while living in a glass house.

  3. chris and doug–

    as a young journalist myself, just want to praise you guys for the excellent work you’ve been doing. Some of this garbage being put out by sportsline and ESPN is, well, exactly that. Great job. You guys have blown all the national media out of the water on this story, thanks for the FACTS!

  4. As a non-journalist I want to laugh my butt off at Gary Parrish for being an idiot. It’s CYA time for Gary. His “source” is now backing away from the comments of players leaving the team. Too funny. Well, my “source”, which is just as fictional as Gary’s is telling me Sampson is fired… unless they suspend him first… or bring him back to coach the team. My Gary-like fabricated “source” is also saying all the players will leave the team, then return, then leave again, and finally return to play out the season. Gary is just throwing crap against the wall hoping some of it will stick so he can say he broke the story. Idiot!

  5. Nice job Sam. Finally someone with some sense! When are the rest of you going to stop believing all of the BS that is being thrown out. The unresponsibility of the so-called journalists is outrageous! None of them have “inside sources”. No players are going to quit. Sampson IS going to get fired, IU has no choice but to fire him and throw themselves at the mercy of all-to-powerful NCAA. IU has given NO OFFICIAL statement about Sampson’s future, so no they are NOT lying, Alan. They haven’t said one word. And our local journalists and only slightly better than the “National” ones stating that ongoing negotiations imply a resignation and buyout. It implies nothing. They are making stuff up like everyone else!

  6. I have an idea! Why don’t you ALL stop bashing the reporters who are just trying to do their jobs. Wait patiently like the rest of the world and see what happens. Whatever happens is gonna happen regardless of what CBS Sports, ESPN, the HT or anyone else prints!

    Thanks for keeping us up to date Doug & Chris.

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