Dakich at the mic

Slow starts are not new for this team, says Dakich. It’s been an issue all year. He was looking at the results of the games this year and couldn’t believe how many times the score was close at half time, even in non-conference games.

He’s been reluctant to change the team’s pre-game routine because it seemed to be working early in the year.

But at this point, he doesn’t really feel the need to be reluctant about much.


Dakich thinks there are two types of press. The kind that tries to slow you down and make you start your offense with only 25 seconds left on the shot clock and the kind that tries to steal the ball from you.

But no matter what, the best way for Indiana to handle a press is to attack it.


Looks like the 4-spot is open for competition this weekend. Dakich just wants to see who plays best there. And he thinks it’s going to be an important spot in this game.

DeAndre Thomas played 17 minutes and played well against Minnesota. That was the result, according to Dakich, of him getting into the gym a little extra last week. Every time Dre does that, he plays well. But Dakich said he’s only done it two other times.


“I think you have to slow them,” Dakich says. “Michigan State showed us that. ”

The Hoosiers won’t try to run with Arkansas. Won’t work, according to the coach.

“It’s a different level of athlete.”

He sees a speed factor that Indiana needs to handle.


Arkansas is also going to use a press — actually a few variations of the press — against the Hoosiers.

And it will compete. “You sometimes expect too see a team die a bit at the end,” he said. “These kids won’t.”


After a night of watching video, Dakich believes Arkansas is a little bit like Michigan State. It can get up and down the court in a hurry.

But he’s not sure there’s a team in the Big Ten that has size like the Razorbacks do.


Indiana coach Dan Dakich should be here in a few minutes.


  1. DD has yet have the boys ready for a game yet so I don’t know why he would waste his time in looking at any tape. Let the boys come out and jack the 3 forget about getting the ball to the Big Ten MVP commit about 25 turnovers and we will take the loss and start a search for a coach.

  2. y’all are pretty hard on DD. Imagine yourself taking over these kids. Yes, maybe some expect the players to step up on their own. I just don’t think they have the maturity. DJ obviously has shown his age and growth. The others have not. They are 18-22 year old guys doing what they do, playing basketball. I have kids this age and I have to remember that they have not lived thru what I have. So we all expect DD to become the magic X and O guru and pull them thru to the final four. High expectations. We must swallow the pill (losing a good coach mid season) and move on.

  3. Is it me or does DD look like a deer in head lights? I’m very disappointed I thought he might step in and take the bull by the horns! I guess the “boys” want to act like spoiled brats and not play up to their potential in protest of THEIR coach leaving. Not a whole lot of maturity demonstrated there “boys”. Holy Cow! What do we have to look forward to in the next few years with our BB and FB programs. Come on let’s get some TRUE leadership in our athletic program and get things going in the right direction! I’m sick of trying to defend my old alma mater when I’m pelted with sly comments from Boilermaker associates!

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