Indiana-Arkansas, in-game analysis

D.J. White watches his career end.

It’s done. Indiana’s season is over.

86-72. Not much else to say.


It’s all but over. Arkansas continues to hit free throws and effectively end IU’s season.

It’s such a sad ending for a team with such potential, a monumental collapse after the Kelvin Sampson debacle that ends with a first round NCAA tournament exit to an Arkansas squad that’s really not that impressive.


Gordon is now 2-13 from the field and only has six points. This has to be his worst game as a collegian, probably at the worst time.


Charles Thomas’ free throw extends it to twelve, but Bassett makes a pretty move and feeds D.J. for an easy two to get it back to ten.

Jamarcus Ellis hits a three-pointer from the baseline to cut it to 77-70.

Thomas will head back to the line for a chance to get it back to nine.

He does just that. 79-70.

It’s just all collapsing for the Hoosiers… Bassett’s telegraphed pass is stolen, and it looks all but certain that the Hoosiers will be exiting this year’s NCAA Tournament in the first round.


For some reason, Gordon’s free throw shooting is at its worst.

It’s at twelve after an Arkansas basket at the other end, 72-60.

But Armon Basset refuses to throw in the towel, as he drains a three-pointer from the top of the key to get it back to nine.

Weems is just off the charts tonight. His jumper in the lane just gave him 31. Indiana, no matter what they did all night, just had no answer for him. IU’s down 11 with two minutes to go, and it looks like D.J. White’s career at IU is coming to a close.


It looks like it can’t get any worse for Indiana.

Arkansas’ Charles Thomas just converted on a lay-in while getting fouled. 70-59.


Sonny Weems is the best player on the court tonight, and just reached his career high with another 3-pointer from the wing. It’s a ten minute margin and IU’s time is running out… 4:20 left.


Weems is just playing phenomenally. He hits again in the lane to get it back to ten, but Bassett answers to cut it to eight.

A Jordan Crawford steal-turn Armon Bassett three-pointer from the baseline cuts it to six.


Gordon can’t buy one from the outside. He clanks another from behind the three-point line.

Gary Ervin hits one of two from the line. It’s a ten point game with eight to go.

White won’t be denied. He just attacked the rim ferociously and drew the foul. But he can’t hit the first free throw. He hits the second. Nine points. 7:50 left.


Indiana doesn’t come out well after the timeout. Two UA baskets extend it back to six.

And Gordon quickly ends his cold streak, streaking down the lane and finishing a thunderous dunk to cut it back to four. But Arkansas comes back, as they have all night, to get it back to six.

A Razorback three-pointer by Sonny Weems sends it back to nine.

A long road ahead of the Hoosiers.


White hits again. But Arkansas answers on the other end in about three seconds. It’s getting to be crunch time for Indiana, with 12 minutes to go and their season on the line.

Stemler hits a three-pointer- his third of the night, and more in one game than I can remember for a long, long time- to cut it back to two.

After a foul on D.J. White on the next end, IU now has a chance to tie the game or even take the lead with a 3.

A Jordan Crawford runner and Lance Stemler tip-in won’t drop, so Arkansas takes over.


Armon wants it again. And he hits, this time from the right wing to cut it to three.

D.J. just drew his third foul on a questionable call down low. But either way, heading to the next commercial break, IU’s heart and soul has three fouls and Dan Dakich has a difficult decision on his hands about whether to keep him in the game or not.


DeAndre just can’t stay out of foul trouble. He just picked up his fourth, and that earned him a trip to the bench. Lance Stemler checked in for him.

A Patrick Beverly three-pointer extends it back to nine. It’s getting to be crunch time for Indiana. Eric Gordon’s block sets up an Armon Bassett 3 to cut it back to six.


White just won’t be denied. He’s got all six of IU’s six this half. Eric Gordon just tried to take advantage of a Razorback turnover, but he was called for a carry as he drove to the basket. Another turnover.

It’s still at six. It’s fair to say that if it wasn’t for White, this game would have turn into a blowout a long time ago.


