Indiana at Penn State, in-game analysis (2nd half)

D.J. White fouls David Jackson.


And the students — there aren’t many left, since they’re on spring break — charge the court to celebrate the win.

PENN STATE 64, INDIANA 61 (35.7)

Coming out of that time out, Gordon ends up dribbling to a spot and taking a 3-pointer. It misses, and Stanley Pringle’s rebound leads him to take two free throws. He hits the first and will shoot the second now.

PENN STATE 63, INDIANA 61 (1:14)

Talor Battle used a screen from Andrew Jones to get past Gordon and get to the lane. His shot missed because D.J. White was in his face, but that also meant that White wasn’t there for the rebound scrum. D.J. Jackson was, and his tip has us where we are now.

INDIANA 58, PENN STATE 58 (End of 2nd Half)

Gordon’s final shot hits off the front of the rim, and the Hoosiers are going to get some practice playing an overtime game for the second time this year.

INDIANA 58, PENN STATE 55 (:32.7)

I’m guessing the Hoosiers didn’t get anything they wanted on that possession, as it fell to D.J. White to take a jumper late in the clock.

Now Penn State will have the chance to design something here for Morrissey, Battle or Pringle.

INDIANA 57, PENN STATE 55 (2:22)

Crucial possessions now.

INDIANA 54, PENN STATE 52 (3:47)

A pair of turnovers by Crawford and one by Bassett — whose now bing tended to by doctors after apparently being poked in the eye — has Penn State’s Talor Battle shooting to tie when the break ends.

INDIANA 52, PENN STATE 50 (6:27)

The guy playing the four alongside D.J. White has been a defensive liability all day. Penn State — Penn State!?!? — has two or three guys who, if they’re isolated against Stemler, Taber or Thomas — are going to get points.

INDIANA 46, PENN STATE 46 (8:52)

Maybe this is one of the days that things work out for Ed DeChellis and Penn State, which is going for its second win at home against a top 20 team this year.

Jordan Crawford got beaten badly by Stanley Pringle on the play, as the junior college transfer was able to lure him to the perimeter and the cut by him and take a pass on his way to the lane.

INDIANA 46, PENN STATE 38 (11:15)

The run is now at at 16-2, as Gordon has gone on to hit two more 3-pointers and D.J. White just grabbed a rebound, scored and will shoot the and 1 when play resumes.

Gordon found a soft spot in the Penn State zone — basically the spots where the free throw line would cross the arc if it were extended — to hit all of his 3s. So many Penn State games turn out this way; there’s promise and then there’s sudden and usually irreversible collapse caused by a severe talent gap.

INDIANA 38, PENN STATE 36 (13:28)

Turns out Indiana needed five minutes to jump back into the game. An 8-0 run has the Hoosiers back ahead and playing better defense. After a shot-clock violation, Gordon came down and took a smart kick-out from Taber to hit a 3-pointer.

PENN STATE 36, INDIANA 30 (15:42)

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  1. Bad english……..these are two mediocre teams. Sorry. I could never get that “well” and “good” difference either. I always got it wrong. BTW…….I love this time of year. Golf is in the air and b-ball on TV.

  2. Three dumb passes…….or three blind mice? Can you tell I am still upset with referees? Hee Does anybody else think that PSU cheerleader is cute cute? I am an old guy and only observing, but she has a million dollar smile.

  3. Taber has to be MVP, if they win. No MVP’s for team on the lower end. What an effort. Ellis take note.

  4. i missed the cheerleader…im gonna have to use dvr and rewind it and find her haha…and ellis needs to stop smoking week so he can play basketball

  5. It is obvious that this team and packed it up and ready for the season to be over. They look like complete asshole ever since the big Sampson fiasco. No way they will make any sort of run. It is really sad to watch such a great season just go down the tubes. I can only hope that next year we can start rebuilding for the future…what a sad sad year for tradition and IU Basketball!

  6. You know Ben………if they want to smoke……then let them go. I am not saying that is it, but I am also not naive. Let them have their blow and then let them stay home. Ask Kellen.

