Kellen Lewis suspended indefinitely

We just received news from IU that Hoosier quarterback Kellen Lewis has been suspended indefinitely for an unspecified violation of team rules. We'll follow up as we get more information.

One bit of information we have now from a source close to the program is that Ben Chappell is expected to be IU's No. 1 quarterback as spring football begins. Mitchell Evans, who played safety last year, will move back to quarterback and is expected to the No. 2 QB as spring ball begins. Redshirt freshman Teddy Schell is recovering from an injury, but I don't know what it is yet.

Here's the entire news release from IU:


Indiana quarterback Kellen Lewis has been suspended indefinitely from the football team.

"Kellen has been suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules," head coach Bill Lynch said. "He will not participate as we begin spring practice. Kellen needs time away from the program and we look forward to his return at some point in the future."

The Hoosiers begin spring practice on Tuesday, March 25.


  1. I wonder how long indefinitely is? And I hope this kid has some solid people around him helping him get whatever the problem is straightened out. Hopefully it’s not too serious.

  2. Chris, Doug or anyone else that may know:

    Is Marcus Thigpen also gone from the team as well. In the Associated Press article that is up it says IU must replace James Hardy as well as Tracy Porter and Marcus Thigpen. I have’t heard this. Is this true or is the AP really messed up.

  3. John – It may be possible that he is graduating this May, since he academically he is a senior, I believe. But that is just a guess and I have no facts on him. Nor am I aware of eligibility rules.

  4. John, I was pretty sure that was just a mistake about Thigpen when I read the AP article, but I wanted to wait and confirm that with IU before responding here. I just talked with Jeff Keag, IU’s football media relations contact, and he said it’s definitely a mistake and Thigpen is still on the team and will be next season.

  5. If it was a legal matter (like Iowa has been having) we would have heard about it. Legal stuff just doesn’t stay quiet. Something tells me it’s attitude or work ethic which seems out of character for him, but who knows.

  6. If you sit back, relax, listen to a little Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, you just might know what the issue is, that is if you don’t forget to inhale….LOL

  7. rick greenspan must go…he has lost all control of the athletic department…$20 million more to build facilities and players in major sports being suspened, arrested, and academically ineligible…what a leader, huh?

    McRobbie get control of your university!

  8. “rick greenspan must go…he has lost all control of the athletic department…$20 million more to build facilities and players in major sports being suspened, arrested, and academically ineligible…what a leader, huh?” – fan

    What a ridiculous statement. Last time I checked the University employed academic advisers and tutors for athletes. The coach that the athletes play for are responsible for monitoring their activities, classes, and grades. Ever heard the saying “you can lead a horse to water, but can’t make him drink”? It is the same with these kids, you can give them advisers, private tutors, a private study area, all the advantages that other kids don’t have, but you still can’t force them to do the work.

    As for players getting suspended, that is exactly what should be happening. If they break a team rule, fail a drug test, what have you, the AD should back a coach in suspending that player as the coach sees fit.

    Now on to the arrested part. Are you just plain ignorant of what has went on for decades here and on other college campuses across the country? College kids drink, college kids get arrested for drinking. How many times did Tommy Coverdale get in trouble for drinking? How about Damon Bailey? It is a minor alcohol charge, every program on every campus (except maybe BYU) has the same problems. I am not saying it is right, and those players should face major disciplinary action, but it isn’t like we have current and former players being murdered, or arrested for murder, or weapons charges, being caught and charged with possession of major narcotics and all the other things you hear kids getting in trouble for from SEC teams and that Miami Florida team.

    If Greenspan has any reason to be fired it would be for hiring Sampson, but this is not going to happen. The President of the University and the Trustees have to agree with the recommendation and sign off on the hire. Greenspan isn’t the only one who screwed that part up.

  9. Kellen played intramural basketball this season… I would venture to guess that is why he was suspended.

  10. Kellen lewis doesn’t graduate until 2010. But i don’t know about academically. plus i think he’s only suspended for spring ball. he should be back when regular season opens up

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