Dakich at the mic

Interim Indiana basketball coach Dan Dakich met with reporters today and discussed his team’s upcoming game at Penn State on Sunday.

The only surprise from Dakich was when he off-handedly said of Eric Gordon: “He’s playing with a broken wrist . . .”

Which he isn’t. It’s just that Dakich refers to any injury in the easiest term. Thus, he just says to Eric, “How’s your broken wrist?”

But Gordon said the wrist, which was not in a wrap when he spoke to us and looked to be a normal, healthy wrist, is not broken.

“I wouldn’t be playing with a broken wrist,” he said.

Other tidbits:

  • Dakich said it was the fans who carried the program during Kelvin Sampson’s departure. “They did an unbelievable job of picking up an entire program.”
  • He also thought that the two practices leading into the Minnesota game were the only effective practices he’s been able to have with this team. Prior to that he was dealing with injuries and was working with a short-handed team.
  • In retrospect, he believes that the Hoosiers took Michigan State for granted after beating the Spartans soundly at home without D.J. White for half the games. “Human nature takes over a little bit,” he said. “We fought it, but obviously didn’t get it right.”
  • Dakich had the Hoosiers play man-to-man defense against the Gophers for two reasons. First, Minnesota is a really good 3-point shooting team. Second, he thought his guys were playing well in man-to-man during practice.
  • He feels as though his players are starting to absorb scouting reports better than they did earlier in the season. “When you have a younger team, they maybe don’t understand the value of it. I think they’ve been OK, but it’s been a fight.”