What do you want to know?

What questions would you like to have answered from today’s press conference to announce a new investigation into the allegations against Kelvin Sampson and his basketball program?

If you’ll give us your questions for Michael McRobbie and others at today’s 3 p.m. announcement, we’ll do our best to get them answered.


  1. Why doesn’t IU suspend Coach for breaking IU and NCAA rules, pending outcome, just as he suspended 3 players this year for breaking team rules.

  2. I would like to know why they are allowing Sampson to coach while the new investigation takes place. Why not suspend him (with pay if you have to), until the inevitable firing takes place. As an IU grad, I don’t want him representing my school on national television Saturday.

  3. If the interim coach does well in the tournament, will a full scale search be employed for a permanent coach at season’s end, or is it more likely that the interim will get the nod?



  5. Have the decision makers taken into consideration or otherwise have a prospective on how the kids (players) will be affected by the decisions made.

    Also, I would like to know if the rest of the coaching staff’s jobs are on the line.

  6. I agree with many fellow posters. He should be suspended immediately. Get the legal i’s dotted and t’s crossed and then terminated. Let’s move on….starting now.

  7. I would like to know why he can’t be fired based upon the findings that he seems to have admitted to in last October’s investigation. He gave up $500K, so that seems like an admission.

    And I don’t think that double jeopardy would apply in this case since it is not a criminal trial, so IU could reopen this. If he already admitted to breaking the rules in the October investigation, it seems that it would be at IU’s discretion to fire Sampson at any time. Unless there was an agreement between Sampson and IU that the October findings are water under the bridge and his contract has been amended to show this.

  8. What would lead to firing? Is it the phones calls alone? Is it the lying to the university? Is it lying to the NCAA? How much responsiblity does Greenspan have for making a questionable hire and if he remains will he have to change his hiring process?

  9. Should a new coach be needed for the mens basketball team,what will be the process and timeline for said hiring?

  10. Hiring Coach Sampson was risky to begin with, and knowing that, why was there no follow up from our NCAA compliance officer or atheletic director until these alleged violations were uncovered by a part-time intern?

  11. I would like to know if there is any way President McRobbie could stop the MADNESS and give us some answers to the questions we all have? If He is as guilty as the whole world has made Him then He would have been gone before back in October. Let the investigation happen, get the facts, let the process run it’s course. Otherwise a really decent season with these young men has been ruined or stained due to this mess– all brought on in my opinion by a over reaction by a uneducated public before the investigation and decisions are complete.

  12. They have announced that it will “not take long”. Can we expect a decision before Tuesday and Purdue game? Can they put that term “not long” into perspective?

    One I doubt they will answer, but……..At this point, is this immediate discussion about contracts, money and legal reactions? Are KS’s actions still in question, or has the university taken a stance on the violations and KS’s response?

    You guys are my heroes if they answer these. Hee

  13. We’ve heard Coach Sampson deny that he willingly mislead the investigation. Does he deny ALL wrongdoing in regards to the NCAA allegations?

  14. Swamp……that may be the best job available for KS after this runs through the rinse cycle. Maybe Kent Benson can be his assistant. The Pot calling the Kettle black.

  15. Because of the risk (although then seemingly small) that came with hiring Coach Sampson, will those involved in the hiring process be held accountable for their now apparent poor decision making?

  16. I think the people hiring these wonderful coaches should be replaced as they have proven their poor hiring skills. Is there a class at IU which teaches people to be cheats and liars?


  18. Does Greenspan have to take any responsibility in this mess that we are now in since he was the man who hired Sampson?

    Also ask them why Sampson can suspend his players for some games, but the University can’t suspend Sampson for his mistakes?

  19. The suspension questions are good ones also. Again, I doubt you’ll get a response from that type of question.

    It would be good to ask McRobbie if Greenspan and others involved will be reviewed for accountability? or is it chalked up as a bad decision to hire a coach with baggage.

  20. nobody said the university cannot suspend. Sounds like they are going thru the process. I bet my upcoming lunch that is what happens. The question is …. When? 1) Suspend 2) Review legal options 3)Dismiss 4)Back to the starting line

  21. As soon as KS is gone, I think we should look no farther then Butler for the next coach. The guys knows Indiana and apparently good basketball players who work well with his system.

  22. If all the fans are calling for him to be suspended, why are we continuing on with him as coach? Seems to me we will make the University look even more like a joke in front of national tv.

  23. In view of the history of Kelvin Sampson,did the university monitor carefully his telephone usage? If not, why not? Who specifically was charged with that responsibility? When initial violations were discovered, why was Kelvin Sampson not disciplined or terminated at that time as the violations clearly breached the provisions of his employment agreement? Who is charged with that responsibility?