  7. Would not surprise me if Ellis spouted off to DD, based on what I have seen in last three games.

  8. Someone needs to wake these players up! Gordon is a joke if he thinks he can go to the NBA and shoot 4-30 every night! I mean he plays too fast, too many turnovers to hardly any assists…and he can’t shoot consistently….but he is a top 5 draft pick? Anyway, again it is obvious that this team has packed it in and did not care about this game. I have seen better 5 man teams put together at the YMCA than this PSU team that beat our butts today!

  9. e.g. needs a coach to tell him not to take those shots. and this last 3 he missed is unforgivable.

  10. oh..oh…lets listen to the post game and hear what Dakich has to say, “It is my fault…blah, blah, blah”….sounds just like another loser coach we had…MIKE DAVIS!

  11. anyone know why Dakich has a clipboard? he certainly cant draw up a play that makes sense. EVER.

  12. it was my fault……….my bad grammer…….and that dang cheerleader. Just another game folks. Did you really think we were going to cut the nets? Not this year.

  13. F(OT): PSU 68, IU 64.
    IU: Gordon 26 pts; DJ.White 20 pts, 12 reb; Bassett 8 pts; Crawford 5 pts, 9 reb, 5 ast; Taber 3 pts, 10 reb; Thomas 2 pts.
    IU: 22-58 (38%) FG; 7-33 (21%) 3PT; 13-17 (77%) FT; 45 reb; 17 TO; 10 (14) fouls.
    PSU: 25-67 (37%) FG; 7-28 (25%) 3PT; 11-20 (55%) FT; 43 reb; 10 TO; 11 (17) fouls.
    PSU: Jackson 13 pts, 10 reb; Brooks 12 pts; Battle 10 pts; Pringle 9 pts; Hassell 7 pts; Jones 6 pts; Morrissey 8 pts; Walker 3 pts.

  14. ok…ww…like I would listen to someone that obviously has no knowledge of anything related to basketball

  15. played themselves into a #6 seed today for the tournament. Pathetic coaching. Pathetic performance.

  16. Plain and simple. We are just not a good team. Not DD’s fault either. I could see that with KS in charge. We have two premier players, but without good support. SUPER KUDOS to Ryan Taber today. What an effort!

  17. Good comeback…..#2fan. How drunk are you? You are right…I am not a coach, but you rant about the past. Who cares?

  18. not dakich’s fault? the man does not belong on the sidelines. this team knew how to get things done with Sampson, regardless of how pretty it looked. it is very much Dakich’s fault. he had no clue how to coach a team at Bowling Green and its the exact same thing taking place here.

  19. so you assume b/c I am calling you out that I am drunk…that shows a lot of intelligence on your part

  20. if they go one and done in the Big Ten, I don’t see them higher than a 7th seed, playing a 10 seed. That would put the losing 3 of their last 4, no momentum.

  21. So what do you know about my basketball knowledge? Sorry…..your Mike Davis comment upset me. That is old news.

  22. and them as a #7 playing a #10 means a real possibility of an opening round loss. much like the final days of Knight. i guess thats what happens when you have a ‘knight disciple’ calling the shots.

  23. I just hate seeing a team that worked their butt off all year long..DJ making it his mission to carry this team this year…then they lose Sampson b/c he is an idiot and it has all been too much for them. It makes me very sad as a longtime fan to see our most successful season since 1993, go up in smoke at the end of the year because of something that was out of the players control….just sad

  24. ww…the reason I mentioned davis is because dakich sounds just like him after losses…but then never does anything about it…if you can honestly say he doesn’t then we aren’t listening to the same guy

  25. i’d be in a better mood if i’d won the powerball last night. i’d offer dakich a couple million to get the hell out of bloomington.

  26. You sum it up well. Or… it good? Many will yell at us and say it is not over yet and hopefully they are right.

  27. Summing it up was for #2fan. I see your point about press conferences. I was never a Mike Davis fan, but I am a fan.

    Ryan…….Dakich will likely leave without a whimper.

    #2fan……sorry it is my forum. I just have to type when I see pitiful basketball. Thanks for putting up with my crap.

