1. We can’t even announce stuff. Lets just implement a full post-season ban now, and forfeit the season. Enough with this circus.

  2. This is getting a little old. Does anyone at IU know how to manage the public or the news teams? If I may offer a little help, someone there might just want to give the interested parties a statement on what the heck is going on. If you can’t get it together now, you could at least inform everyone that you’ll release a statement at 11 p.m. But please, just try to start acting a little professional… Please. It’s getting embarrasing…

  3. It is hilarious watching the live feed, I think most of the people on there have no idea that the sounds is being broadcast as well.

  4. The people doing the PR seem a bit confused. You don’t set times and deadlines that you may not be able to meet. Hopefully the team will coalesce around Dakich and finish out the season strong. If they want to go on strike, oh well.

  5. Maybe the press conference was waiting on Damon to get there so they can all come out together. They’ll probably keep Dakich as the head coach because no one in their right mind would come coach for us–we look like Barney Fife.

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