Ebanks still signed with IU; is considering his options

I just spoke to Lawrence McGugins, who is Devin Ebanks’ AAU coach and a fixture in the New York basketball scene.

McGugins said that Ebanks, the 6-9 wing from Queens, has not invoked the clause in his letter of intent which allows him to break his scholarship agreement in the event that Kelvin Sampson is no longer the coach at Indiana.

“Out of respect to the university, we haven’t taken that path yet,” he said.

But McGugins has heard from about 25 schools inquiring about Ebanks’ availability, and it looks as though Ebanks and his advisers will consider four or five of those schools.

“Pretty much we’re just looking at the whole situation right now, trying to figure out what’s best,” he said. “Devin’s going to get back to me this weekend with a few schools to consider and we’ll give them a look. We’re not going to open it up crazy.”

McGugins has met with interim Indiana coach Dan Dakich, as has Ebanks and his mother, Yvonne Jackson.

“He did his job,” McGugins said. “He reached out, showed us what he is about.”

But ultimately, McGugins wants to make sure Ebanks is as comfortable with wherever he ends up playing college basketball as he was with Sampson’s program.

“We love the fans and think Indiana is a great opportunity,” he said. “But when things change, you have to do what is best for the kids.”


  1. as i understand it, there is no such thing as an out clause and IU would have to release him from his letter of intent (which they probably would). can you verify that?

  2. scout.com has published a report today that Ebanks has de-commited,citing a “report” by a reporter named Zagoria. Which is it?

  3. There is no such thing as a true out clause but it was a verbal out clause. In reality, they ALL will be let go of their LOI’s if they asked for it so its really a moot point. Unless we bring in a very big name coach, I see our chances at about 0% of bringing him in.

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