Minnesota at Indiana, in-game analysis

Eric Gordon fights through the defense.


Come out of a time out and with 20 seconds left on the shot clock, Indiana can do no better than a desperation 3 by Armon Bassett. The Hoosiers need to get that fixed. They’ve been lousy in those situations too often this year.

And Minnesota gets a late foul call to go its way and Westbrook sinks two free throws to make it a one point game.

And then, D.J. White provides a senior night memory. He takes a deep inbounds and hits a 3-pointer from six feet beyond the arc with a hand in his face. That is, I think, his first career 3-pointer. He’s now 1-for-3 this year.


Both offenses have grinded through this stretch, and there’s been a month’s worth of ugly shots between ’em.

Gordon will go to the foul line after this break.


Gordon returns and makes a hustle play, fighting for a rebound and getting the put back. But Minnesota plays like a Tubby Smith team and stays under control. Reserves Damian Johnson and Jonathan Williams contributed baskets and the guards have been, as expected, pesky at both ends of the floor.

INDIANA 15, MINNESoTA 6 (11:51)

Interesting development. One that will please some people who comment on this blog. Eric Gordon is the first player to come off the floor for the Hoosiers, and the team responds by going on an 11-0 run.

White is into the game now. He finishes a fast break with a lay-in to put the score where it is now. He’s got eight points.

Crawford, who replaced Gordon, hit a 3-pointer after finding no other options. He seems to like making that play.


The Hoosiers have come out tight as can be and are shooting 2-for-6. The offense is running through sludge right now and the guys playing their final games here — I include Eric Gordon in that category — are trying to force things a little bit.

By the way, Calbert Cheaney is here. He’s sitting at the scorer’s table down front and was just introduced to the crowd here. Apparently, he’s a popular guy.


The usual starters for Indiana: Armon Bassett, Eric Gordon, Jamarcus Ellis, Lance Stemler, D.J. White.


Things to watch early:

  • Can Minnesota hit their 3-pointers? The Gophers are first in the league in 3-point shooting but were just 3-for-17 against the Hoosiers in their loss at The Barn earlier this year?
  • Will Spencer Tollackson be able to rebound against D.J. White? He couldn’t the first game, and the Hoosiers had a 42-26 rebounding advantage as a result.
  • Have the Hoosiers finally started seeing Dan Dakich as the head coach? Senior Lance Stemler said yesterday that it did take the players some time to start relating to Dakich as the man in charge instead of an assistant whose role it was to support and guide them. But if the team finally does see Dakich as the coach they must play for, they’ll also start the process of understanding how Dakich motivates his teams and pushes them through games like this one.


  1. Is it true that DJ does have 1 more year of eligibility? I feel like he has been around for about 10 years.

  2. Ben,

    If he wanted it, he could apply for another year.

    The fact that he received a framed jersey prior to the game indicates that he does not want it.

  3. HALF: IU 31, MIN 27.
    IU: DJ.White 13 pts, 1-1 3PT; Gordon 6 pts; Ellis 4 pts, 5 reb; Crawford 3 pts; Bassett 3 pts, 3 ast; Stemler 2 pts.
    IU: 12-30 (40%) FG; 3-13 3PT; 4-4 FT; 18 reb; 6 TO; 6 fouls.
    MIN: 8-21 (38%) FG; 4-10 3PT; 7-11 FT; 14 reb; 8 TO; 6 fouls.
    MIN: McKenzie 9 pts; Westbrook 6 pts; Coleman 5 pts, 4 reb; Williams 4 pts; Johnson 3 pts.

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