The two best players on the court tonight exchange baskets to start the game. Weems hits a jumper on one end and D.J. White answers on the other. 39-32 Razorbacks.

White is the next to answer, hitting an elbow jumper to cut it to five.

Indiana’s man-t0-man defense yields a foul on DeAndre Thomas, his third.


20 minutes separates Indiana from either the second round or a long off-season filled with a great amount of uncertainty.

They’ve got a battle in front of them. The Razorbacks have come to play, and if Indiana continues to make the careless mistakes they have been making (turnovers, charges, missed lay-ups) then they’re just not going to get back into this game.


Thomas finishes down low off a nice pass from Jamarcus Ellis.

ON IU’s next possession, Hunter fouls D.J. White and the Big Ten Player of the Year hits the first of two free throws. He misses the second, and DeAndre Thomas’ hook shot in the lane rims out.

Still seven points.

The Hoosiers hold for the half’s last shot.

D.J. was unable to finish on an aggressive move to the basket; the ball bounced high off the rim and Arkansas’ half-court shot bounced off.

37-30 Arkansas at the half. The Hoosiers have some work to do.


Eric Gordon just can’t do anything right tonight.

He was just called for traveling, and the ball goes back to Arkansas. Not a good start for the Big Ten’s Freshman of the Year.


D.J. White just finished an Eric Gordon missed lay-up to cut the lead to three, but Sonny Weems answers on the other end to push it back to six.

Gordon is only 1-6 thus far.

But D.J. White’s eight points have been huge, and a jumper in the lane keeps it close at 29-25.

Weems hits a deep 3 to extend the Razorbacks’ lead to 10, the biggest of the night.


Since Kelvin Sampson stepped down, Billy Packer assures me, Gordon is 7-44 from 3-point range. He just missed his latest attempt badly, banging it off the backboard and the rim before Armon Bassett was able to finish a lay-up on IU’s next possession.

23-21 Arkansas. Stefan Welsh just went down with what appears to be a turned ankle. He was helped to the sideline.

Indiana’s zone hasn’t yet proved to be effective. The Razorbacks aren’t hitting their long-range shots, but their length is helping them get good second chance looks.

Arkansas just captured the largest lead of the night, six, at 27-21.

Thomas isn’t able to be effective down low on the next play and is called for an offensive foul.


Off an in-bound, Gordon was unable to connect for a deep three.

Arkansas answers on the other end to break the tie and give them a 18-16 lead.

But Lance Stemler hits again- from long range- to give IU a 19-18 lead. It’s definitely a good sign for the Hoosiers to have Stemler hitting from deep. It will give him confidence if he’s needed to make a big shot down the line.

But Lance can’t hit on the next trip down, and Stefan Welsh can. 21-19 Arkansas.


Eric Gordon was just called for charging. Was it really charging? Not from my angle. He barely grazed Arkansas’ Steven Hill on his drive to the lane, but the official called a charge. A tough break for the Hoosiers.

Either way, it keeps Indiana’s lead at 16-15. Jordan Crawford just lost the handle on a fast break for the Hoosiers, but because a Razorback tipped it, Indiana will retain possession after the break.


A great pass from Armon Bassett to D.J. White down low gives Indiana the lead again, 12-11, as we approach the 15-minute mark.

Stemler passed up a 3-point attempt to pass to Ellis for a jumper, but Jamarcus couldn’t hit the jumper from the right wing.

But Eric Gordon answers on IU’s next possession, driving the lane and finishing on the right side.

D.J. White continues IU’s run, hitting a soft jumper from the left wing to give Indiana a 16-11 advantage. On the next possession, Weems answers with a jumper of his own.

Bassett isn’t able to hit on a deep 3-point look, and on the other end, Sonny Weems is again fouled. His two free throws cut the lead back to one, 16-15.


Apparently, Dan Dakich just got a technical foul. So Sonny Weems, the Razorbacks’ best player, subsequently hit two free throws.

