Alford agrees to 3-year contract extension

The chances of Steve Alford becoming one of the horses in the Indiana coaching derby became less likely today with news that Alford has agreed to a 3-year contract extension at New Mexico.

Amid Internet rumors of a mysterious IU plane in Albuquerque, N.M. over the weekend, a press conference will be held there at 3 p.m. (5 p.m.) Indiana time to announce the contract extension, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

The contract extension should help extinguish “hot and heavy” rumors in New Mexico that Alford will return to his alma mater at IU, according to a fan Web site focusing on the Lobos.

Last summer, Alford signed a six-year contract with New Mexico worth about $1 million per year. The new deal will extend the contract through 2016 but may not include a raise, the Albuquerque Journal reported.

Alford led New Mexico to a 24-9 record (11-5 for third place in the MWC) in his first season, a dramatic turnaround from the school’s 15-17 record in 2006-07.


  1. Would any one agree that the Bennett situation is a little strange? I mean, we put out feelers to see who’s interested. He must have atleast shown some interest only later to say “no thanks” when we contact him. What could we have said that he didn’t like, “we’ll double your salary?”

  2. The post on the HT homepage says “Alford signs 3 year contract.” I lost a year off my life, no offense to Steve, but maybe it should say “3 year contract EXTENSION.”

  3. Jon, I am also perplexed at the protocol of these situations. I am guessing that we sent our scouts to flip a feeler to Bennett’s scouts. They take the message home and no smoke came from the chimney. So we move on. Crazy stuff.

  4. So what happened to all this talk about us not talking about the search until we had a coach?

    This is a prime example of why 10-member committees aren’t effective. We continue to look like amateurs.

  5. I agree that it is good that Alford signed an extension and we can take him off the list. He is not a good coach IMO, Iowa didn’t like him and I know there are better choices out there.

    Any other ex IU players/coaches that could still be in the running?

    Remember Dakich’s statements why he should be our next coach? –>
    “Dakich says “there’s no question” he should remain head coach”

    I think those who did not read that statement should and perhaps some should re-read it as it offers insights into the program that could be partly to blame as to why it could be tough hire for the marquee coaches we all would like.

  6. My guess, and this is only a guess, is that Rick Greenspan was probably as surprised as anyone that Bennett said “no thanks.” The entire reason that feelers are used, i understand, is for confidentiality reasons. So Bennett can say IU hasn’t contacted him if indeed the feeler says he has no interest. I would not want to be Rick Greenspan right now.

  7. Jon, good point! We fixed that. Sorry about that lost year. The same thing happened to me when I heard that my Reds had hired Dusty Baker, but I’m recovering from that.

  8. Thanks Doug. By the way, you guys are doing an excellent job in coverage. Although, I’ll be happy in a month when I don’t have to check in every 4 minutes to see what’s going on.

  9. Thanks Jon. We’ll be happy in a month when we don’t have to worry every 4 minutes that something new might be going on.

  10. Thanks Alan. We’re glad to have him at UNM. I’m a Hoosier, former IU season ticket holder and a big time IU fan and I thought Alford would have been a good choice the last 2 times the job has been open. Never dreamed we could get him here in Albuquerque, but now that we have him, hands off IU.

    We have a top 15 recruiting class coming in next year and most of our players back from this year.

    Alford will make some national noise for UNM in the coming years.

    I enjoyed living in Bloomington, but it can’t compare with ABQ. Our snow mostly stays in the mountains where it belongs and the skiing, hiking, white water rafting & 100 mile views with gorgeous sunsets are great. We don’t have Mother Bears or the Timeout, but our mountain watering holes are a lot of fun.

  11. At one time the IU program was considered to be one of the top jobs in America, now we have a young successful coach with just ‘2’ years of experience telling IU to stick their offer! Some program Greenspan has built here hugh?

  12. I love the mysterious IU planes. I think we should fly those around the country, just landing at intriguing airports like Raleigh / Durham, Lawrence, Knoxville, Memphis, Lexington, Columbus, Austin, etc.

  13. Bennett would have been a great fit. How Greenspan and his 10 fouled it up, I’m not sure I can comprehend.

    From now on, the conversation begins and ends with Bruce Pearl.

  14. Now that Dakich has kicked Ellis and Bassett off the team I
    wonder who would even want to look at IU.
    We’d better get one soon or no one will be left.
    Dakich, lay off until your replacement comes!!

  15. Dakich is the head coach. If the “players” don’t have enough respect to show up for a meeting Dakich has no choice. Good riddance. Maybe some would cheer for IU again if they start five walkons next year.

  16. If anyone there actually knows Dan Dakich the man, and isn’t just basing their decisions on his 7 game record with a team still in shock from losing their head coach, or his 10 years at a small mid major with very little commitment from the school for athletics, you would all be on the “band wagon” to keep Dan on as your head coach. He knows how to coach and win at any level and he will bring back the integrity that has been missing from your program.

  17. Dakich will not BE the coach but Dakich IS the coach. He has the responsibility to keep the team disciplined and ready to play for IU whether they like it or not.

    No matter what his status he runs the team. The players do not run the team. if they don’t want to listen to the coach they need to go home. IU doesn’t need any player enough to give control of the team to them.

  18. I agree with Flipper14. Walk-ons and home grown Indiana boys are what IU basketball has always been about. Those are the kind of guys we need to start getting back in the program. The only Indiana kids we have gotten lately are the ones that Coach Knight would have never even gone after for one reason or another. I think that is why Coach Dakich doesn’t mesh with the guys on the team right now because Dakich was and still is what Indiana basketball is about. If we can’t have Alford, then I am all for letting Dakich stay and clean some house and get Indiana type players back on the floor. Maybe we won’t be that good for a couple years and maybe we will have some walk-ons, but I bet they will actually play defense and do what they are told. I know I am tired of the 28 foot three point bombs with 30 seconds left on the shot clock. Dan Dakich did not destroy the IU program in the little time he has been coach, it started with the morons that decided to get rid of Coach Knight. Mike Davis was a terrible coach once his assistants were gone (Dane Fife and Tom Coverdale), and Sampson made a fool of all of us. Dakich has gotten no support from the players from the second Sampson left, so how can he be blamed for the past few games. I truly think he can turn the IU program back to the program it once was because he knows what it is once was and I believe he wants as much, if not more, than any of us to get it back to that. Dan is our man.

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