Ellis and Bassett hope to return

Jamarcus Ellis and Armon Bassett are off the Indiana basketball team.

For now.

The guards did not attend a full-team meeting today after being informed of their status by interim coach Dan Dakich.

But they are telling teammates that they hope the dismissal will turn into more of a suspension. They plan on maintaining their eligibility in hopes that a new coach will allow them back on the team, according to a source close to the situation.


  1. That’s good news. I think these young men probably feel lost in the current situation and hopefully with time, things will work out the best.

  2. Guys,

    Do you think Dan had to run the removal past the AD office? I would doubt that he has the authority on his own to do this.

  3. I think he probably ran it by the AD. Greenspan is just humoring him and said do what you have to. and then text messaged AB and JE and said we’ll talk after Thursday.

  4. please do not blame these guys ellis is a parent and bassett is obviously influenced does anyone disagree that armon is our best player if ej leaves?? didnt think so…. if u claim to have any bball knowledge that is.. dont tell a couple kids “u guys have to kisten to this guy….. kinda…. what do u expect how well did guys except authority at 19???

  5. I don’t know why everyone says Dakich is gone in a few days. He just signed a contract extension a week or two ago that keeps him at IU until June 2009.

  6. Dakich is a cocky son-of-a-gun that no one would want to play for. He chooses favorites, and those he hates (for absolutely no reason). Fire Dakich, Fire Greenspan, take Armon and Ellis back, then get Rick Pitino in there to right the ship

  7. IU Alum, I just thought of that as well. This makes for an interesting situation.

    Wow. what a mess.

    I wish this could have waited another week or two to happen. But I see the sense of urgency given OUR SEASON is OVER! I mean come on.

  8. Get a clue people…………if these 2 players can’t follow the rules with Sampson, Dakich, what makes you think they will follow the rules with a new coach. Sampson should be spanked for letting them get away with what they did. They should be packing their bags now. I applaud Dakich for doing something about their behavior. Our town will be a lot better off without them. Don’t you think they have caused enough grief to this community? I feel sorry for Dan Dakich, as he has had to deal with these thugs that Sampson brought in……..you know the ones that can’t make their grades, the ones who party all the time, get caught with drugs, but have no consequences? Being a Bloomington resident for over 40 years, it is discouraging to have these kids come to our town and set bad examples for our kids in our community. It is a crying shame……
    Dan, bring back character to Indiana Basketball. Bring back the Indiana boys. The ones who are diciplined, the ones who care about the team and the ones who follow the rules, not because they have to, but because they want to. Let’s get the kids who will be here through thick and thin for 4 years. The ones whose parents aren’t hoping that they will be making a million the following year…. The ones who can be great team players, the ones who can be good examples for our community. The ones who put others first including the University who is paying for their Education. The ones who will make a difference when their basketball days are all over. That is what Indiana Basketball used to be about. I believe Dan Dakich knows this and will see to it that it gets done right. I always told me kids to DO WHAT IS RIGHT, NOT WHAT IS POPULAR!


  10. Well, Bassett is from Terre Haute, so I’m not sure what you mean by “Indiana boys”. I suppose I could read into it that you mean “white”. And as for the type of player you want to bring in, that’s fine, but when IU loses 20 games a season, I don’t want to see you complaining about it. DJ White, Lance Stemler, Eric Gordon, these players are all good leaders/hard workers, and only Gordon is from Indiana. This incident is just more indicative of how messed up the situation is. And doesn’t it have some effect on the coaching search? Just a horrible situation right now.

  11. Good. Hopefully they can probe themselves to the new coach. DD is very cocky and I hope he is gone soon.

  12. 1) I think Dan was right for kicking them off.

    2) Not so sure I want them back with their attitudes……..I don’t care how talented they are.

  13. “Take some of your friends with you?”

    “Indiana boys?”

    Is there anyway I can filter out white trash comments?

  14. I don’t see Basset wanting to sit out a year. Especially Ellis with only one year left. If they were warned before hand what else is a coach to do?

  15. Indiana was built on doing things the right way. Kudos to Dakich for having the courage to kick out the drug users and rule breakers during this difficult time. I’m proud of him and wish him the best.

  16. Nothing like some good ole message board banter.

    Was Dakich right to suspend two players for repeatedly missing meetings considering he most likely isn’t going to be head coach by the end of this week?

    Obviously, he feels that he still has that right. And, even if you disagree with him, he is doing what he said he would do. In his lengthy diatribe after the humiliating loss to Arkansas, Dakich lobbied for the job and said there were several things that needed to be done to restore Indiana basketball to its proper place.

    In his mind, suspending two players for not following the rules was a step in that direction.

