McNeely a candidate for LSU AD job

Former IU athletic director Michael McNeely, who lasted just 16 months in Bloomington, is a candidate to become athletic director at LSU, according to the student newspaper there.

McNeely was praised for his ideas at IU, but didn’t get along with others in the university’s administration. This would be quite a job to land after being pushed out at IU.

Craig Angelos, who was one of McNeely’s assistant athletic directors at IU, is another of the candidates at LSU.

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  1. McNeely was a jerk! His ideas sucked and helped put IU sthletics in the financial trouble they now have. He also used contractors working on the press box renovation to do work at his personal home while being paid by IU. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Overall McNeely was a sleeze and that is being nice.

  2. Praised for his ideas?

    Wasn’t he the moron that spend a ton of money to redesign our logo?

  3. McNeely is an excellent candidate for the position. He had a vision for what could be done for IU, everyone was too focused on the small, insignificant things, and couldn’t see the bigger picture. Money spent on his personal home? I think you’re confused. McNeely rented a home… Know your stuff before you cast a stone. I don’t think anyone will know exactly what happened except McNeely and the administration, however, it sure looks like the IU athletics have gone downhill since he left. Good luck at LSU!

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