Lance Stemler just drained a three from the left wing to give IU a 10-9 advantage for the under 16 timeout.


DeAndre has some fight in him. He missed two lay-ins, but was able to fight for three offensive rebounds and finally get his two. His play down low– especially against the trees Arkansas has down low– will be critical in tonight’s match-up.


A Jamarcus Ellis three-pointer cuts the 5-0 lead to 2. Arkansas is showing their athleticism, and Dakich’s move to start DeAndre Thomas hasn’t panned out well so far. Off an offensive rebound, Thomas fumbled the ball a few times before a Razorback ripped it away from him.

Armon Bassett makes a nice move and pulls up for a jumper that ties it.

Next trip down, Eric Gordon does what he’s done all season, driving to the lane looking for the foul. The referee called a block, but Gordon was unable to capitalize and missed both free throws. Can’t say that has happened so many times this season.

We’re set for the start.

DeAndre Thomas got the start at the 4, and everyone else is in their usual positions: Bassett, Gordon, Ellis and D.J.


  1. So I’m only allowed five posts per half today due to NCAA rules, so I’ll check in mostly at breaks.

    Things are going exceedingly well for the Hoosiers so far. I say that because they’re getting contributions from the four. DeAndre Thomas was a defensive liability most of the time he was in the game, but his fight at the other end of the floor is something this team needed early in the game. It has not started well in weeks.

    Then Lance Stemler, who hadn’t hit a 3 since the Purdue game, gets an open look and it falls.

  2. Dakich got the technical for shooting the ball instead of handing it back to the official. Don’t know if the camera’s caught that, so I thought I’d throw it in there.

    The strategy thus far seems to be a quick rotation through the forwards. Get them out there with energy and hope they can make things happen while Arkansas tries to figure them out. It has worked so far.

  3. Chris, please tell me your lying about the first sentence in both posts. I think I’m being naive for even asking; but really??

    Not bad so far, but after the first couple minutes were back to never feeding the post.

  4. The Hoosiers have handled the press and have been fairly well organized in transition. They lost Stefan Welsh, a late trailer, a couple of times and he responded with two 3-pointers. Better awareness needed there.

    One thing absolutely needs to change if Indiana wants to win this game: it must get to the free throw line. The Hoosiers are 0-for-2 from the line; the Razorbacks are 9-for-9.

  5. I’m getting dangerously close to my limit of five updates per half, and I want no part of whatever the potential punishment might be. But I felt as though I should offer this insight: Somebody needs to make a few plays while D.J. White is on the bench with two fouls. Indiana needs an emotion boost. A Gordon steal and dunk. A Bassett transition 3. Something.

  6. Last one for the half (I wasn’t kidding about either of the things you asked about, Jim.)

    The way things are going, it looks like cold shooting is going to doom Indiana’s season. Shots not falling has been the story of the last several games and here again tonight the rims have been unfriendly.

    Bassett had a good look. His miss bounced right out to Gordon. He missed too. The Hoosiers are shooting 12-of-30 as I type.

    I’ll check in with you at the half.

  7. HALF: ARK 37, IU 30.
    IU: DJ.White 11 pts, 5 reb; Stemler 6 pts; Bassett 4 pts; Thomas 4 pts, 4 reb; Ellis 3 pts; Gordon 2 pts.
    IU: 13-34 (38%) FG; 3-10 3PT; 1-4 FT; 18 reb; 4 TO; 8 fouls.
    ARK: 11-26 (42%) FG; 5-12 3PT; 10-10 FT; 19 reb; 7 TO; 7 fouls.
    ARK: Weems 13 pts; Townes 10 pts, 6 reb; Welsh 6 pts; Hunter 3 pts; Beverley 3 pts; Ervin 2 pts.

  8. Since when do we run the offense through Thomas? He has the bball IQ of a squirrel. Gordon continues his saga of underwhelming performance.

  9. We are shooting poorly but our defense is suspect. They just flashed a stat on TV that DD’s defense gives up 10 more points a game than KS.