    Just another intriguing saga to the soap opera that is the 2007-08 Indiana Basketball season…

  17. IU has officially bottomed out….as a fan and current student at the superior university a few hours north i am thrilled. This will be hard to recover from. When you recruit weak dbags that will use your “prestigious” university for a year and leave and hire a coach that has a history of cheating what do you expect. Good luck being the fourth best team in indiana next year…maybe fifth if iupui is looking at a decent squad.

  18. Congratulations Myles, your master plan to turn Indiana Basketball into a laughing stock is nearly complete. I am sure Thursday’s coaching announcement will make your dream a reality.

    BTW Rick Greenspan, you’re the best!!!!!!!you loser!!!

  19. hey goodbye, are you delusional? we can win with “smart indiana basketball”? come on man. you need at least 5 players to play, first of all, second of all, when did we ever play run and gun? thirdly, what makes you think that we can beat anyone without our best players? you are out of your mind!

  20. still no mention of their dismissal on iu’s official athletics website.

    p.s. i still say asking posters here to correctly enter the sum of 8 and 13 greatly limits participation

  21. I hate Dan Dakich with a firey burning passion. He is a power-drunk idiot who thinks that just because he played for Bobby Knight he’s got some kind of birth right as the savior of Indiana Basketball. He knows he won’t be the head coach for much longer but, because he’s a selfish idiot, he felt the need to wield his false sword of temporary power in response to his fragile bruised ego: “How dare you disobey me! Don’t you know that I played for The General himself?! Don’t you know that I am the answer to all of this program’s prayers?!” Hopefully the new coach throws this idiot out on his ass and distances himself completely from the RMK morons.

  22. Purdue fans may have the most severe inferiority complex of any fans in major American sport.

  23. It really makes me chuckle the way you all seem to know everyone, from the players to the coaches. You speak of the situations surrounding them as if you are standing right there by their respective sides. How do you know Ellis and Bassett have a bad attitudes? The seperation from the team could be grade related, or even DRUG related. Don’t make assumptions, thats what gets us into trouble.

  24. Dan Dakich should of punished them but to kick them off is ridiculous.For those of you who want him to coach..Why? What has he done in his career? Barely above 500 coaching at a mid major? 4 losing seasons out of his last 5. He couldn’t inspire this group to do anything. If you happy with being “honest” playing with “integrity” and blah blah, that you use to justify him staying, I guess your happy with what Mike Davis did. We will not have anymore 20 win seasons and we will not be a big ten threat anymore. We can have plenty of integrity and honesty and win with another coach

  25. • coachv | April 1st, 2008 at 12:52 am |
    still no mention of their dismissal on iu’s official athletics website.

    p.s. i still say asking posters here to correctly enter the sum of 8 and 13 greatly limits participation

    If you can’t add you shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce, let alone post on a website.

  26. And, Jakovasaurs, you still have the 1980 Final Four to be proud of! We will continue to congratulate you on that until the Baby Boilers actually accomplish anything else banner-worthy.

  27. after everything Hoosier fans have been through the past 6 weeks, we could use some good news today. perhaps a report that Sean Miller is in negotiations with the University.

  28. obviously armon and jamarcus have had problems with authority in the past. that being said, I think this all comes back to Greenspan hiring Dakich. The players wanted Mcallum. They respected him. Dakich is just some guy that they got stuck with this year. They shouldn’t have skipped the meeting, but why should they respect Dakich?

  29. Anyone wonder why they were suspsended earlier in the season? Just what “team rules” did they break?

    I respect Dakich for taking some control in this downward-spiraling season, however I wonder too if the decision should have been left for the future-named head coach?

  30. Has anyone read Peegs article on the 3 front-runners? Who are they and what sources are cited?

  31. Miller, Grant and Brownell. Like I said, all signs point to Grant. Finally, the program will no longer be under seige by dakich.

  32. Seems this article answered my earlier question:

    Rumors swirl around Hoosier basketball
    Matt Dollinger | IDS | Date: 4/1/2008

    “…Dakich asked Greenspan to remove Bassett, Ellis and two other players from the team immediately for several reasons, including failed drug tests, poor grades and talking back to coaches, the source said.”


  33. Dakich is doing the University a favor. He’s simply taking out the trash and cleaning those stains in the toilet that IU is in thanks to Mike Davis, Sampson, and an inept Athletic Director Rick Greenspan. Too bad Dan can’t fire him and BOT memebers too.

    Great move to rid IU of two punks who should have never been allowed to don an IU uniform.

    And for those of you crying about Dan did this/Dan did that…whatever, grow up.

  34. DD can, and should, remove any player not meeting team standards. It’s not rocket science, it’s called “coaching” and it’s soemthign we actually need. It’s called “making an unpopular decision and making kids unhappy”…I know Davis and sampson didn’t do this much, but hopefully DD will continue to do this kind fo thing as long as he is coach. More importantly, hopefully the new coach will continue it.

