Moving right along . . . . to Sean Miller

Boy, I hope the committee is as quick as we are on this stuff.

(Just kidding, Rick.)

So…you remember the whole bit about the third-party contact method? The usage of intermediaries to get messages from school to perspective coach?

Well, Xavier’s Sean Miller has been informed, according to a source, through the back channels that Indiana will find a way to pay the $2 million buyout in his contract if he’s interested in becoming Kelvin Sampson’s replacement.

But, as of this afternoon, Miller had not officialy been approached by anyone from IU.

Which makes sense, since Tony Bennett apparently only just recently gave the answer the committee didn’t want to hear.

Publicly, Miller has already stated that he wants to stay at Xavier, where’s he’s been the coach since Thad Matta left for Ohio State.

““I will be at Xavier,” Miller said after his team lost to UCLA Saturday. “I’m looking forward to coaching at Xavier and continuing on with what we’ve done for years behind me and what we’ve done this year.”

More on this story as we get it.


  1. If Miller declines as well and Indiana goes to its third choice, is there any doubt that the status of Indiana as a premier job in the college basketball pantheon has been severely damaged?

  2. Miller has told the XU AD he will be staying put. Brad Brownell is going to be the next IU coach.

  3. If Miller doesn’t take the job….we are in trouble unless we go after a Barnes or Pitrino…..Brownell is equal to Dakich!! Why are we accepting mediocrity? As well as Montegomery…he is way too old and hasn’t proven anything!!

  4. From Doug’s post earlier this afternoon:

    “My thought is that one of the biggest problems the IU athletic department faces is a lack of stability. Within the past decade, IU has had four athletic directors (and now Greenspan’s in hot water with many fans), four head football coaches and soon will have its fourth head basketball coach. I can’t think of any other major college athletic program with that much turnover in its most important positions.”

    THAT explains why some top-tier coaches may be afraid of coming to IU. Really can’t blame them either. Rick G. may soon be gone as well. Plus, who knows what the NCAA sanctions will be?

  5. bshep: Right Montgomery didn’t prove anything in taking Stanford to the final four and dominating the Pac 10. Nothing at all. What a ridiculous comment.

  6. Mike Davis took us to the final game…… we need Davis back!! PK, that was a ridiculous comment, now, think about the future not what a 61 year old did 10 years ago……

  7. It just ain’t an old man’s game anymore (if it ever was). We need youth, energy and a long-term future — stability — just what Bobby K gave us so many years ago when he was a young, relatively unknown up-and-comer.

  8. Why is no one talking about Jamie Dixon or Tom Crean? Miller would be a great hire but he seems pretty adamant about staying at Xavier, as ludicrous as that may seem. Forget Kruger and Montgomery go for Dixon or Crean. If they can compete in the Beast (Big East), the Big Ten should be a cake walk.

  9. I like how bshep thinks we just go get Barnes or Pitino if Miller turns us down. Maybe after a few more rejections he’ll realize we can’t just pick whoever we want to coach.

  10. This is Sampson fallout. Why else would Bennett pass up on this offer? I hope there is some way we can get Miller, regardless of cost.

  11. Any chance the Hoosiers could get Thad Matta? Football is king in Columbus and Matta’s basketball program will always be a distant second. Could we get him?

  12. rags, that is not true. Here is the quote from her when she resigned:

    “This is a decision of mine. I made this decision and it wasn’t anything else but that. I want to make sure people know that for me, Rick Greenspan taking this job was a godsend. My relationship with him was great and he supported me a great deal. I think he is going to do great things here. The short amount of time here with him has been wonderful.”

  13. Apparently the reports of Bennett being reluctant because of the pressure at IU and being in a fishbowl were true. Probably a good thing then. We absolutely have to have someone who is made of steel when pitted against the criticisms and analysis that come with being the most scrutinized employee in Indiana. Not many can or are willing to face that type of challenge. Kind of makes you realize that RMK created and probably only one that can handle the expectations. Not that I think we should bow down and ask him back or anything.

  14. News flash guys…IU is NOT an elite job anymore. Your last championship was 21 YEARS ago. Get over yourselves…Barnes? Pitino? LMAO.

  15. RGS, the prospects of landing a Thad Matta look extremely unlikely after a 38-year-old at Washington State with two years head coaching experience says he’s not interested. Bennett is a hot young coach (that is not a comment on his appearance), but he’s no Thad Matta – and Washington State is no Ohio State – on the coaching hierarchy.

