Minnesota v. Indiana, in-game analysis

DeAndre Thomas and D.J. White, during happy times.


AT the very least, Indiana is awake now. It’s almost like they need a little kick of adversity to really get into the game.


The Hoosiers put together a run with a couple of offensive put back by Crawford and Gordon. D.J. White is owning the inside on defense, too, as Minnesota is without Coleman and Johnson because of foul trouble.

DeAndre Thomas gets a big applause as he comes off the court after a few inspired minutes. His spin move and miss became an alley oop for Crawford during that run.

Kyle Taber’s fouled while grabbing a defensive rebound and his two free throws bring Indiana within four.

The Gophers finally get a decent possession, as McKenzie is able to squirt free underneath and hit a difficult shot from underneath.

Then, Indiana turns it over.


Uggh. Three field goals in 12 minutes. And now Indiana can’t even shoot free throws. The Hoosiers are 4-for-8 from the line.


Bassett comes out of the timeout and hits a 3 from the corner.

Indiana’s losing this game because it is being out-rebounded 13-5 and is shooting 18 percent from the field.


The Hoosiers’ shooting has been abysmal thus far. Stemler and Bassett have both missed the rim completely.

Meanwhile, they continue to drop their coverage at inopportune times. Twice Lawrence McKenzie has been able to get open for 3. He’s hit both of them.

Now Jamal Abu-Shamala slips into the corner when Armon Bassett’s takes a fall and Indiana’s defense scatters. His 3 prompts an IU timeout.


Interesting matchups here, as Indiana needs to find somebody to contain Dan Coleman. Already Kyle Taber, D.J. White and Jamarcus Ellis have had their shots at him, but he’s feeling active tonight. Already has 3 rebounds.

Gordon and White are carrying the Hoosiers early, with Gordon finding White for a basket and a foul. You can tell they’re looking for each other. Gordon’s also gotten to the line for two free throws.

More coverage problems for Indiana, as Damien Johnson gets free for a dunk.

And Gordon’s called for a foul as Westbrook gets out on the break. He disagrees, as he usually does.

But Crawford is fouled and will shoot after this break.


Eric Gordon’s wrap has shrunk, as he said it would. It no longer extends to his left hand. It only covers the wrist.


Starting for Indiana tonight: Armon Bassett, Eric Gordon, Jamarcus Ellis (come off a one-game suspension), Kyle Taber (making his first start since Dakich took over, if my memory is correct) and D.J. White.


  1. EJ picks up 2 fouls, 2 free throws, 2 missed shots and 2 points. Maybe he needs to go back to the big wrap that he is used to.

    IU is so cold at 1 for 7. Stemmie air ball, Armon misses, geez guys wake up and hit some shots and turn it up a notch!

  2. OMG! we are down 14, 1 for 10 and no buckets for the last 6 minutes. Seems we know now what time showed up tonight. Who is gonna be the spark?

  3. LOL..I don’t think so as we are a 2nd half team and while I was hoping we would come out strong, it seems we are as cold as ice. Time to get the ball down low to DJ and let the MVP take control.

  4. Maybe we need a tornado to hit Conseco like what happened at the Georgia dome ripping 2 holes in the building.

  5. Indiana might be the least fun team to watch in the country.

    I would rather watch paint dry.

    So everybody how Notre Dame and Butler looking.

    The big 10 is a joke.

  6. He is no KS or RMK that’s for sure and he is like a step dad stepping into a close knit family implementing his own style. I liked him better when his job was to hold up those flashcards, but it’s up to the team to play not the coach. Gotta love the 14-4 run they got going on right now. Go IU!

  7. Hmm. Indiana’s cut it to four with four minutes to go.

    Such doom and gloom on this board! What’s the matter with you all?

  8. regarding those flash cards – how is it possible we have so many and our offense always looks stagnant?

  9. Good question Ryan, but it’s all about effort so let’s see what happens at the start of the 2nd half. Minnesota is in foul trouble and without their center Tollackson, so I think Tubby time is about over.

    I wanna see some fire in their eyes and some emotion like we had during the regular season. I sure miss the passion of Sampson that’s for sure! DD just doesn’t have it does he?

  10. What else did any of you expect? We have a bunch of guys who have not played well together all season!

    I wish we would put a team together like Wisconsin or Purdue. A bunch of midwestern kids who have a high basketball IQ. Our team is full of a bunch of morons/crybabies (besides DJ White) who play like this is the East Coast.

  11. I just don’t understand why we don’t throw down low to DJ. No Tollackson and Coleman’s on the bench much of the 1st half and we still don’t exploit that weakness. Maybe DD lost that play’s flashcard? 😉

  12. yeah mark, im puzzled as to why the ball doesn’t go through DJ a majority of the time. its hard for me to comment since i cant see the game since i dont have BTN. but when the ball goes around the perimeter of course we’re gonna have a hard time hitting from out there. the defenders dont have to move.

  13. and dont worry scott. ebanks will see enough of dakich tonight to run away from IU and there will be one less east coaster for you to worry about.

    you’re an idiot scott.

  14. From what I have heard from some of the AAU coaches around here, it would be good if Ebanks runs away from IU. He is a similar player to what I stated above.

    That is not IU Basketball. And it will never win.

  15. so what is IU basketball? that old style that Knight still teaches? that brand that hasn’t been relevant in 15 years, just like Knight?

  16. im hearing DJ’s name more so far this half. and fisch is getting fired up at an official. this is what i miss hearing.

  17. I think we are fine…we obviously have to play better in the 2nd half…but we will. DJ White is way too proud of a senior for us to lose this game…he will take over if he just let him and Gordon stops forcing stupid stuff

  18. Exactly Ryan…me too! Seems DD did some coachin at half and the Big Dre and DJ are bouncin around this little Gophers. If we start hitting our 3’s on the inside out, we will be fine.

  19. EJ misses the 3 and we are now 1 for 12 from behind the arc. Good thing we got garbage man Dre to clean up!

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