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Mike is wondering if the crew thinks Indiana will step up and dedicate something in the name of Bob Knight.

Fischer says he has nothing to do with it. And he reminds Mike that Knight didn’t build Indiana basketball, saying the coaches who came before had a role as did the rest of the university.

Dakich says, only, “That’s why he’s a pro,” referring to Fischer.

Now Fischer turns to the players. They both think senior night will be emotional.

Dakich is hopeful that his team will bounce back. He knows Minnesota will be playing hard to get a win against a top 20 team. And he thinks lots of wacky things tend to happen in the final week.


Pat from Wabash has a question.

Why didn’t we start shooting 3s when we were down 30 points? Didn’t know Pat played for the team.

Anyway, Dakich says the goal was just to play better. He was trying to get the team out of a funk.

Pat is wondering this of Lance: why do you hit pressure-packed shots but not easy, open ones?

Lance says that sometimes he has too much time. Dakich jumps in and says that Stemler purposely misses so that the situation becomes pressure-packed and he can hit it later.

Ted in Bloomington just wants to say thanks for the memories, seniors. It’s been wonderful.

But he wants to know how Dakich will go about getting the players ready to play on senior night against an upcoming team in the Big Ten.

Dakich says that it starts with showing film and then working on correcting the mistakes. But a big part of it, he says, will have to come from the leadership of the team.

Fisch wants to know about Stemler’s senior speech. Stemler hasn’t worked on it yet. He might have to ad-lib. But Stemler promises it will be short and sweet.


We’re guessing Don Fischer’s age. I’ll go with 62.

Somebody guessed 35.

But Don won’t reveal the answer.

To questions: does Dakich lace up the shoes to play during practice?


Somebody wants to know about Dakich’s senior night. The team lost, so it didn’t go well.

Ahlfeld leads to team onto the court every game because D.J. White designated him to be that guy. Suhr did it last year.

Fisch wants to know about Stemler’s academic career. He’s a sports marketing and management major. He hopes to work in the business side of sports, preferably basketball. Maybe work for Nike, in marketing. He’ll graduate in May after an internship with the athletic department.


Let’s talk about senior night.

Dakich says the seniors have been awesome with him since he got here. He of course took over for Rob Senderoff as the coach of the post players, so he worked closely with three of the four seniors (D.J. White, Mike White, Lance Stemler).

The focus of the night will be winning the game, Dakich says. Although he remembers how difficult it was for him, and how difficult it was to not cry.

Lance Stemler has arrived. Many cheers. Woo hoo.

Now a discussion about the many Sunday games that Indiana has had to play this season. They’ll finish the season at Penn State on Sunday.

Dakich laments the fact that the kids can’t get Sunday off, since that would be a full day off from hoops and school. But he understands the demands put on Indiana basketball by the TV stations.

Stemler is talking about his home town of Columbia, Illinois. It didn’t have McDonald’s until he was in grade school. Interesting that we assess our lives and where we live based on when Big Macs arrive.

Stemler’s career has been everything he hoped for, he says. “That and more.”

Indiana is Stemler’s third school. He started at Bradley, then went to Junior College before arriving here.


And they’re back.

“We were awful,” Dakich says, referring to Indiana’s defense. “And that’s three halfs in a row.”

Dakich didn’t like Indiana’s defensive intensity against Ohio State in the second half. But, quite interestingly, he says that you could see this defensive lapse coming for a few weeks. He stayed up until 4 a.m. last night watching film and saw evidence of poor defense in games the Hoosiers won.

Anyway, the Hoosiers spent today working on defense.

Dakich calls Sunday’s loss a “monumental disappointment.”

But how do you move on?

Dakich says you show the team what happened. Which isn’t difficult. “Ray Charles could see that that wasn’t good defensive transition,” Dakich says.

Defense, Dakich says, has been the focus of the team all year. Sampson was harping on it before he resigned.

So, Adam Ahlfeld and Lance Stemler will join the show tonight. Both are seniors. They’ll play their last game at Assembly Hall on Wednesday.

Here’s Ahlfeld.

“I guess for my whole four years here it’s been an up and down process,” he says. He’s been through the Mike Davis and Kelvin Sampson departures, so he knows of what he speaks.

Fischer wants to know about Ahlfeld’s role on the team. Ahlfeld says he tries to show the young kids the way. He’s been where they are, and can try to help them navigate college basketball.

Ahlfeld’s an Elementary Ed major, with a concentration in health. He’ll be student teaching next fall and graduate in the winter, then look for a job teaching K-6. He’d also like to coach eventually.

