Thursday Chat (add lingering questions here)

We’ll be having our usual Thursday Indiana sports Q&A at 11 a.m. before hitting the road for the love-in in Champaign. We’ll talk about Sampson’s team, Lynch’s recruiting and maybe even Knight’s resignation.

Please join us. You can submit any questions or comments by clicking here.


We didn’t address every question during the chat, so feel free to ask any you have in the comment section.


  1. Hey guys,

    A football question: With the departure of our starting CBs, and a paucity of DBs (1) in the ’08 recruiting class, do you envision some of the (4, by my count) WRs switching sides of the line?


  2. Which of the 19 football signees should I keep my eye on, and expect to see starting sometimes next season????

  3. Rick,

    I know you would like Chris or Doug to answer this, but I can’t refuse taking a stab at it.

    Losing a NFL caliber corner like Tracy Poter is always a hard player to replace. However IU has a young corner who seen some palying time in Chris Phillips who will start in place of Porter next year. Keep your eye on this kid, he is a player.

    This leaves the task of replacing Leslie Majors. A solid corner, though not as talented as Porter. There are guys like Calhoun who will be a senior next year that can and should be a prospect for that spot.

    This team also list a lot of young DB’s that could step into a CB role. As for a WR coming over, that may happen. There are a couple of incoming freshman that will compete for playing time next year, especially at the WR spot.

    Now with the running backs we have (McCray & Payton), and adding Darius Willis, I see no reason to keep Marcus Thigpen at RB, and hope the new RB coach when hired will make a push to get him as the slot receiver, the position he really belongs in. Doing this will also allow them to look at receivers to step up in the corner spot for defense.

  4. Dudes, this question arrived in my inbox this afternoon:

    Only Basset, Stemler, Ratlif, and White have been through a true,physical Big Ten Season. The lack of inexperience seems to be physically taking it’s toll on the newcomers. What’s the strategy to deal with this? Are there more breaks? Is practice more strategy based rather than physical? Is it all mental?

    Lamont, Chicago

  5. Rick,

    Mike P’s answer is solid, as his posts always are.

    Christopher Phillips has played a lot of football.

    And I think head coach Bill Lynch was particularly happy with the way some of his young corners practiced in the run up to the bowl game.

    The guy that stuck out to me was Donnell Jones. Maybe that’s because I didn’t really know to look for him because he was a late addition to last year’s signing class. Anyway, he’s quick and scrappy.

  6. Jeff,

    Sorry to give you the obvious answer, but there are many of us who believe that Darius Willis has a really good chance of getting the most carries on the team next year.

    I also look for one of the wide receivers to stand out and become Kellen Lewis’ fourth option.

  7. Kelvin Sampson has said many times that teams don’t practice 20 hours (the maximum allowed under NCAA rules) this time of year.

    We don’t know that for sure, since we are not allowed to watch IU practice.

    Probably the toughest part for a lot of the freshmen is staying on track with their classes. Think about this week. They’ve been in Champaign all day and will lose most of their weekend to the Ohio State game. It’s tough for them to get into a routine and make sure that they take care of their academics.

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