  28. No it is not Dakich’s fault. I got blasted on here after the Purdue game (coached by Sampson)when I talked about how poor the teamwork is on this team.

    When E.G. is on, he and D.J. are two of the best in the country, but D.J. is the only consistent player this team has. E.G. thinks he has to be the superstar, the only smart play he made in OT was giving the ball up to Crawford for that 3 bomb.

    The rest of the team just stands there and reacts to what Gordon is doing, instead of moving and trying to create.

    Something I was taught early on when I played ball was not to shoot if there is no one underneath to rebound for you. I guess Gordon never had a coach teach him that.

  29. How did I stumble on to the Indy Star message board?

    Give the sniping a rest, guys, we’re all ticked off about the loss.

  30. Good points. EJ was frustrating, if not splendid, at moments. Today was a shining example. He kept us in the game, but team play would have won that game. How many dishes did you see in UNC vs. Duke last night? How many today? from IU?

  31. i dont disagree that the teamwork is HORRIBLE. i’ll even make this claim – this team is a much better team without gordon. i think its pretty obvious. if dakich wants to start making some friends, he needs to realize that most of us would rather see this team win than see one player attempt to pad his resume for the nba. gordon’s offense has sucked for weeks. and of course the team just stands there – they realize he’s not giving the ball up anyway!

  32. put up with mine too…just a last note and I am really leaving this time…Eric Gordon’s last 5 games shooting the basketball…4-12, 4-16, 7-14, 4-11, 8-24 = 27-77 for a whopping 35.1%…bring on the NBA he already has the fg% to be a star!

  33. #2fan – How many assist does Gordon have in that time? I seen I think 2 today. I would say it is less than 2 per game.

  34. Let me change something, I seen 2 from the time I got to watch, which was about 12 minutes left in the 2nd half.

    So he has an average of 2.3 assist to 3 to’s per game this year.

  35. I blame this loss on Eric Gordan. Holding the ball all of the 22seconds at the end of regulation and not getting a good shot off is rediculous. He should have passed off and let them find someone that could get a good look. Pathetic……and they need to go out and find a really good coach so we can keep the good recruits.

  36. I didn’t mind him holding the ball and taking that last shot in regulation. That is a shot he can make a lot of the time, but what I had a problem with was that they didn’t try to get it into DJ with 8-10 seconds left. PSU had absolutely no one that could guard him, and the only times they had success against him was when he got an easy 6-7 ft jumper over the top of the PSU defenders but he left a couple short. Then in OT they just kept bombing away.

  37. Lets hear it for all the idiots that wanted Sampson gone before the end of the season because “he was an embarrassment”. We now have a politically correct coach who couldn’t coach a little league team. Getting beat by Penn State without their two best players – not thats an EMBARRASSMENT!

    We would have made it to the final four with Sampson as coach. The money that would have come from us going that far in the tourney would have paid off a few of our ex coaches, athletic directors, etc.

    And i don’t even want to hear the NCAA would have come down on us harder if we would have kept him as coach. Why? we will never know because we did not give him his day in court.

  38. Wow Cate and steve, congratulation on both of you being nominated for idiot of the year on the Hoosier Scoop. Number one, Sampson created this gigantic toilet that is sucking this years Hoosier team down the pipes right now. He is the one that got caught cheating. Blame Greenspan all you want, but he had no other choice. The only thing Greenspan did that warrants some criticism is the hiring of Sampson with the sanctions.

    It is also way too early to judge whether Dakich is a good coach or not. One upset on the road at a crappy PSU team and all of a sudden you act like he is the worst coach in a America. That being said, I don’t think I want him back as permanent coach. I want a big name guy if possible, or a great up and coming coach.

    However, all in all, you both look like complete jackarses with comments like those. It really shows your lack of knowledge or lack of maturity, not sure which….possibly both.

  39. Oh wow, it’s Chet again. I hope you read my last reply to your Robert Vaden quote, as I made you look foolish once again considering you took a year old quote and only used one third of it for your little post.

