What’s Damon Bailey doing in Bloomington?

Hard to tell.

Former Indiana star Damon Bailey was in Assembly Hall a few moments ago. He would not comment as he left.

Bailey had a short stint as the head coach of his alma mater Bedford-North Lawrence and is a businessman in Bedford.

Indiana does have room for an assistant now that Dakich has been promoted.

By the way, Ray McCallum has apparently been named the assistant head coach.


  1. IU could do a lot worse than letting Damon finish out the season as an assistant. Someone wake me when this whole nightmare is over.

  2. Dan and Damon would be a good pair. Still no formal press conference?? Just prepared statements…Maybe they are working on Greenspan’s buyout and will announce both at one time

  3. IU should be prepared to release specific and credible accusations from the NCAA report that has been provided to them. If this is Mackey or his family making accuations then there will be a whirlwind of decension surrounding this seven day review. And there should be. It will be unfortunate if this is all based on a he said she said information…..

    Have to agree with Bilas, as he was just on ESPN that this was never about reviewing documents. This has been about getting Sampson out in the most economical fashion. Until we hear or see the information against sampson in that report it will be difficult for anyone to make an objective opinion…..

  4. Maybe DB was dropping off a check 🙂

    There was a report someone donated over $500K to help fund the buyout.

  5. Bailey couldn’t win in high school. His time is over, just because you can play basketball doesn’t mean you can coach.

  6. this is one of those moments when iu needs to pause and take a deep breath and not do anything for a while.

    too much has happened too fast for iu’s basketball program and athletics department to be able to digest it all and they need to simply stop and let things sort themselves out before taking any drastic action.

    i don’t know if hiring damon bailey would be considered drastic or not, but i don’t see where he would be considered for an assistant coaching position other than in these most exigent circumstances, so maybe he ought not to be considered, assuming he even was.

    the head coaching position and ultimate successor is one of those things that will sort itself out over the next few weeks.

    at this point, writing a check to kelvin and helping him pack up and get out should be uppermost on most iu athletics department people’s list of things to do.

    and then maybe packing themselves up, just in case.

  7. Give the school a break. Weren’t the sanctions announced 2 months after Sampson was hired? Sure there were suspicions, but who knew for sure what would happen. Sampson had a chance to redeem himself and figure out how to follow the rules. Now he’s really messed up his career. He’s got no one else to blame. Let he among us who has never made a mistake cast the first stone at the school! All lifetime IU fans (over 30 years for me)were spoiled by the clean program Knight ran for all those years (other issues notwithstanding). If Sampson had followed the rules and won 25 games a season, we’d all be hugging his neck. Get back on the bus or go find another program to support and don’t blame the school for the man’s faults.

  8. I can’t imagine getting up this morning and realizing that I have $750,000 in my bank account, and I don’t even have to get up and go to work… What A deal!!!! How many of you would not take that deal.
    Dakich will be a great coach if given a chance, after all he had the BEST for his teacher…Let’s give he and this great team a chance to show what they are made of, and if they want to show their support for Sampson, they will be play the best they can play, and who knows, maybe even another banner in assembly hall.

  9. You know that Myles Brand hates the fact that a Bob Knight student us now the head coach at IU..Sorry bout cha, Myles…….

  10. I think IU just needs to buck up and bring Knight back. His ways may have been a littlt extreme but he got the job done and without cheating. IU won games and the students graduated.

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