  10. HighBar I couldn’t agree more on the Thomas comment. Why is he getting so much playing time anyway? Seems we are better off with Tabor who knows he is a roll player and his roll is not scoring. We were winning games when Basset, Elllis and Crawford were all a part of the offense. What gives?

  11. Can someone explain to me why in the world the ncaa has regulations on a local newspaper message board? are you serious? What’s next, number of times a fan can clap his/her hands during a game? give me a break

    …this game is painful to watch, much like the last half of the season

  12. Perhaps Dakich should get another T, and get ejected b/c the players really can’t play at ALL for him!!!

    Deandre … have you ever heard of passing the ball back out.

    Guys … can we please be sure to pick up the trailers. That cost us AT LEAST a couple of 3s.

    I really try to stay positive with this team, but it’s so hard. MAKE SOME HOOPS!!! OR … give it to DJ EVERY time!!! He’s the only one doing anything consistently.

  13. What do you mean Gordon “can’t do anything right tonight” – he’s not done anything right for about a month now!

  14. Jon, yes, that has been the question here: Why is Tabor on the bench given how well he’s proved himself, how well he gels with the team, how he stabilizes the defense, and how he raises the team IQ and overall poise. A mystery.

  15. No special insight here. But I’d have to guess that Dan Dakich is giving an impassioned half-time speech now. Some coaches would just let this sit. What’s at stake here is obvious. But Dakich is a rouser. And he cares about moments like these, the meaningful times when a team has a chance to rise above.

    Statistically, Indiana’s poor shooting and inability to get to the line — or hit free throws while there — pop off the box score. The Hoosiers are shooting 13-for-34 (38.2 percent), with Gordon going 1-for-7. Gordon and White are the only players to get to the line so far; White’s 1-for-2 and Gordon’s 0-for-2.

    The Hoosiers have taken eight more shots than Arkansas (which is shooting 42.3 percent from the field) because they’ve been able to grab nine offensive rebounds. The effort is there, the touch is not.

    Would you believe that Indiana has scored 16 points in the paint and Arkansas has only scored 8?

    The Razorbacks lead in 2nd chance (10-4) and fast break (9-2) points.

    One interesting thing to watch as this game continues is whether Arkansas sticks with the zone defense it showed for a lot of the first half. They usually like to pressure the ball at all times but it seems as though John Pelphrey wants to have his players in a position to collapse on Gordon when he drives and White when he gets the ball in the lane.

  16. A lot of standing around on offense as has been the case all year. Gordon is not ready for the Pro’s

  17. Enough defeatist attitudes guys, sure Gordon is cold as ice and why we have lost games of late, and Dre is not the brightest b-ball bulb in the box, but this game and season is not over. Have some faith in your Indiana Hoosiers!

    I think the team wants this victory and if we start getting better shooting percentage, keep going low to DJ and then later back out for some open 3s we should be fine. We are handling their press quite well too which has caused many a other team problems. Looking forward to the 2nd half. GO HOOSIERS!

  18. Say what you will about Eric Gordon — and many of you have — but the block he just made on Beverly’s break just changed (saved?) this game. A lay-in there puts Arkansas ahead 11.

    Instead, Indiana uses its numbers in transition to get Bassett open for 3. He hits, and the shaken Razorbacks fumble the ball away on the next possession and Bassett hits again.

  19. Defeatism is the only thing some of these posters have left, apparently.

    Two great threes from Bassett put us back in it, though DJ just picked up his third foul with 14 to go.

    Let’s go Hoosiers!

  20. Shooting percentage starting to balance out finally and now we need to get to the line more. That 3rd foul on DJ sure hurt though! 🙁

  21. I like the DD decision to leave DJ in, so why not try a zone and see what happens?

    Gordon is still the ice man, so why not drive and get to the line?

  22. Lance Stemler and D.J. White do not want their IU careers to end.

    But Arkansas just keeps coming.

