Ellis and Bassett off the team

The Indianapolis Star is now reporting that Jamarcus Ellis and Armon Bassett have been dismissed from the Indiana basketball team.

This is a story we’ve been following for a week. As the Star report states, Bassett and Ellis have been late to a series of meetings. Our sources also say that they then refused to accept the punishment meted out by interim coach Dan Dakich.

He wanted them to run. They wouldn’t run.

When the team met today, Ellis and Bassett were not there.

So far, we’ve been unable to reach Ellis, Bassett or Dakich.

This is yet another interesting development in a season full of them.

Dakich said he would clean up the culture at IU and this appears to be a step in that direction.

But it is a bit curious that Dakich has been left in place to make decisions about the team that some other coach will probably inherit. It seems like Bassett and Ellis would have to do more than show up late for a few meetings and disobey a lame-duck coach to get completely booted from the program.

More on this as the story develops.


  1. If anyone there actually knows Dan Dakich the man, and isn’t just basing their decisions on his 5 game record with a team still in shock from losing thier head coach, or his 10 years at a small mid major with very little commitment from the school for athletics, you would all be on the “band wagon” to keep Dan on as your head coach. He knows how to coach and win at any level and he will bring back the integrity that has been missing from your program.

  2. three years from now we’ll all be hyped for an IU final four appearance, looking back on this and laughing. but tonight, i may drink myself into oblivion.

  3. Can I blame this on Greenspan? Seriously, how can you leave a babysitter in a position to punish what are someone elses kids. Should have been left to the new coach.

  4. good for dakich. its by far the best thing he’s done. i’m so tired of these players bitching. its time they grow up and realize that this is sampson’s fault not dakich and whoever the new coach is should not allow them back. that goes for guys like crawford and thomas as well. they aren’t bigger than the program, the program will survive.

  5. Bill… great post.. agreed, Dakich is a great man and would only look out for the best interests in the university/program.

  6. We better name a coach (anyone) quick. You have a man acting as coach without the support of the university (At least for now). IU administration continues its awesome ability to manage and lead.

  7. This isn’t Dakich’s call. This is a new coaches call. Unless he is named the new coach, he has no place kicking these guys off. They may need to go, but it’s not his call. Greenspan should fire the idiot for making us and him look bad in front of the entire nation. Great news for the final four week. Just the positive PR we needed right now. Great job Dan.

  8. They are thugs and can’t follow rules now like they couldn’t follow rules before. Clean house now and build a team that respects what it is all about being a player and student at IU. To Bassett and Ellis, don’t let the door hit you in the….

  9. Mark how is he making IU look bad? It is Bassett and Ellis looking like babies. They can’t follow simple rules and don’t want to pay the price. Most of them should have been gone when they couldn’t follow IU/NCAA rules and were only suspended for 3 games.

  10. Scott…care to elaborate on the “thugs” comment? Are the tats a little too much for you or what?

  11. how can you claim ‘dakich knows how to win at any level?’ if he in fact knew how to win, he would have won at Bowling Green, regardless of your claim of an unsupportive admin.

    and how can a man who is NOT the head coach of this team dismiss anyone? what an embarrassment.

  12. Dakich will not BE the coach but Dakich IS the coach. He has the responsibility to keep the team disciplined and ready to play for IU whether they like it or not.

    No matter what his status he runs the team. The players do not run the team. if they don’t want to listen to the coach they need to go home. IU doesn’t need any player enough to give control of the team to them.

  13. Good.. find someone who actually cares about who they play for. The way Ellis mailed it in the last three weeks of the season made me sick. Enjoy your lack of education in a few years Mr. Ellis.. the world is full of BB players who are worth a damn… remember the kid from jeffersonville who got kicked off the team? Or the kid from Chicago (Michael something) about 12 yrs ago? he got mad at Knight and just left in the middle of the semester…..

  14. it’s just sad that they are this disrespectful when they are treated like gods at IU… I don’t have any respect for any of them now, I do not get why they can’t just follow rules set forth for them. I’m not sure about this, but aren’t they the ones that wanted to not play!?

  15. BC-No tats aren’t to much for me. The trying to punch your own player(Thomas), the not caring about gettting a free education and not being able to stay “Clean” long enough to get the free education. The crying because you don’t feel you are playing enough. Should I go on? Just drive around on any given night and you can watch these thugs out at the bars all night during the entire season. All they care about is party, party, party

  16. heres an idea for ya scott and bhss73 – lets only recruit from the carmel country club! then you guys won’t have to be so afraid of the thugs at night.

    what a wonderfully tolerant and open community this is.

