Crunch Time

We’re a little over three hours away from tip-off for Indiana’s first round match-up against Arkansas.

I’ll be keeping you guys up to speed with the in-game analysis from Bloomington because of the late tip. With a 9:40 scheduled tip-off, Chris and Doug are going to be swamped trying to get their stories done for Saturday’s paper.

So is tonight the final game in an IU uniform for D.J. White and Eric Gordon? Honestly, I don’t think anyone knows at this point. But I do think we’ll have a pretty good understanding of which Hoosier squad has shown up in the first five minutes of the contest. If they look lackadaisical and aren’t committed on the defensive end, it could be a long night for Indiana fans. But if the Hoosiers come out aggressive and physical, we may see a very good basketball team.

On another note, how about these games today? Stephon Curry willing Davidson back over Gonzaga? He is such a pleasure to watch. Or Ty Roger’s 30-footer to top Drake for Western Kentucky? What a shot. Oh, and not to mention San Diego’s victory over UConn just a few minutes ago in overtime?

Gotta love March Madness.