    Crowd report: I’d say there’s only a 1,000 or so Indiana fans here, but it’s a bit hard to tell because the two team’s colors are so similar.

  23. J-mo, I was just curious when they went low and got an easy 2 with DJ just standing there with his hands up unable to defend properly.

  24. Arkansas can really persevere.

    Gordon’s dunk was masterful. That, right there, is why he is ready to be a pro.

    Arkansas continued on, undeterred. First Townes got an offensive rebound and put back, then grab a defensive rebound and started a break with a quick outlet pass. Weems finished it with a 3 from the corner. He’s got 22 points, a game-high.

  25. I hear ya Mark. But the zone was leaving too many wide open players. We’re just not a very good defensive team, and with poor shooting … UGH!!! I don’t want this season to end tonight!!!

  26. Gordon continues his poor shooting, so just drive to the bucket EJ and hey…Tabor gets in…time for some spark!

  27. dj can’t just sit in there and do nothing on defense…it’s too easy, either take him out or let him playagressive

  28. Weems 80% shooting and 66% from behind the arc sure is killing us. Time for another run or we are done and I too am not ready for this turmultuous season to end tonight. I want to see us play UNC!

    Thank you Armon!

  29. yet another career night given up by the IU defense, if I were Ty Lawson, I would wanna play IU, he could probably put down 75 against IU

  30. Gordon is why we are loosing lately. I try to stay positive but he just disapoints with the occasional glimpse of greatness. And he misses another FT to be 2-6. 🙁

  31. I’d still like to see Gordon come back for another year, and with some good COACHING … perhaps he can develop into the player he’s supposed to be.

  32. Arkansas executes so well. Coming out of that time out, Pelphrey took any momentum Indiana had from the Bassett 3 by getting an open shot for Weems.

    He started on the right wing, curled along the baseline — where his defender, Jordan Crawford, was screened away — and popped into the lane. Weems hit an easy jumper.

  33. Bassett has not played bad. It has been hard for any other guard to do anything with Gordon hogging the ball all the time.

  34. I have two thoughts. First how come every team we’ve played this year has had a guy score a career high in points on us. That’s either extremely lucky or our terrible defense. At first I thought it was the former but now I’m thinking its our pathetic defense.

    Secondly Gordon’s wrist must be broken or something and he’s just not admitting it. He has been horrible the past 3 games. He can’t make a three pointer to save his life as it has been well over 75 game minutes since he even came close. I’ll be extremely excited to see him leave for the NBA.

  35. game’s over…this is gonna cap off the most underachieving season ever, and whether you guys wanna admit it or not, eric gordon is a great basketball player who is going to leave indiana with a legacy based on his last 5 games of the season. Very disappointed to see this season end

  36. Maybe the most disappointing 25-win team in the history of hoops. I’m glad it’s over; a match-up with UNC would probably be similar to the great one we put together in E. Lansing.

    Now back to square one. Seems like banner #6 is becoming as elusive as another Rose Bowl.

  37. Don’t Blame this on DJ, Gordon, or even DD…The tradgic end to this season lands ON KELVIN SAMPSON’S DOORSTEP..!!!! His actions caused what happened..and cost IU any titles whatso ever this year

  38. I hope Gordon gets drafted by the Antarctica Ice Cubes. He sucks.

    Poor DJ. Good luck in the draft dude!

    The rest of the “team”, learn how to play as a TEAM.


  39. DJ has a sprained ankle…so typical of our painful season. I sure will miss him, but sure won’t miss Gordon. Go get your millions Gordon and good riddens.

    Sampson sure ruined the great season we had going. IU AD makes yet another terrible decision to announce the head coaching search committee during the NCAA tournament. Time to clean house there starting with Greenspan. Let’s build a new arena and put the students down low like so many top notch NCAA schools do.

    Thanks to the HT sports crew Doug, Chris, Zak, etc. Your work is to be commended this year and thanks for this blog and great, balanced reporting.