  35. If the below is true. It should have been done a long time ago. Not lets wait and see how the season goes then pull the plug.

    “Dakich asked Greenspan to remove Bassett, Ellis and two other players from the team immediately for several reasons, including failed drug tests, poor grades and talking back to coaches, the source said”

  36. FYI, a coach can dismiss anyone from a team without running it by their athletic director. He brings kids to the university and can also send them away, too.

    I wonder if our season would have finished differently if people would be calling Armon and Tone a couple of punks. You have your sources, and I have mine inside the different teams on our campus who actually know these guys. Neither has failed a drug test, by the way. And as far as being punks, was Armon being a punk all season long when he was playing with bone spurs? Are all of you people the same ones who criticize these guys when they play a subpar game and then glorify them when Armon finishes the season as our team’s best shooter? Who’s the punk, again?

  37. Dan Dakich is an honorable man. I grew up with the Dakich family in Merrillville & I can tell you they are fine people. Dan did grow up in basketball under Coach Knight, in my book that’s not a bad thing, but a plus. Why does disciplining players for rules violations surprise everyone, it was the proper course of action. He would make a fine head coach.

  38. I bet I speak for a much much larger percentage than you would even want to imagine. This is not a win at all cost program. Sammy should have never been hired, Greenspan should resign as well as several of his underlings with a few exceptions. IU has sold it’s soul to the devil and now he is collecting his payment.

  39. Jeff, Ryan K, I’d say the camps seem pretty evenly split right about now. Of course, the more reasonable camp is the one who wants Dakich to shut up and either go back to being an assistant or (preferably) just leave. Hehe 🙂

  40. those two guys should never be able to grace courts of assembly hall ever again…bassett needs to spends less time at sports(bar in bloomington) and more time on his actually sport(i guess basketball) and for ellis i mean if a dismall 24% from three isn’t enough said how about him telling dan dakich that he would never coach that team days before the the big ten tournament and resulted in his one game suspension against penn state..these kids are punks and let them go be another lame duck player on at middle tennessee state or texas southern..these dudes are an embarressment to IU basektball

  41. I fingered it out y’all. It’s April Fools and all this is a joke (or maybe a bad dream).

  42. Gotta consider what the laughter level is from guys like Bob Knight, Bruce Weber, and Mike Davis.

    In between hee haws you can probably discern something akin to ….. whatgoesaroundcomesaroundyoudumbsonsofab……

  43. Ryan, agreed. maybe years ago however I have seen this IU admin. mentality for decades.

  44. Anybody with one eye and half sense will have to agree, Indiana’s downward spiral started September 10, 2000. Get my drift?

  45. Facts:
    *The downward spiral started well before 12/10/2000 (first round exits, players that were obviously thrilled to see the season end, etc).
    *The old timers that state RMK players never touched weed are wearing very crimson colored glasses. Others have mentioned seeing IU players smoke in the past. I do not think it is appropriate to name individuals but I personally witnessed the same behavior while I was at IU (’76-’82 undergrad and grad school).
    *We are at an unbelievable low point but will be competitve sooner than many think IF WE HIRE THE RIGHT COACH. KY was a mess when they hired RP,
    OSU was on self imposed probation when they hired Matta, Drew has done an unbelievable job turning around the horrible situation at Baylor, what was TN before Pearl etc etc. The same turn around can happen at IU.

  46. At least two fine young coaches clearly said “No Thanks” to the wonderful opportunity at IU. The program is indeed a large mess, and will be an embarrassment for quite a while.

  47. some people are just idiots. DD is clearly a racist bastard that wants to clean up the “culture” of IU. by doing so, he wants to rid IU of the negatives and teams violations that are experienced and endure NATION WIDE by collegiate basketball programs.

    explain to me the “culture” of IU. and how he needs to take his “friends” with him. lets see.. if he takes all of his “friends” where would our program be today with all of these african american “friends” so to speak…. NOWHERE!

  48. At the start of the year, Purdue coach Matt Painter kicked Gordon Watt off the team for a second alcohol-related offense. Watt was a 6’6″ interior scoring machine and rebounder. What hurt Purdue the most this year, especially in the conference and NCAA tourneys? Interior scoring and rebounding. There is no doubt that Purdue would have been a better team (on the court) with Watt, but I’d rather have more Ls and have the pride that Purdue stands for a principle.

    I applaud Dan Dakich for his likewise stand. Indiana’s conduct under Sampson was a disgrace and a black eye for the whole Big Ten. I hope Tom Crean has the same commitment.

  49. Good Bye Armon Bassett and Jamarcus Ellis and Goodluck! I am not sure about the spelling.

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