Minnesota v. Indiana, in-game analysis (2nd half)

Blake Hoffarber makes the grab before making the shot.


In one of the most astounding plays I have ever seen, Blake Hoffarber catches a Hail Mary pass near the free throw line and gets a shot to fall.

This arena is stunned. Except for the 100 people wearing gold.


White misses. But then he’s fouled going for the rebound. With 1.5 on the clock, he misses one free throw.

He sinks the second.


Gordon drives and is fouled. But he misses his first free throw.

On the second, he gets the ball to pop up and hop around the rim. In comes D.J. White to finish. And draw a foul.


White makes a crucial block on Coleman and Ellis is there to grab the ball. Dakich is in the middle of the huddle now.


Gordon misses the second free throw and McKenzie somehow gets to the ball without stepping out (he was right in front of me and it was too close for me really to tell). The Gophers have 15 seconds on the shot clock coming out of this time out.


The Gophers can’t get off a good shot. Gordon, as he does in these situations, brings the ball up court. He sees a seam and attacks it, drawing a foul but not finishing.

The officials are reviewing the play because about four seconds ran off after the whistle. Gordon will shoot and then ….. what do you do in this situation?


Crawford with one of his silky drives to the net. He finishes with good touch around the rim.

Wondering how good Dakich is in late-game situations? You’re about to find out.


Some bounces are going Minnesota’s way, but Coleman and Johnson are playing really well.

Johnson ripped the ball from White’s hand to get a bucket and Coleman followed Westbrook’s drive to get another.


Another broken play helps the Gophers pull ahead by five. Freshman guard Al Nolen tried to force a pass through Ellis, but the deflected back to him and as Indiana’s defense scrambled into position McKenzie got open in the corner and hit a 3.


Johnson comes back and immediately makes an impact with a jump shot, a put back and two free throws.

But Bassett hits two free throws and Gordon gets on the board with a layin from the baseline.

Johnson is everywhere, though. He works on Kyle Taber to get a shot that pops out. Then he dives after the loose ball and not only grabs it but feeds Coleman with a clean look at the basket.


D.J. White is playing like a guy who wants to be able to say he won a Big Ten title while he played for the Hoosiers.

He’s got 13 points this half and 20 on the game. He’s also got 10 rebounds and a couple of blocks.

There’s trouble, though. Thomas, whose size and craftiness have opened things up in the paint for White, just fouled out while driving to the rim. The stats might now show it, but he just played one of his best games of the year.

Gordon has yet to score this half and the Gophers have only committed six fouls.

For Minnesota, both Coleman and Johnson have four fouls.

MINNESOTA 38, INDIANA 36 (11:48)

Ellis picks up his third foul as he smacks that ball away from Williams.

You’re witnessing tournament defense from both teams. Indiana interim coach Dan Dakich said earlier this week that he thinks his team is playing its best defense of the year. That seems to be the case here, as Minnesota didn’t score a bucket until 14:27, and the other basket came on a bit of a broken play.

MINNESOTA 34, INDIANA 32 (15:51)

Here come the Hoosiers.

DeAndre Thomas, of all people, steals the ball from McKenzie on the perimeter and D.J. White goes to the line after a scrum on the ensuing break. His two free throws cut Minnesota’s lead to two.

But the Hoosiers can’t hit shots — Crawford had an open look created by a Thomas kick out, and Bassett worked for a layin but missed and Gordon had a 3 bounce out of the rim — and the Gophers keep traveling and turning the ball over. They haven’t scored this half.
But White will shoot free throws after this break.


  1. we are up 2 but Jarmarcus just fouled out and Dre has 4 after being the spark that helped DJ take control with his 20points and 12+ rebs.

  2. This game is just a warm up for our thrashing of the Illini tomorrow night 🙂 Weber is such the whiny coach that really bothers me at times

  3. And another 3 miss by EJ….get it down to DJ…we can’t loose another game due to missed EJ 3’s.

  4. We will see after this TO if DD sets up a good play or not….but still the guys have to hit their shots!

  5. Hooray for DJ, still my favorite guy in all of NCAA basketball this year.

    If I may, I’d like to take this moment to thank my cable company (Pegasus Cable) and the Big Ten Network for preventing me from watching this game on TV. It’s so great, not being able to watch games with the team from my town (and sometimes, even taking place in my town!). Right now, there are Big East and ACC games on my TV, but no Big 10.

  6. What? We lost while I was making that comment? Noooooooooooooooooooooo

    At least we lost to a great last-second play, I suppose.