    What a long strange trip it’s been…And I bid you goodnight

  40. Was Tabor hurt? Really seemed like we needed some D and rebounding earlier and he got in so late tonight.

  41. I am officially shutting off my donations and looking for a new university to cheer for.

    This administration and university are a freaking joke.

  42. FINAL: ARK 86, IU 72.
    IU: DJ.White 22 pts, 9 reb; Bassett 21 pts, 5-7 3PT, 5 ast; Stemler 9 pts; Gordon 8 pts, 3-15 FG; Ellis 6 pts; Thomas 4 pts; Taber 2 pts.
    IU: 28-64 (44%) FG; 10-24 (42%) 3PT; 6-12 (50%) FT; 30 reb; 10 TO; 16 (24) fouls.
    ARK: 26-48 (54%) FG; 8-17 (47%) 3PT; 26-33 (79%) FT; 34 reb; 12 TO; 11 (18) fouls.
    ARK: Weems 31 pts; Townes 17 pts, 12 reb; Beverley 12 pts; Thomas 8 pts; Ervin 7 pts, 7 ast; Welsh 6 pts; Hunter 3 pts; Hill 2 pts.

  43. This was one of the biggest choke jobs of a season I have ever seen. Say all you want about Sampson, but this team played like they didn’t even care. I could care less that Sampson was gone…the players still should at least try to play well. Play for IU…play for the seniors, especially DJ who has played his heart out all year. Too bad Gordon will never know what its like to really want to win because of feeling a connection to a school because you’ve been there a while. Good riddance Eric Gordon…should’ve gone to Illinois.

  44. I completely agree Mark K! We need to get rid of everybody, take a chill pill and swallow the fact that we will struggle for a year or two as we rebuild.

  45. having all the players leave is stupid, unnecessary, i mean i dont know what word to insert next. The young ones are still relatively untainted and can only improve

  46. I won’t be surprised to see the entire team transfer. I wouldn’t blame the for wanting to. IU athletics has become a joke. I am embarrassed to call myself a fan.

  47. We will still have Tabor and Fat Boy and Ellis.
    They only have one more year they will probably
    stay. Bassett will probably stay as well. The rest will all be gone.

  48. So how does Pearl look in a Crimson blazer?
    Or what about my hope Pitino?
    Maybe Greenspan can join Myles Brand at the NCAA?

    The wait to see what is going to happen with IU basketball is going to be tough.

    So how many football and basketball coaches have we had in the last 10 years? Way too many that’s for sure! Knight, Davis, Sampson, Dakich…who’s next?

  49. I will always be an Indiana fan.

    But I sure hope we make some very good decisions soon in the coaching and recruiting areas. Playing it fast and loose the last couple of years going for the quick fix sure has not helped.

  50. this is gonna be a tough year to get over…but I too will always be an Indiana fan. Indiana basketball is bigger than any one season, or one player, or one coach

  51. DJ: great season. Best of luck in the future.

    EJ: You’re going to drop THAT performance and then leave?? Dogg, why go to college? If you go to the pros and you can’t deal with a little drama, you’ll end up on a team like the Knicks where you’ll sit on the bench and watch your team lose every night.

    Be a MAN and come back for a TRIUMPHANT 2nd season! Learn how to play the game. Lead a team. Do more than make a couple of spectacular plays – learn how to change the course of a game.

    dogg. (shakes head) dogg…

  52. As I said back when this junk with Sampson went down… AD Greenspan and all these jokers we have running this program couldn’t wait until this season was over to deal with Sampson. The ONLY people who are paying tonight are those players and the Indiana fans. Sampson is probably sitting in Hawaii or something sipping a drink and laughing His head off.. With His 750K to blow. This is a total embarrassment but you can’t totally blame those kids. You can’t just change midstream and expect to do anything. They lost this season in the last few weeks because of the actions of our beloved AD and the University President and trustees. I realize Sampson should have been dealt with, however your timing is AWFUL and shameful. And then on top of it announcing the search committee for a new coach BEFORE the freaking season is over. What a joke, time for a housecleaning BIG TIME now the season is over!!!!!!!!