  17. Its funny how every one is on DD case. Remember he didn’t put himself in this position. The administration did when they made the bad decision to hire a coach based on players not the what was best. MD could do nothing but fail in this case. Next, they hire a person already in NCAA problems. Then instead of suspending for few games and making decisions at end of season we rush to jusgement hoping not to be punished. We have a proud program with alot of support we will go through a hard time but we will compete.

  18. Well it is a real shame if this is true. Both of those are/were poised to be very big pieces of whats left on this team. But hey rules are rules and regardless of how IU is supporting Dakich right now he is the man and they should respect that. What kind of basketball player won’t run anyway? That’s a pretty pathetic thing to do, and while that punishment seems harsh, surely this stems from more than just being late to a few practices. There is definitely more to the story.

  19. these are young men who have a complete stranger as a head coach. they are college students so why not cut them a little slack. they have their entire lives to be upstanding citizens like Scott and bhss73. but in the interim, they may make a mistake or use bad judgement by your standards.

  20. SOMEBODY FRICKING STOP THE BLEEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so insane. I could care less about those two kids acting a fool….kick them off. But all of this bad publicity and nonsense is off the charts. Cut everyone who isn’t going to obey…PERIOD. This has gone on too long.

  21. I have to weight in. I am a 30 year + Hoosier fan and 10 + year season ticket holder. I agree with Dan. He is the coach currently, and you have to respect his authority regardless of his future status with the team. The more I listen to Dan talk about returning the glory to “IU” and not team Bassett, Ellis, even Gordan for that matter, the more he proves it is capable of leading this team to where we all want it to be. If most of the team did not QUIT on him and the season, everyone would look at Dakich in a different manner. He is not a Mike Davis, no experience coach. There are probably better coaches out there who MIGHT be available but I have to be realistic of the situation. IU Basketball Heading Coaching Position was turned down by a coach with 2 years experience and Big Ten coaching ties. That is a huge clue to me and IU Nation of the respect outsider give this University and more important AD at this time. Let Dan restory the glory, which think he can if given a chance, and the rest will be history.

  22. Here is an idea for Ryan K. Open your eyes and see that it is not where they are from or how they look. It is about how you respect the people around you. It is how you carry yourself in public. I am not afraid of any thug, I was just raised to show respect and to follow rules and law set before me and I knew if I didn’t follow theses rules/laws I wouldn’t have been able to play. They are a students first and athletes second. I would have loved to have got a free education to play a game I loved.

  23. Dakich has been a huge mistake and needs to be replaced before he screws more things up. He has proven that he is a poor leader. He should not make such a mess for the new coach.

  24. DD is a mistake by Greenspan and the administration once again. The kids wanted to play hard for a coach they were loyal to, RAY MAC. IU is getting what it deserves, a complete MELT DOWN.

  25. Listen to yourselves. And you wonder why no coach wants to come here. I used to enjoy basketball before the internet forums. Now, I may start watching tennis.

    And yes, my opinion is that Coach Dakich is doing what he needs to do. Do I think he should be the next coach? I dunno, but he has a job to do, and he cannot let these kids rule the roost.

    Sports are going to hell in a handbasket. All of these kids think they are all that, but when it’s all said and done, they are selfish losers. Doesn’t take much of a man to quit.

  26. OK, I have to add my opinion into this mix. There were a few years ago that any coach would have given anything to be a part of this University as the head coach of Basketball. Now, after reading the article about how Tony Bennett said Thanks, but no Thanks, and it went on to say now they are going after Sean Miller…..We sound desperate here folks! THIS IS INDIANA BASKETBALL! We should NEVER beg someone to be our coach! The first thing that needs to happen is Greenspan has to be out the door! I agree that if these players can’t obey the rules, they need to go! This is their COACH! Regardless if Dakich will be here next year he is their COACH! And before anyone says anything, I AM NOT A DAKICH FAN! He is the next one on my list to go. Indiana needs to go after a BIG name to be our coach and get our program back where it used to be. If these players leave because of the coaching situation, then we don’t want them anyway. They should be proud to play basketball for IU!! Let’s get things back to the tradition that we are all used and get rid of all the “outsiders” that don’t understand the tradition!!!!

