B10 Tourney, IU-Northwestern


Game 1 Final:
(7) Michigan 64, (10) Penn State 54
(7) Michigan vs. (2) Iowa, Friday, 11:30 a.m.

INDIANA (18-13) downs NORTHWESTERN (5-26), 74-52

HOOSIERS will face PURDUE on Friday at approximately 2 p.m.

Final Stats:
Amber Jackson, 15 points, 7 rebounds
Jori Davis, 14 points, 3 steals
Whitney Thomas, 12 points, 10 rebounds, 4 steals, 3 assists
Kim Roberson, 10 points
Jamie Braun, 5 assists, 3 steals

Jenny Eckhart, 13 points, 7 rebounds
Amy Jaeschke, 11 points, 8 rebounds
Savannah Stedman, 9 points, 5 rebounds


Leading Scorers:
IU: G Jamie Braun, 5-8, So., 15.3 ppg
NW: C Amy Jaeschke, 6-5, Fr., 13.0 ppg

Wildcat coach Beth Combs is breaking out a fresh lineup for this game. Freshman forward Savannah Stedman and junior center Julie Bielawski get their first starts of the year. Bielawski has only played in eight games before today. Junior guard Erin Dickerson and senior forward Melissa Miller are starting for the sixth time on this season. Syracuse transfer Jenny Eckhart joins them at the point, having started every game to date this year.


Second Half:

IU 44, NW 26: It’s Nikki Smith busting two 3s!!! to start the second half for the Hoosiers, one right in front of me in the left corner and another deep one from the right wing. Melissa Miller hits th first bucket for the ‘Cats, just like she did in the first half. Smith has nine points now with 17:46 to play.

IU 46, NW 27: Not much change, with a timeout at 15:15 to go.

IU 53, NW 33: It surprises me that Northwestern didn’t try to go to Amy Jaeschke more often in this game. Maybe they see something that I don’t, but the ‘Cats just had two possessions where they fed her, one for an easy layup and another jumper from about 17 feet up top. Jaeschke has nine points.

IU 53, NW 35: Now it’s Amy’s cousin, Ellen, getting a similar look. Both have good height, and Amy has three inches on anybody playing in this game for Indiana.

IU 64, NW 42: The book seems closed on this one. Kim Roberson has had a delightful second half, making some classy moves to the bucket and hitting some jumpers from further out. Roberson has 10 points, and the invincible Whitney Thomas has reached another double-double, pouring in 12 points and pulling down 10 boards. Hoosier walk-on Lydia Serfling checked in with just under seven minutes to play to get some ample Fieldhouse action.

IU 71, 48: Serfling gets every IU fan to their feet with a confident jumper, calling for the ball from Jori Davis, stepping in a bit closer, and firing. She had just tried a shot a few moments before, but this one goes in. It’s her first two attempts on the season, and her first points. Congrats to Lydia, and 3:35 remains in the game.

FINAL: IU 74, NW 52: Coach Jack shows a rare display of pleasue with her team’s performance. As the clock ticks off the last 1:30, she walks up and down the bench with a smile, exchanging some small talk with Kim Roberson and Whitney Lindsay, then high-fiving Amber Jackson. The IU crowd in attendance, though meager, jumps to their feet and applauds the Hoosiers.


First Half:

IU 7, NW 0: Hoosier forward Amber Jackson has the first five points in the game, putting back a rebound for a layup, converting a three-point play, and then hitting another layup on a feed from Whitney Thomas.

IU 9, NW 2: After a Melissa Miller basket for the Wildcats, Jackson strikes again. Jackson has all nine of Indiana points. 16:13 to go in the half.

IU 9, NW 4: At the 15:44 mark, the ‘Cats are down five as Julie Bielawski has hit a pair of free throws.

IU 17, NW 6: Jackson hit again for the Hoosiers’ first 11 points, and the scoring continues as both Whitneys, Lindsay and Thomas, hit jumpers, then Thomas cleans up a Jackson miss. Needless to say, Northwestern coach Beth Combs is not happy. 13 minutes to go.

IU 22, NW 10: Jori Davis knocked down a 3!!! from the right corner. IU’s defense is playing well, already with five steals in the game. Finally, Northwestern uses an obvious post advantage, firing a long pass to center Amy Jaeschke, who catches the ball under the bucket and merely flips it up and through. Timeout with 10:04 left in the first.

IU 25, NW 14: The Wildcats get two straight buckets, one a hard-fought left baseline drive by Jenny Eckhart and the other a nifty 2-on-1 fastbreak conversion where Meshia Reed caught the ball, did a spin move around a defender and hit a very short tear drop. But, Hoosier senior Nikki Smith squashes the run with a 3!!! Timeout with 6:53 left on the clock.

IU 31, NW 22: Eckhart nails two 3s!!! for the Wildcats, but they can’t slow the Hoosiers, who are shooting over 48% in the first half. Whitney Lindsay makes a sweet cut to the basket and a slicing layup, but IU coach Felisha Legette-Jack is plainly irate with a wild wraparound pass she makes a few moments later, spinning around to make a face at her assistants. There’s no doubt the Hoosiers have the energy advantage, though. There’s 1:36 left until halftime.

HALFTIME: IU 38, NW 24: As time runs out in the half, Hoosier freshman Andrea McGuirt grabs a board on the Northwestern end with about six seconds left and gets the ball to Lindsay, who jets down court and feeds Jackson for a layup before the buzzer.

Halftime Stats:
Amber Jackson, 13 points, 6 rebounds
Whitney Thomas, 9 points, 6 rebounds
Jamie Braun, 4 assists, 3 steals

Jenny Eckhart, 10 points, 3 rebounds
Amy Jaeschke, 4 points, 6 rebounds


  1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they do as well tomorrow against Purdue. GO HOOSIERS!!!!

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