Here’s Dakich: “I don’t think there’s a guy who gives more time or as much time as Adam does. Adam has to be the most giving athlete in the whole department as far as charity goes.”

Dakich thinks Ahlfeld will be missed as much as any of the other seniors because of all the little things he does to help organize the team. He’ll often grab the scout team and put them through a little extra work. Stuff like that.

Ahlfeld gives credit to Errek Suhr for showing him the way. And now he’s trying to mentor Brett Finkelmeier, the freshman walk-on from Carmel, to fill his role.


There’s Don Fischer. He’s telling us its the last week of the Big Ten season, and that Indiana no longer controls its destiny as far as the title chase goes.

He also notes that Michigan State played “arguably” its best game of the year yesterday.

He’ll be back with more — as will we — in a few.


Updates here once the show begins.


  1. I didn’t hear the show, but from your characterization of Fisch’s and Dakich’s comments, I’m disappointed that they threw Coach Knight under the bus like that. I’m not blind to Coach Knight’s many faults, and I’m not one of the delusional few calling for him to return as head coach at Indiana, but to minimize his contributions to the history of Indiana basketball is dishonest and small. Coach Knight deeserves to be recognized for his contributions to the university.

  2. When Don is as sick of hearing about the entire RMK thing as 99% of the rest of the fan base then we know it is time to MOVE ON. RMK obviously did a great job while he was here but its time to LET IT GOOOOOOO. The man is retired now, its time we start a new legacy with someone else and stop pretending that RMK built the University and is owed something. He CONTINUED the legacy and that is great. BUT GET OVER IT ALREADY. Don wants to see more banners hung and could care less about the ones that are still there. His job is much better when there is positives about IU as opposed to the negatives. So basically Barry, I am disappointed in your disappointment or lack of seeing the obvious.

  3. Fisher gets paid to toss any memory of Bob Knight’s years at IU under the bus. Fish has always been a homer, a shill, and an IU puppet and always will. He’s working on the retirement checks.

    And though Dakich has spoken warmly of RMK, and even visited him last year at Texas Tech, he’s seeking to become the next IU head coach so with the BOT members who are still here, and with Rick Greenspan who openly dislikes anything to do with RMK’s legacy at IU, Dan isn’t allowed to say much about honoring his former coach.

    There are still some very vindictive folks at IU who cringe and tremble at the very words “Robert Montgomery Knight”.

    Petty little people abound in the IU athletic offices.

  4. Bob Knight is arguably the greatest couch in the history of the University! He will be remembered in B-town forever. As he should. No one is debating his poor character.

  5. I cannot wait until about 15 years when all the RMK homers are in their retirement homes and let us fans of Indiana University actually worry about the future as opposed to drool over ourselves about our past. Bob Knight wouldnt have lasted 2 seasons had these fools acted like this about Branch McCracken when Bob took over. I mean an “outsider” came in to coach a team on Branches court. NO NO NO NO NO…I CANNOT STAND THE IDEA!

  6. JD, why do you think people don’t like hearing his name? Maybe because he made the work enviroment a living hell in the IU athletic offices. I understand that you and others idolize him because he is a great coach, but it’s laughable to observe how blind all of his idolizers are to how bad of a person he has been at different parts of his life. Sure he can give to charity, help former players, graduate current players, etc etc. But he is a bitter guy that can never admit he is wrong. IU should name something after him at some point, but people to get off of it.

  7. One of these days we wont have to listen to the RMK stuff anymore. Certain people his age like my dad are over it. At some point living in the past gets old I would think. I guess that is why so many homers love Brad Brownell because he coached under an IU guy and runs motion offense. I watched it and god it is boring. No way that could compete with Duke or any top team. Back to the 1970’s if we hire that guy. Whatever if we end up with that crap I am done with IU. Some of you will say good but makes no sense to hire that stuff these days.

  8. Anonymous said: “So basically Barry, I am disappointed in your disappointment or lack of seeing the obvious.”

    RMK is the elephant in the room. As I said, I don’t defend his behavior. I want more banners. But we ought to thank the guy who is the biggest reason we have 3 of the 5 banners we have now. Don’t believe in gratitude? Maybe you’ll believe in gratitude when you’ve grown up. But Fisch is a grown man. His lack of gratitude is inexcusable and detestable.

    Steve said: “Whatever if we end up with that crap I am done with IU. Some of you will say good but makes no sense to hire that stuff these days.”

    Dude, if you’re going to give up on IU because you don’t like the style of coach, well, you’re not much of an IU fan. I certainly won’t do anything to dissuade you.

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