  16. You know, I keep hearing that Calipari wants to come here, but Greenspan won’t even talk with him. If both parts of that statement are true, what’s up with that??

  17. Assuming IU wants to hire a coach with a squeaky clean reputation after Sampson, Calipari is not that coach.

    Also, I’ve heard that the asking price for a coach on the level of a Pitino or a Calipari to come to Bloomington could be as high as $4 million annually, which I believe might be close to double what IU is willing and able to pay.

    Here’s some info from on Pitino’s current contract, which runs through 2013: The deal will pay him $2.25 million per season, and will pay him $2.5 million a year if he stays until the end of the contract. The contract also gave him a loyalty bonus of $1.75 million last July. He’ll receive loyalty bonuses of $3.6 million in 2010 and 2013 if he remains with Louisville.

  18. Again I say, Coach Mike Montgomery is the obvious best choice here. Over 540 wins, 70% winning percentage at a high academic school (Stanford), sterling reputation as having high moral standards and academic integrity, won numerous Pac 10 titles, several 30 win seasons, former National Coach of the Year, NBA experience, fun and pleasing style of play, highly regarded among USA basketball…lots of positives here you guys.

    I don’t consider his age an issue. If John McCain can possibly be president at age 72, then Mike Montgomery can be IU coach at age 60. We will need a talented, experienced, well regarded coach, and Montgomery is the guy. He is so highly thought of, it is somewhat likely that the NCAA infractions committee may indeed look at his hiring as proof IU is serious about cleaning up its program.

    Ex IU hero Keith Smart would likely come along as an assistant and potential “heir apparent” as well, although that isn’t guaranteed.

    Lets also not underestimate the money problem here. Not being under contract to anyone, Montgomery would require no buyout, saving IU potentially millions of dollars.

    Montgomery’s style of play and easy going personality would play well with most IU fans, and his ability to recruit to that style would be enhanced by his NBA “street cred.” He would be able to recruit the western US (where he is well known) and by his sterling credentials would get instant credibility from the entire state.

    I believed then (and wrote the committee then) that he should have been the hire last time. It’s time to hire the single best coach available, and that is Coach Montgomery.

    He wins, wins with class, dignity, style, and he wins the right way. No one gives Montgomery enough credit for winning as much as he did at Stanford, which is an extremely difficult place to coach and win at. It is equivalant to Northwestern in the Big 10, and Coach Montgomery was winning Pac 10 titles and going to the Final Four once. Just imagine what he could do at a basketball mecca like IU!

  19. Why would Tony Bennett want to come to IU the place that reports on itself for things that should be handled in house and IU does not stand behind the coaches they hire. He only had to look at former WSU football coach Mike Price that left WSU campus in BFE eastern Washington to become the Alabama coach. As you know Price never coached a game for Bama when they refused to stand behind him in hard times. If I was Bennett I would hide out in BFE and not take the challenge unless IU had the balls to stand behind it’s coaches.

  20. We need to go after Bruce Pearl, he has Indiana ties and has the personality and energy we need. Yeah he lost again in the sweet sixteen with UT but right now he is in third place behind UT football and womens basketball. He has coached in Indiana before and would be great at keeping in state recruits here. He did have a run in with the NCAA a long time ago but he has proven himself since then.

  21. Bennett is no fool. He is building his legacy in a place where he is in control. Why come to a place which is sinking in quicksand and calling for a rope? 4 Ad’s, presidents, men’s AND women’s basketball coaches in eight years?? Sounds like major problems exist within the cute little town. Bailing recruits and looming sanctions might draw a has been coach looking for a second chance for a school who pissed away a quality coach and covered it up by spinning the athletic departments shortcomings on said coach with a prior for a misdemeanor. Open your eyes and don’t believe everyting you are told to believe or you are a fool. And you might be the next coach. At least you will be paid $750,000 to leave.

  22. Mike Montgomery would be a huge mistake. We need a long term fix. He is not the answer. I am VERY concerned that Rick Greenspan is leading the hunt for a new coach because he has proven to be nothing but a failure. As an alum I am shocked he still has a job.

  23. Kelvin Sampson I mean CrystalClear you need to wake up. Kelvin Sampson pissed his oppurtunity away and the university tried to cover its own a**. I am not approving what the university has done with its decisions in the past 10 years but Kelvin Sampson dug his own grave.

  24. Funny stuff Kevin.

    First of all, I believe he’s 61, not 60.

    Second, he has NO Indiana or Midwest connections.

