Still waiting . . . .

It’s 6:15 p.m. and more than 50 reporters, photographers and TV camera-people are waiting for the arrival of Rick Greenspan for this long-rumored press conference.

The latest information we have is that Greenspan will be here, but IU president Michael McRobbie will not be for this announcement that will make it official that Kelvin Sampson is no longer IU’s basketball coach.

Some members of the press have been here in the Hoosier Room at Memorial Stadium all afternoon. We don’t have any word at this point of when the press conference will start. In fact, we still have no official word that there will even be a press conference.

But with more than a dozen TV cameras lined up here, I can’t imagine we won’t see Greenspan at some point. The question is when.

The most likely reason for the delay at this point appears to be that Greenspan is part of whatever effort is underway to address the unrest with IU’s players that resulted in six of them not attending practice today.

IU’s players are still in Assembly Hall, according to our reporters who just left there. President Michael McRobbie is expected to meet with the players as is Sampson tonight.

Assuming our Web connection continues to work in this cave of a room underneath the football stadium, we’ll provide written live updates from the press conference, in addition to the live video feed at that’s also linked here.


  1. Does IU have a public relations team? If so, where are they and what are they doing? Have they ever heard of managing public events? Managing the press? If they’re not ready, at least announce that there will be no announcement today. If you’re running late, at least communicate when you think you’ll be ready. It’s not hard. This is embarrassing…

  2. Yeah this is ridiculous…IU needs to man up and stop being so secretive. If there is not a press conference, SAY SO…if there is a press conference, MAKE A FREAKING TIME AND TELL EVERYONE. I can’t believe this is going on like this, it’s absolutely insane.

  3. forget the coaches problems for a minute. The university is handling this about as poor as I have seen things handled. This is an embarassment to the state of Indiana. Get your stuff together Indiana University.

  4. I think you have to give the school some credit. I’m sure that Sampson isn’t making this easy in trying to come up with language to protect them from future legal action. Any time you have lawyers involved, you can be sure it will take time to hash out. I would suspect that Kelvin has backed up on something, leading to the additional delay. I’m proud of them (the University) for taking the time to “get it right” and I’m sure their concerns aren’t what’s going in the media at this point. The damage is done. Now they have to put it behind them one step at a time, and it begins with coach Samson. Besides…I’m sure there will be plenty of people gunning for Greenspan when this is finally over with. He better get this one right.

  5. Does anyone else feel that Indiana University is scared to make a decision and announce that decision. I think they are afraid and they do not know what will happen if they fire him. They are trying too hard to please everyone, when in fact, no one should really come out of this pleased, it has been a disaster and an embarassment to IU and they need to make their decision and begin moving on.

  6. For the record, IU’s athletic media relations, NOT the main media people, are handling this. So J.D Campbell is the one who’s in charge. It’s really not like them to bungle this so badly, which makes me believe there are things out of their control at work here (like the players saying good bye).

    Doug, Chris and all the sports guys deserve a huge thanks for all your hard work today!

  7. If it’s true that Sampson has been fired, then very probably we’re looking at the ruination of IU basketball for several years to come.

  8. Sources say the media has created this frenzy, people are blaming the university for bungling it up, yet everyone wants to lynch someone sooner than later.

    Stay tuned for the lynching.

  9. FLASH! ESPN reporting that SAMPSON IS GONE. IU reportedly has bought out SAMPSON’S contract for US$750,000 with a ” I shall not sue” clause attached.

    Film at 11

  10. I agree, the local media types deserve kudos for hanging there all night and all day to get the most accurate info.

  11. I understand that they are trying to get this right, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Someone has got to step up and say what the plans are for a news conference. Too many people are waisting too much time and all they need to say is “No meeting as of now” or “meeting at 8” or whatever, but I can’t believe they are just letting everyone sit in the media room and wait.

  12. Sources say there are 1000 people watching the webcam right now.

    Other sources say that the people sitting next to it don’t know they can be heard.

  13. Sources say the webcam will become non-viewable when there is movement in front of it. The bandwidth will succumb to the 1000 users who were reported by another source earlier.

  14. ESPN mention of student basketball player revolt. This gets more interesting by the minute.

    Someone said, “Clean out the IU stables.” Looks like a needed purging in progress here. This is just the beginning.

  15. My dog just reported that it is snowing and that Coach Sampson is currently eating at Mcdonalds by the mall

  16. Truth will out. IU couldn’t lie to the media, to itself, to the students or to the fans. The way they handled the Sampson matter from his hiring on shows a pattern of deceit and ineptitude. Heads should roll. Let’s have a full investigation right to the Trustees Office.

  17. I don’t think Dan should even be considered for the interm coach. He wasn’t even a coach at the start of the season, coach Ray should be the coach, since he is the assistant. Another indiana joke!

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