Wheels turning on Sampson decision

Larry MacIntyre shows reporters an empty room.

Even though we’ve been told that there’s no practice, most of IU’s players have showed up at Assembly Hall as of about 3:15. Reporters asked if there’s a team meeting. DeAndre Thomas responded, “No, we’re cool.” Not sure what that means. Channel 8, however, is reporting that a team meeting is being held.


NO PRACTICE TODAY: We were hoping to see if Sampson was at practice this afternoon, but it turns out that IU is not having practice today because of a rule saying you have to take an extra day of practice off when you play three games in seven days, like IU just did. According to the athletic department, it’s been planned that the Hoosiers would take their regular day of practice off yesterday and then take an extra day of practice off today.


UPDATE ON SCENE AT PRESIDENT’S OFFICE: A university source is saying that no meeting regarding Sampson is taking place at McRobbie’s office. But some of the reporters – including an H-T reporter – are sticking around because they still think something may be happening.

I’ve covered angry meetings at city hall, contentious court decisions and tense school board meetings over the years, but nothing’s quite as crazy as reporting on breaking IU basketball news.


We have dispatched a reporter and photographer to president Michael McRobbie’s office where a meeting is currently taking place between McRobbie and at least two members of the committee investigating the Sampson situation – faculty rep Bruce Jaffee and university counsel/VP Dottie Frapwell. Mike Marot of the Associated Press was the first reporter on the scene at McRobbie’s office.

The H-T’s James Boyd just called and reported that there’s a group of reporters know waiting at McRobbie’s office, now including IDS staff. I don’t know if any of the meeting participants will tell the assembled media anything when they emerge from the meeting, but we’ll keep you posted.

PLAYERS WEIGH IN? We’ve been told that D.J. White, Lance Stemler and Eric Gordon were planning to meet with Michael McRobbie and Rick Greenspan this morning to try to save Sampson’s job, but we don’t know if that meeting actually happened.

SAMPSON CITING: Reporter Chris Korman just saw Kelvin Sampson drive away from Assembly Hall a bit after 2:15, but we don’t know what that means, if anything. Sampson, who was parked in the circular drive on the south side, spoke with assistant coach Ray McCallum and then left. Sampson could just be leaving for lunch or some other errand before practice, or he could have been in meetings regarding the investigation. We just don’t know.


  1. Fox Sports is saying he was fired today, and an official press conference will be held tomorrow to announce his dismissal and Dakich as the likely replacment.

  2. My crazy uncle Vernal just told me that he saw Bob Knight bowling with Sasquatch and Lou Holtz in the IMU. What does it mean?!?!?

    This just in: Sasquatch was behind by 20 pins, but got a turkey in the final two frames to top Knight.

  3. swampy- i heard from a good source that after a replay, sasquatch was actually dicky v dressed up and he actually quit before the pins dropped because he didn’t want RMK to lose.

  4. Kravitz and Eddie show saying Greenspan meeting now with players to tell them that Dan is taking over and Kelvin is gone.

  5. I sure wish we cared about important national issues as to whether or not Sampson left to go to lunch at 215pm…

    Oh wait… Its Indiana BB…. this just in, Sasquatch after beating Knight in the last frame, then ate him and the rest of the IMU bowling team.

    Good lord.

  6. Swampy…….How is Vern. I havent seen him in years. Was that “turkey” three strikes in a row, or did he just hit Holtz?

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