  24. The NCAA is not a court of law, it is more of a tribunal. Do you even expect to get a “fair and balanced” judgment? What role does Sir Myles (self appointed Czar for life) play in the decisions on sanctions and penalties?

  25. With the original findings of the Ice Miller investigation, why was the decision made to retain coach Sampson and not fire him?

  26. Greenspan is not going to conduct this investigation, I hope. Isn’t he just as much of the problem? Didn’t this all come down under his watch? Isn’t it apparent we need more competent leadership from our administrative executives?

  27. What has changed since Wednesday when AD Greenspan indicated that IU will take the full allotted time to respond to the Notice of Allegations to yesterday with the announcement of an internal investigation with an expected turnaround of a “matter of days?”

  28. Was Eric Gordon one of the players who received the offending phone calls? Do we have any freshman or sophomore players that were recruited legitimately?

  29. Whyhave we not fired Kelvin? I know there are financial implications/reasons for this, but think of what it would say to the rest of the world. It would show that our first and foremost concern is the reputation and integrity of the University. Sure it is athletics and not academics, but how long until IU’s athletic reputation is so tarnished by scandals that people view the entire university as a joke and some sort of sham. I am sure donors would throw in a few extra bucks to get rid of KS. Plus I am not even sure that the University would have to give KS any additional $$$. that is for the attorneys to figure out.

  30. Why was Sampson chosen as IU coach when he came with so much
    baggage, including a poor graduation rate and NCAA sanctions??
    How many other coaches were interviewed? Was an offer made
    to any of them?
    Why should Greenspan not go when he was instrumental in this
    unfortunate hiring which has now dirtied IU’s reputation forever??

  31. ww, we’ll be providing live written updates as the press conference proceeds. That means every few minutes or so we should have what’s being said.

  32. As an alumnus of IU im asking that Sampson be suspended until the investigation is complete. The ncaa allegations along with our own past investigation from ice miller justifies the suspension .Our responsiblity is to our student atheletes , to our university and to the state of Indiana not just to Kelvin Sampson. He should get paid and have his day in court but we do not owe him representing this university until he is cleared of this .

  33. What could an additional IU investigation possibly find that would make anyone believe that all the player, coaches and parents who call Sampson a lier are wrong?

  34. Timing:

    Rick Greenspan in an interview on the Big 10 Network prior to Wisconsin game said they had been informed of the additional allegations prior to the official report coming out. The report has been out since last Friday. If IU knew even before the report came out about the allegations, why are we now just holding a press conference to say IU is going to investigate. It really feels like they waited and have let this thing become a train wreck rather than being in charge.

  35. Were the findings from the Ice Miller report not enough “just cause” to fire Sampson?

    The forfeiture of his bonus seems to be an admission of guilt, at least to what was initially found.

  36. KS has to go although, I also was naive enough to believe him when he said he was sorry for what happened while at OU and that this would never take place at IU. This will be devastating to recruitment over the next couple of years if a good hire is not made in the near future. Let’s hope we have enough players left next year to compete.

    Will there be a live feed of the 3:00 pm press conference?

  37. dave……..not live of McRobbie, but direct feed from Doug and Chris. Our HT guys will be commenting and interpreting every few minutes.

  38. Thanks ww, I’m hoping KS is suspended for the Mich.St. game and one of the assistants takes over. The healing process needs to get started ASAP.

  39. What is GREENSPAN’s status?

    How has he not already been fired for incompetance?

    Is his job at least being reviewed?

  40. Dakich will be named to head up what is left of this year. Hopefully the other assistant coaches will support him and think about the kids rather than their careers!

  41. Dakich seems like the obvious, but how about McCallum? He has head coach experience and is closer to the team. Dakich was brought in after the fact. I agree with DD choice, but food for thought.

  42. I’d like to know if the same brain trust that hired Sampson will decide on our new coach.

    I’d like to know if Sampson got any clear advantage with any recruit from the calls.

    A major infraction should br any jerkwad who hires someone who cheats. Greenspan owns some of this.

  43. I’d like to know if the same brain trust that hired Sampson will decide on our new coach.

    I’d like to know if Sampson got any clear advantage with any recruit from the calls.

    A major infraction should be: jerkwad hires someone who cheats. Greenspan owns some of this.

  44. I think in sounds like IU is letting the Wolf
    investigate little Red Riding Hood. Greenspan
    Should not be involved from here on out.

  45. If IU ends up firing Coach Sampson, then the only really viable candidate is Steve Alford – bring back the native son and the Glory of ‘ol IU will certainly follow. Perhaps IU will never be in contention again for a National Championship, but at least the “Rush to Judgement Alumni” will no longer have a whipping boy.

  46. Alford, are you freakin nuts. He is the last guy we should want in here. Just because he played for IU should have no bearing whatsoever on the next hire. It needs to be the right hire. And Alford is definitely not the right hire. Look at what he did at Iowa.

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