A call for memories

As you probably know, Wednesday night is Senior Night.

The players who will be honored are D.J. White, Adam Ahlfeld, Lance Stemler and Mike White.

And — better just face it — the game against Minnesota will also be the last time Eric Gordon plays at Assembly Hall.

So, we’re wondering, what are some of your fondest memories of those guys?


  1. DJ has been his teams leader and the fan bases leader when it has come to these last 4 years. He has gotten all of us through the roughest times in Indiana basketball history. I will not sit down or stop clapping for about 10 minutes when he gets the mic. I want him to know how much he truly has meant to us all.

  2. The lasting memories will be of all five of these guys giving their best.

    DJ rising above injuries and coaching changes to be MVP of the Big Ten 2008.

    Adam being the ever present #1 fan for those leaving the game and during time outs.

    Lance and Mike playing their hearts out to make the team better, albeit while serving much of the time on the bench.

    Eric will be remembered as the most celebrated new player since Damon Bailey (I think he exceeds Bailey). I will always remember EJ for how amazingly he came up with 20 +/- points every game. He was sneaky quiet when it came to scoring. It would be Christmas in June if we could see him again next year, but he certainly is pro material. Good luck to all of the young men, including those not mentioned above. It was a fun, if not interesting, year. Those road wins in the Big Ten were heaven on earth.

  3. My favorite moment was when DD and DJ had a huge hug right before DJ climbed the ladder and started cutting down the net in San Antonio…and then EJ took his turn and while standing at the top of the ladder he announced he’s staying for all 4 years.

  4. You know, DJ still has a 5th year if he wants it. If for some reason he doesn’t get much interest from the NBA, he could be back.

  5. Mine will all be about DJ. Stemler never did much for me this year. I am still going to be happy he is part of the team and love him. He just was not much of a player so far this year.His shot never really was on(it never really has been).DJ was one of the best players this program has ever seen. Whether you like it or not I thank Mike Davis for that.As far as Gordon he is a great talent but the crying to the refs needs to stop before the NBA.

    I do not see DD and DJ cutting down any nets as of now. I really do not think DD knows how to coach at this level. I hope I am wrong.Better be a good game tonight or I really wonder if DD can even finish the season.

  6. Will be sad to see DJ go but I am looking forward
    to seeing Gordon gone. Maybe we can get back to
    playing as a “team” instead of all the one on one play I see now.

  7. I hope DJ won’t be back. He deserves to get drafted in the 1st round after a year like he’s had. For his sake, I hope that happens because he seems like a great kid.

  8. Does DJ remind anyone else of Ray Tolbert? DJ’s offensive skills are better, and Ray’s defense was more consistent, but they have similar games and the same contagious enthusiasm. Also, does anyone else have trouble seeing EJ making an impact in the NBA with his current game? He gets his points, but the pace and physical demands of the college game seem to be more than he expected. I just don’t see his moves to the basket drawing as many whistles, nor do I see him physically surviving too many of those moves against NBA players. Seriously, I think his stock has fallen enough that a bigger, stronger, tougher EJ would go higher in next year’s draft.
    Best of luck to all five of them – they’re probably as glad as I am that this year is almost over.

  9. I think his stock has fallen from being the sure thing 2nd or 3rd pick to being the 4th, 5th or 6th pick. And he could still go 2 or 3 depending on what teams are picking there. Is that drop really worth coming back to try and go up a couple spots and possibly have no idea what coach he’ll play for? Heck no, he’s gone.

  10. Right Kevin, because Gordon is SO selfish.

    Give me a break. Many of his turnovers come when he tries to rush or force a pass to his teammates.

  11. Kevin you’re a moron. Go become a Northwestern fan if it’s so hard to root for IU with Gordon on the team. His strength is driving and shooting deep. This team has a few guys that excel in the open court…so the team has to try and take advantage of it. Apparently it was worked pretty well since they have lost 5 games all season long. Go whine somewhere else…I can only imagine what you were saying when Bracey Wright was here. That was a one man show, with Gordon it’s not even close to that. He’s a team player that knows how to score the ball.

  12. Jimmy, you’re right that EJ will still probably go high in the first round, and he’ll make a ton of money if he enters this year’s draft. My point is, though that he could easily get his a** handed to him by guys older, tougher, wiser, and stronger than him. He might end up on the end of the bench for Atlanta or Charlotte (or heaven forbid, the Pacers) and just sorta get lost. I just doubt that he’s physical enough to stand up to the NBA grind. His first contract might be his last. It wouldn’t hurt to see who his next coach is at IU – maybe we’ll get someone with a rep of turning out NBA players.

  13. I wish nothning but the best for all the IU players. I really hope good things continue to happend for D.J. What an incredible journey he has been on. What other player can you think of where you have seen such drastic improvement. Mike White and Stemler, had their brief momments, but were to inconsistent to really leave a lasting impression. However, they were apart of the teams success as well. Who knows, maybe Stemler ends up on the bench some day.

  14. Jimmy,

    The only whining being done is by Gordon when
    the calls don’t go his way. I was only commenting
    on what I see as a player not ready for the next
    level. Too many bad shots and turnovers. Trying
    to do too much by himself.

  15. I see DJ as an incredibly steady NBA player. I don’t see him having any problems adjusting to the pro game.

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