Unwise decisions

Karen Sampson (lower right) awaits tonight’s game.

A chunk of the seats delegated to Indiana for tonight’s game sit right next to the Illinois student section.

That means that Kelvin Sampson’s wife, Karen (one of the nicest, most pleasant people you’ll meet), is already hearing chants about her husband cheating and losing his job.

Obviously, she’s going to hear this sort of thing all night. It just seems a little strange to put her so close to the action.

Meanwhile, the fans are chanting “traitor” and “liar” at Eric Gordon as the Hoosiers stretch on the court.


  1. Chris, what’s the story with AJ? I know you said “family issues” in a previous post – and I bet IU Sports Media won’t elaborate on that. Just wondering if you knew more. Thanks ahead of time for the coverage.

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