    Ryan K., are you telling me that you agree with Cate and Steve. Honestly, how could any sane person feel like it was a bad call to put Dakich in charge. Whether it be Ray or Dakich…this team would be in turmoil. I also enjoy how people judge after a few games whether a guy can coach. At least he had the marbles to make a decision and suspend Ellis for mouthing off.

  40. yeah, i guess i’m insane, but it was a TERRIBLE call to put Dakich in charge. the man is a proven loser at Bowling Green and people think he can run one of the top 5 programs in the country? Give me a break! And i’m not judging after a few games. again – LOOK AT HIS PERFORMANCE AT BOWLING GREEN.

    you put in a man that cant coach and this is what happens.

  41. Hey Jimmy you are the one with the lack of knowledge. Look at Dakich’s recond at Bowling Green. NOT GOOD! This team would be in far less termoil if they had made Ray the head coach in the beginning like the players wanted.

    I could care less how big Dakich’s marbles are – its the brains i’m concerned about! Jackars!

  42. What did Ray do at Houston and Ball State? There has to be a reason that he went from being a head coach at two stops to being an assistant for the last 4 or so years.

    Look people, we don’t have Coach K or Pitino on the bench as an assisant coach to promote. We had Dakich, McCallum, Meyer, and whoever else. Hiring Ray doesn’t mean the players would have no longer been affected by Sampson’s firing/resignation.

    Chet thanks for the input.

  43. CateT. – Hate to tell you, this was never a final 4 team. The Sampson BS cupcake schedule made sure of that. This team is 5-5 against the top 50, 1-5 against the top 25. That is not a final 4 team.

    There is no teamwork, E.G. is inconsistent at best, has horrible shot selection, and he averages more TO’s than assist. Inconsistent and poor guard play doesn’t get you to the final 4.

    D.J. has been the only consistently good player all year. He should be the Big Ten player of the year, but D.J. can’t carry this team to the final 4, and Sampson couldn’t have coached them there, I don’t know if any coach in the country could calm the inflated egos on this team and make them play as 1 solid unit.

  44. Mike P. you’re right about this team not being a final 4 team, but I could see them having a tourney run if they all of a sudden start hitting shots. I have a hard time believing Gordon’s wrist doesn’t affect him. He still does a lot of good things, but his TO’s are pretty terrible.

    If things go right they could win a few tourney games but this team seems to have lost their intensity of late. They had it for the Wisky, PU, MSU homestand but haven’t ever since.

  45. It has more to do than them “not hitting shots” and it’s been more than one bad game.

    They have looked AWFUL the past 4 or 5 games.

    They have quit on the season.


  46. Near the end of the first half with the score very close, T Leary said on the radio broadcast that it was too early to start worrying. So I’m ok. IU’s got no problems.

    Seriously fellas, I agree with you–things are bad and spiraling downward fast.

  47. Over the 2 years that KS was with us I was left with several impressions. He’s a helluva a recruiter. What seems to come with that, and there are lots of EJ quotes to this nature, is that he promises a lot of freedom, offensively. So the team is left with an offensive philosophy to be determined by 19-20 year old kids. Obviously, DJ should get more touches, but they only have one ball to play with. In the Big 12, whoever lures in the best recruit usually wins because, since Williams departed, there are no Tom Izzo-types in the conference. The best coaches can make a player, and a team, better. In lieu of that, recruit the best players. I like DD, but I like Bennett a lot more. I like Ray, but I like Pitino a lot more. UNC tried it with Matt Doherty, but they like Roy Williams a lot more. We hired a coach who was a great recruiter, but maybe we found out why.

  48. I’m not saying that them not hitting shots it what causes them to play bad, and look even worse….but what I am saying is that if they shoot well, regardless of their lack of intensity and/or effort right now, it will make them hard to beat in the first couple rounds. That being said, at some point, just being hot from the field isn’t going to work. It does take more to win games a lot of the time. It’s also hard to imagine them getting hot from the field since Gordon hasn’t shot it the same since he’s had the wrist thing on.

  49. That being said, at some point, just being hot from the field isn’t going to work. It does take more to win games a lot of the time. It’s also hard to imagine them getting hot from the field since Gordon hasn’t shot it the same since he’s had the wrist thing on.

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