  53. D.J. White’s career ends with the team doctors furiously trying to work the cramps out of his right leg.

    Lance Stemler’s career ends when he is forced to administer a late-game foul.

    Now Indiana, a team that fans dreamed would play in the Final Four, is being booed for fouling late in the game, down 13 points.

    Eric Gordon leaves the court. He has eight points.
    Adam Ahlfeld takes the court for one final run.

  54. For all that money Sampson got we should have at least made Him work until the end.. For that money we should have at least made it to the final four.. Well, that’s shot…

  55. @ “Unbelievable”:

    “I am officially shutting off my donations and looking for a new university to cheer for.

    This administration and university are a freaking joke.”

    Really? It’s the administration and university, and not the entire town who rode the coach out of here on a rail for the second time in three years over some false sense of pride? Do you think the administration would have fired Sampson mid-season (or asked him to resign) if the entire city hadn’t been ready to burn him at the stake? You guys – the town, the alumni – did this. You deserve the blame. All of you “fans” who were calling for Sampson’s head without realizing what it would do to the team to have their coach yanked out from underneath them mid-season deserve this. You took a probable Sweet-16, maybe Elite-8 or better team and turned them into a laughingstock. Why not let Sampson coach out the year and give IU basketball the type of season that it’s been trying for for years? Oh yeah, that’s right, because of the “IU Pride.” Well, now you’ve got a clean program and a crap team. Hope you enjoy it!

    To the team – good job in a tough season. DJ, you’re gonna be awesome in the NBA.

  56. The team, the fans, the University deserved this loss. It’s poetic, if not cosmic, justice. The gods were not amused at the student-fans’ profanities & debauchery, the team’s rebelliousness & hedonism, IU’s haughtiness and greed, and Bloomington’s smug hubris. Let those who live by sports die by sports.

  57. Thanks to all of the HT writers and staff for providing these chats. It was an interesting year. Let’s play golf!

  58. IU Fan…is this your first year following the team? So you are saying we should’ve kept sampson at all costs just to win? The NCAA would have loved that. Did you want the basketball team to be on probation for many years? You should rethink the comment that the town forced IU to fire their coach. SAMPSON IS THE ONLY PERSON THAT FORCED IU TO FIRE HIM. All he had to do was abide by some very simple rules and he didn’t….again! IU doesn’t cheat and if they would’ve kept Sampson just for winning purposes, it would have said that we condone him blatantly breaking NCAA rules in front of us. He screwed up our season and no one else. Well maybe Eric Gordon and his poor shots!

  59. You’re right Pete. I would be bragging on the boilers too, if I were you. Especially since it has been so long since you have been able to. Painter getting Moore and Hummel really made a huge difference in the way the year played out. I enjoy watching the current Purdue team because they play the game the way it should be played!

  60. I guess this game at least makes it possible for Gordon to return, biggest stage of the season and he plays his worst game of the season, he’s obviously not ready for the pro game the way he played the second half of the season. Too bad for DJ, one of the best post men in IU history.

  61. Our program is a shambles. As a lifetime Hoosier, alumnus, and supporter of the program last night was the last straw. I left the game early and didn’t even care if they won or lost. I can’t even enjoy the style of play Indiana basketball personifies anymore.

  62. Good riddance DJ White, you have been threatening/claiming you are leaving ever since you arrived. Now, is your chance to leave; with your bad ankle and your running away–turning your back–from the final shot, to suck it up the next 4 years, 11th seat on some NBA team.

    Eric Gordon- thank you for lying to the Illini and coming to the Hoosiers (not being sarcastic), but you weren’t the next coming like thought.

    Even better: It’s our chance to get a new coach (please lord Scott Skiles, if he is even in the discussion), shed D.J and time to convince EG he isn’t ready.

    Lets get I.U basketball back to the top.
    Maybe our KNIGHT and shiny armor sweep onto the team.

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