Dakich at the mic

“On a day to day basis, the players have worked really hard,” Dakich says. “They’ve gone to class, they’ve been held accountable when they don’t go to class. Everything’s been held accountable.”

That was Dakich assessing the state of the team right now.

Another question about Ellis and whether he’ll play Friday: “I would think.”

Ellis is the type of guy Dakich likes, he says. He’s emotional, he deals with his feelings and plays hard.


Dakich feels as though there’s no lack of chemistry between him and the guards. The loss at Penn State had more to do with Jamarcus Ellis not playing. His presence in the middle of the zone — directing the flow of the ball — helped Indiana beat Penn State the first time around.

Dakich is now addressing the recent chatter that there’s been some talking back in the huddle. He says there’s been none. “It’s not even an issue.”


Dakich thinks the Big Ten is headed back to being a premier league based on the strength of the freshmen class.

“There are so many good players who may not be great players,” he says. “But there are so many good players who make an impact.”

To the turnover problem: It stems from mental tiredness, in Dakich’s estimation. Players just failing to stay aware enough to make the right play.


Both Northwestern and Minnesota have shown Indiana a lot of zone, so they’ll be able to practice against that.

Minnesota’s going to drive more. Northwestern will run that Princeton offense.

Now, a reflection on D.J. White: “He’s been a pro. He understands what it takes to win.”

White’s energy has carried through the entire season.

Now to Gordon and his wrist wrap: “I think anytime you’re playing with a restriction it hinders you.”

But Gordon has never complained. What amazes Dakich is that Gordon came in with such high expectations and has “lived up to every one of them.”

Dakich thinks that both Gordon and Damon Bailey, another highly-touted recruit, handled the pressure of their situation in a similar way.

“No-maintenance guys,” he says. “Just did their work.”


Dakich isn’t concerned about playing a 9 p.m. game on Friday since the Hoosiers played so many this year. Should they win, they’ll turn around and play at 4 the next day.

“My guess is, if we’re fortunate enough to play the next game the guys will be ready to play,” he says.

Indiana will play either Minnesota or Northwestern, two teams with differing styles. But he’s not worried about that.

An update on Ellis: well, there really is none. His status for the tournament remains thus: “It’s up in the air.”


Dan Dakich will be here in mere minutes.


  1. I’m glad Ellis has got his stuff together.

    He needs to quit smoking pot. He knows he is subject to random testing. I guess he just isn’t too smart. He’s only got two months until summer, then he can be stoned all he wants.

  2. That was a weird post. You say you are concerned. You say he got things straightened out and then you say he can smoke all he wants in the summer. So by concerned you meant for the IU program and not Jamarcus?

  3. Somehow, I don’t believe we are getting the whole truth about the Basketball team. IU’s PR machine is in HIGH GEAR.

  4. IU’s PR machine could’t even set up a press conference so I doubt we have any mental giants there that can hide anything.

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