  27. Lets look at this in another perspective… IU (OF COURSE) is a legendary program.. which means we will most LIKELY get a great coach, meaning we will have that coach’s RECRUITS which means we could have great upcoming years!
    MAN! you guys need to hold your heads up… as far as Armon and Jamarcus.. it’s whatever, they were NOTHING special to me I don’t care what anybody says

  28. Im not saying this becuase of there tattoos but armon and jamarcis were two thugs. If you break your team violations more than once or even at all you must not care about your team. If is was Dan i would have cut the thugs when they broke the rules the first time. Next Year I’d say Iu will have a loosing record. If Crawford stays, Eli Holman, Brandon Mcgee, DeAndre Thomas, I think there is a couple of recruits, no stars, but suposivley Eric Gordon was supposed to be a star and all he was, was a joke.
    As far as Dan Dakich goes give him a couple years and he will have the program up and running again. But if they are to bring in a new coach I’d like to see Rick Pitino, Bruce Pearl, and dont forget him BOB KNIGHT to come to IU. As far as Rick Pitino goes he is a really good recruiter. No more good players will leave the state on Indiana(Greg Oden, Sean May, Josh McRoberts, and all the other top players who have slipt through Iu’s hands). Bruce Pearl had Already coached at an Indiana school USI. And has said before “Iu would be my dream job”. Bob knight i doubt he will come back but it would be awsome if he did.

  29. Dan Dakich will be the head coach next year. Count on it. He will be the interim coach for one season and they will restart their coaching search at the end of next season. You heard it here first.

  30. Wanted Men’s Head Basketball Coach.
    Requirements are as stated.
    High School Diploma or equal.
    College Grad preferred but now not required.
    Required overnite travel.
    Ability to recruit in-state and nationally.
    Have strong communication and organization skills in fast past unorganized enviroment.
    Resist cheating for the good of all man kind.
    Be immune to threats, critics, and poor AD’s
    2 years of head coaching experience.
    Entry level pay and company car.

    Please and I mean please apply in person!!!!

  31. Remember coaching is about respect. You earn it, you don’t have it given to you by an AD. These players don’t need constant cusings from someone they do not want to play for. If they wanted that kind of coach they would of went elsewhere, and more will. Earn thier respect, then you can teach. If not you are wasting your time. IU basketball has always been about the players and always will be. Thats what makes it what it is period.

  32. I heard of some local indiana Juniors and sophmores are getting recruited because iu is done with thugs.

    You guys talk all this stuff about thugs but look at the final Four. Memphis doesn’t have on kid on their team who isn’t a thug. That team is full of hot heads. Except there coach and there AD. clearly have a better grip on the situation and thats why they are in the final four and were looking like we won’t have a shot until 2011

  33. I used to think IU was a sinking ship… Now i think it is a SUNKEN SHIP.

    It seemed like Mike Davis alone was enough to turn IU from a BB school to a football School. Bringing in Sampson and now Dakich’s smooth moves, this is like overkill. Greenspan is a genius in his methods of converting us, before long we’ll all be tailgaiting hoping the football season never ends.

    I hear the Hockey tema is good.. and the women’s bowling team also… Go IU!!

  34. I’m a Junior in High-School right now and have colleges open to me.. I WANTED to go to IU but believe it or not .. because of our horrible sports team future I’m thinking about going to Ohio State now.. buckeyes football and basketball (wow)!

  35. uh Chuck, Pitino nor Pearl are coming to IU. And the remnants of Knight’s coaching career can be seen on the big-12 network next season; TT should finish in front of Baylor, next to last.

  36. Why doesn’t IU suspend all basketball for a year.
    This would give us time to recruit a good coach and some good players. Most of all we would have time to get every thing sorted out and then get the program back on solid ground.

  37. kids don’t run programs. i’m inclined to give the coach the benefit of the doubt. talking about a win/loss record for next year is like Titanic passengers complaining about the menu.

  38. If you don’t want to follow the rules of the current coach, why would I want you to play for me if I am the future coach of the program? If you are not mature enough to follow the current rules, how do I, as the new coach, know that you are going to follow my rules…? Do you follow those rules until you determine that they no longer “suit to your liking”? COACH Dakach is correct in his actions. Everyone has to follow the rules, at school and in life. You see what not following the rules, or believing one is above the rules, got the former coach of this team. I have been a student(84′ undergraduate, 87′ graduate) and a fan of IU since the 1970’s and this is the worst I have seen this program. Not in talent, but in attitude. This has to change.
    As for the two former players, I enjoyed watching you play a sport and representing a University that I love. I am wishing you a bright and glorious future and hope the best for you in your future endeavors. Thank you.

    Todd S.

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