Katz: IU wants to make hire by Thursday, but has not offered job to Bennett

Well, here we go with the back and forth information and misinformation among various media. Andy Katz of ESPN has just reported that the Fox Sports report earlier this morning is wrong.

Katz is reporting that Indiana has not made a job offer to Washington State’s Tony Bennett, as Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports reported. Katz writes that he has spoken with a person with first-hand knowledge of the IU coaching search and with Bennett himself and that no offer has been made.

“I haven’t had one conversation with [Indiana] and so, no, I haven’t been offered the job,” Bennett told Katz.

Katz’s story says IU hopes to announce its new coach by Thursday. To read his entire story, click here.


  1. Suggestion to H-T: cease reporting rumors and get to the story yourselves. I realize that isn’t easy. Otherwise let’s just wait for the official news. As things stand (or continue), all we’re getting is: he-said; no, he-said, no, he-….

  2. If Katz is accurate about IU not being able to afford Miller’s buyout, that will seriously decrease the pool of candidates. Makes Bennett all the more attractive.

  3. High bar, I hear what you’re saying, but I think most readers want to know what’s being reported elsewhere about this coaching search. We’re working on getting the story ourselves, but we’ll also pass along what’s being reported in the national and state media along with whatever fact-checking we can do on those reports.

    When Fox Sports reports that IU has made a job offer, that’s not like a rumor passed among a few people. It’s published and widely read and discussed. We intend to be a part of that discussion by offering the information to our readers and following up with reports of our own.

  4. This is why I’m so sick of all the reports. Until something is factual, it’s all gossip.

    Thank you, HighBar!!!

  5. So is anyone else concerned about the report that we can’t afford Miller’s buyout?

    No Miller? Then definitely no Pearl, Pitino, or Izzo. Or any other coach that has been mentioned lately.

  6. Just listned to WDNE radio, and this GOODMAN character was on it. He “confirmed” that Bennett was offered though he won’t admit it. He also said that he is unlikely to take the Indiana job, because he doesn’t want to be under a microscope. He said he is more likely to take the job at Cal or LSU (where his wife is from). Take what you want from this guy, because who knows who is telling the truth now!

    They gotta get this thing DONE! It’s outta control!

  7. Thank you Doug! I would rather read the news (rumor or not) from you guys. To ignore national posts from ESPN and Fox, etc. would not make sense. I understand the frustration of conflicting reports, but weigh the source and go from there. We are all in the same boat….we won’t know until the horse barks it out.

  8. I would bet that Goodman is not telling the truth given ESPN contacted Bennett and Bennett confirmed he hadn’t even spoken with IU.

    Goodman’s sources are likely two dogs.

    “Did IU offer Bennett the position?”


    “I think you said Yes so I’m gonna run with it”

  9. we can afford any buyout on the market. just like any good universtity we have some alumni who have done awfully well for themslves. if a buyout needs to happen im sure the money will show up somewhere. look at kelvins buyout. thanks again cuban, cook, johnny cougar, or whoever. we will be fine on money

  10. and doug you guys post everything you hear. some of us wanna hear it just for the absurdity of some of it. keep up the good job ill read it all day

  11. Well I wouldn’t take anything Goodman says seriously. This is the guy that when all of the Sampson stuff broke wrote a story one day quoting unnamed sources that IU would fire him in a couple of days and then two days later wrote another story saying how he wasn’t sure what IU was going to do with Sampson and explained that they would buy him out, fire him, or suspend him. I think he just writes stories based on rumors and broad generalizations without any basis of actual knowledge. Monday he’ll write a story about how IU is suiting Pitino for it’s coaching position quoting “unnamed sources”, which will actually be this blog.

  12. ESPN Radio just said that Bennett and Montgomery are the two top choices for both Indiana, and Cal possibly including LSU. Also, they said Cal basically told people that they will have a “bidding war” for Bennett with IU and LSU. More updates to come on ESPN Radio.

    If this serves true, we might lose because think of how much money LSU and Cal have from their football programs. Not a good sign for IU. Montgomery is a pure joke. I have a feeling people will be disappointed in this hire.

  13. how old is montgomery? pretty sure he wouldnt be one to stick around the planet 25-30 years much less iu

  14. Trut me on this one, guys.

    You want Tony as your head coach.

    This guy is going to go down as one of the best coaches in history. Period.

    If you look at what he did at WSU – a school with no basketball tradition to speak of and once every blue moon tourney appearance – you will be very, very impressed.

    I don’t want to lose this guy. I think he can keep WSU in the National spotlight for as long as he stays. He’s that good.

    Bennett at a school like IU would be a knockout combination. Knockout.

    Good for you if you get him. Better for me (and Cougar nation) if you don’t!

    Either way – I’m a Bennett fan.

    He’s that good.

  15. They call those rumor guys talking heads for good reason. It’s what they do for a living, talk, if they don’t talk and write, write anything, factual or not, they don’t get paid. This job goes to Miller or Mark Few. Why Few? Because he’s not in the rumor mill, that’s why. Oh yeah, he would be a perfect fit too.

  16. I hope you are right knightrider. I would not have a problem with Bennett, but I would love to see Mark Few rooming the sidelines at Assembly Hall. If not Few then Miller would be a great 2nd choice. If we lose out there then Bennett would make a great 3rd choice.

  17. I want someone who will stay here for a long time, take great pride in our program, be active in our community, and begin a new tradition of excellence here.

    Now fwiw I don’t think Bruce Pearl is even remotely a good fit here. He seems a little arrogant to me. Pitino would be interesting, but this guy travels more than Gulliver. Don’t see it happening.

    Few won’t leave his log cabin mansion in the mountains, and Miller’s buyout will be too expensive, and not worth it (yet).

    I hope I never hear anyone mention Skiles, Alford, or Whitman again.

    I’m going to sing the same song as many others and hope for Bennett. I don’t think he has anything to fear about being under a microscope, because our program is about as low as it can go right now.

    The only way he can take it is up.

    For now, I am not going to really take anything I hear too seriously. I hate the motormouths who think they are going to be the one who calls it…including the HT. I also am sick of the word “source”. I only want to read when the press conference is, and who is hired. Then I will be ready to root for the team again next year.

  18. I so want Bennett to be the next Hoosier coach. I think it could be one of those perfect fits that lasts for a long time. That type of thing can only happen with a young guy, usually a coach’s son. Coach’s kids have more experience than resumes ever show. His dad was a class act, also. I really think it’s an amazing fit.
    If they hire a 60 year old guy I’m gonna be ill.

  19. I keep hearing name after name, but I haven’t hear Billy Donovan. Let’s face it. He did a remarkable job with Florida in a short time. Billy is not 60 yet.

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