Statement from Illinois on fan behavior

What we want to know is how Guenther and Weber managed to make this statement together at the same time. That takes cooperation and coordination.


Statement from Illinois Director of Athletics Ron Guenther and Basketball Coach Bruce Weber:

“There was a great college basketball game played Thursday night between the University of Illinois and Indiana University, but the game has been somewhat diminished by inappropriate behavior by a number of fans in attendance.  We value the enthusiastic support of the sellout crowds at the Assembly Hall, but above all we take very seriously the reputation of our basketball program and the University of Illinois.  The profanity and behavior by a small segment of fans Thursday night is disappointing and intolerable, and for that we apologize to fans of both teams.”


  1. This comes out after Weber said the crowd was “great” and he “couldn’t ask for anything better”. I can’t stand him.

  2. Hutch at the Indy Star blog has posted some thoughts on this.

    Indiana didn’t look good with what happened at the UConn game, but the response by IU was certainly much stronger than this wishy-washy statement from Illinois. It’s time the conference stepped in & fined schools or emphasized to officials to give crowds technical fouls.

  3. How weak can you get Illinois? I’m not sure why they bothered. “Small segment…”? This failed attempt to deflect the overwhelming negative response from the national and local media is about as sad as UI’s win-loss record.

    No mention of their player taking a cheap shot during the pre-game intro. No mention of their coach applauding this behavior immediately after the game. No mention of their fans throwing things at the opossing team’s fans and family. And the apology includes an apology to their own fans. What?!?!

    Maybe Bruce and Ron were talking it over in bed last night and figured they need to say something to stop the negative press. I’d say this first attempt failed. Try again, UI.

  4. Bruce Weber showed very poor sportsmanship by not shaking hands with the IU players. He needs to apologize for his actions as well….Not hide behind some scripted text from the UI media office.

  5. bruce weber is an ass hole fo not shaking hands with the players after the game,but to hell with him—-GO IU WIN THE BT CHAMPIONSHIP

  6. Maybe now we all know why EJ backed out of his committment to play for Weber? I’m not the biggest Sampson fan, but at least he knows how to be somewhat of a realist…If his team loses, he blames it on his players and gives credit to the other team being better or more prepared. When Weber loses, he blames it on a kid who doesn’t even play for him. Had Illinois actually focused on BASKETBALL instead of torturing EJ and his family, then MAYBE, just MAYBE, they would have had time to show mr. Pruitt his hitch in his free-throw technique that Jay Bilas couldn’t stop ooozing about. Just a thought.

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