Still no solid info on press conference

2:05 p.m. UPDATE: A university official is telling the media to hang tight for now on a possible press conference this afternoon that they’re “working on it.”


While there are lots of reports out there of a 2 p.m. or later press conference, we still have an IU official telling us after 1 p.m. that he doesn’t know about one being set up yet. It certainly doesn’t appear that there will be a 2 p.m. presser.

We are checking further into whether an announcement this afternoon is still expected.


  1. has a live stream for those of us without a TV feed. Looks like no one there to speak yet and the feed just went to colored bars “WTHR Truck 4”.

    Come on IU get this thing started already!

  2. Adam Katz of ESPN says no presser until 4 or 5 PM and WTHR switched their feed to weather, so perhaps it is true.

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