    Thanks for keeping me in the game, H-T. I’d have no idea what was going on, if it weren’t for you.

  7. Dear god, I have never in my life hated an IU team more then this one.

    We need to COMPLETELY clear house and start the program over.

    I could care less if any of these players transfer. It will be better for the program in the long run.

  8. FINAL: MIN 59, IU 58.
    IU: DJ.White 23 pts, 13 reb, 4 blk, 11-17 FT; Gordon 16 pts; Crawford 9 pts, 6 reb; Bassett 6 pts, 5 reb, 3 ast, 3 stl; Thomas 2 pts, 3 reb, 2 stl, FO; Taber 2 pts.
    IU: 16-50 (32%) FG; 1-14 (7%) 3PT; 25-37 (68%) FT; 36 reb; 7 TO, 8 (17) fouls.
    MIN: 19-57 (33%) FG; 7-20 (32%) 3PT; 15-16 (94%) FT; 42 reb; 13 TO, 12 (23) fouls.
    MIN: Johnson 17 pts, 6 reb, FO; McKenzie 15 pts; Westbrook 7 pts; Coleman 6 pts; Hoffarber 5 pts; Williams 3 pts, FO; Abu-Shamala 2 pts; Busch 2 pts; Nolen 2 pts.

  9. Oh, and season tickets shouldn’t be hard to come by next year.

    Throw that in with Kellen Lewis’s disaster, and our athletic program should be right where they belong next year.

  10. I don’t hate them. I agree that Dakich is WAY over his head.
    What coach doesn’t tell the players to stop shooting 3s when
    they aren’t hitting any?
    You don’t win shooting 20 percent and probably just as badly
    with free throws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let’s stop the bleeding and start anew next Fall.

  11. Tough loss to take no doubt, but I thought Jamarcus and Deandre especially looked much better tonight. Once we gave up on the three pointer after the first ten minutes, and attacked the basket we were much better…there was even a few fast breaks. Minny played hard too, give them their due, but they had a few lucky bounces in the last 3 minutes with the biggest coming last…..

    Let’s hope we learned tonight to play 40 minutes next week together.

  12. Get Greenspan out of Bloomington. McCallum should have been our interm coach. Bill Lynch should not be the HEAD coach of our football team. Sampson was obviously a terrible hire (hindsight is 2020). The student athletes aren’t passing classes, getting caught with drugs. Clean House, Indiana. Clean House.

  13. Dakich SUCKS as a head coach. McCallum should have been our interm coach. Dakich’s comment after the game was priceless.
    “this is awful, awful for me, for the IU fans and the players.
    Anyone catch who it was awful for first? Hmm!

  14. anyone notice #13 for minnesota just run in and push DJ out of the way while the ball is in mid-air…not surprised though, this is literally been the worst refing season every, across the whole ncaa

  15. Eric Gordon needs to stop shooting, we need to get DJ involved in the game from the start..he could’ve scored 40 last night…I mean it doesn’t take a genius to watch and see this is our problem…well that and we can’t play man to man D against even the shitty teams in the big ten. We deserved to lose on a shot like that because it should’ve never come down to that point. We had a cakewalk to the title game and completely blew it. Hope somehow they can pull off at least one win in the NCAA Tourney or this will have quickly gone from our most successful season since 93 to being the worst debacle in our history!

  16. I’ve never posted on this site before, but I am so disappointed with our team lately. Our shooting has bailed us out of so many games, but like last night, when the 3’s aren’t falling, you see how bad we are. No one moves in our offense. DJ White MUST get the ball more. IU is dying a horrible death right now.

  17. I don’t think this is completely Dakich’s fault. IU has played this way the entire Big Ten season with the exception of the Mich St & Purdue games when they were trying to save Sampson’s job. IMHO IU would be in the same situation even if the Sampson thing had never happened.

  18. Don’t want to brag, but… on my February 8th post I stated…

    “Hopefully there is a game three between the two teams (referring to the Illini) in the Big 10 tourney… That is if IU gets past their first game.”

    Better luck next year. Let’s see what the Loosiers as a 10th seed (if you have a better record than the Cats!

  19. NCAA Sanction…if you are an Illini fan..first I am sorry that you guys have no class…second you shouldn’t be on too proud of your under .500 season…no way that you guys win today

  20. A number 8 seed?? North Carolina in the second game if they get past Arkansas.

    I just want to get this season behind us, get a new coach ASAP, try to keep the recruits intact and re-group.

    If someone would have told me a couple of months ago we would be an 8 I would have thought they were crazy. This season has been such a letdown.

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