    Third, I understand he’a an arrogant prick.

    He’d be a disaster.

  25. IU just needs to pony up the cash so that the program can be restored to the RMK days. No quality coach is going to come to Btown for a fifty percent cut in pay. If we are going to hire a mid major coach, we should just stay in state and and hire Brad Stevens from Butler.

  26. Butler’s offense is far more exciting than the pounding the ball into the floor style offense that IU runs now.

  27. Malicah, there are many things that happen in all professions of life which are made public in a way to persuade public opinion. People actually are paid large sums of money to “spin” stories. Unless you know all the facts, which would be impossible, you should take what you read and hear with a grain of salt and not make an opinion on a subject until then. What I was implying was there is more to a story and Greenspan has some explaining to do. Internal control failed. Think about it.

  28. I am starting to believe we will end up with Brownell. That would be very disappointing for me after all of this “home run ” hire talk. I guess it shows how far the program has fallen if we have to hire a guy like that. Pretty sad.

  29. Crystalclear obvisouly internal control failed when we hired Kelvin Sampson. Say what you want with the behind the scene antics but Sampson violated the same rules a second time, he flirted with disaster and was shown the door. I agree that Greenspan has some explaining to do because he has done nothing but add to the most tumultous 10 years of IU athletics. And as a former IU athlete I have a good idea of what goes on behind the scences and impermissable phone calls is not grounds for termination so maybe you need to “Think about it!”

  30. you wrote “impermissable phone calls is not grounds for termination”.

    What do you suggest?

    At least we agree about Greenspan. He gave me bad vibes the first time I saw him in public (at a football game)

  31. They just need to face the fact that this mess is not gonna be fixed by offering someone 2 million bucks. If they want to get the coach we’re expecting they are going to have to pay out the a** to get someone to come in to this situation. Pitino’s getting what, 3.5? That’s probably the starting point.

  32. Every time a candidate turns IU down, it will get tougher to attract a great coach because they will not want to be seen as a second, third or fourth choice. EGO!!!

  33. In a million years I didn’t think Bennet would turn down the job. But I am surprised that everyone assumes Bennet not taking the job has to do with IU when I think its more likely about something else. Maybe Bennet has an ego and overestimates his own rising star and is waiting on a different position to open up, potentially a program in warm weather. Maybe he wants to go somewhere that he can be bigger than the program. He wants to believe there is more glory in being the next Billy Donovan or Rick Barnes rather than taking over a high expectation job, where going into next year he only has (on paper) the 4th best team in the state behind Purdue, Notre Dame, and Butler, and has un uphill climb, potentially without recruiting tools that the ncaa can take away this summer.

    People are worried that if a 38yr old with 2 years of head coaching experience turns us down, it means we aren’t a top tier program, and aren’t gonna get a coach from our short list. Well I think the fact that hes young worked against us. He is in no rush to take the first Big job or the second one either. He has the luxury right now of being at a place where he can contiually beat expectations and enjoy his name being thrown around every time a big job opens up.

    That being said, I don’t think Montgomery or Kruger are the answer. A Montgomery hiring, in my opinion would be similar to when we hired Sampson. It is hiring a minority guy without a sexy name from a middle tier program in a big conference who has been around long enough to put together a few deep tournament runs to pad a relatively stagnant resume. Yea, montgomery wouldn’t come in with ncaa violations on his record, but he is not going to excite the student base, the alumni base, or the media.

    I think hiring montgomery would ultimately mean we feel more comfortable at this point bringing in a stop gap to stop the bleeding and restore some credibility in the short term so that 5 years from now we can hire the up-and-comer that we can’t get this year. I think it is a safer pick than say Scott Drew, who has never won a tournament game. If we did go in the Drew direction, there is a chance that 5 years from now we are stuck with a young coach we took a chance on rather than being able to ask montgomery to quietly step away and say its about retirement.

    One name that hasn’t been thrown out there is Brad Stevens. I know he has ties to Purdue. But Painter isn’t vacating that job any time soon. I know he only has one year of head coaching experience and the team he is coaching this year was recruited with Todd Licklighter at the helm. But stop and think about the upside for a second. He is young. He has roots in this state and by now would be familiar with the high school prospects. He plays a style of ball that would appeal to both alumni and potential recruits. He can’t possibly have a blemish on his ncaa compliance record. And on top of all that, it would add another dimension to the IU Purdue rivalry.

  34. Goodness… this is what happens when you have a committee making a decision rather than the AD. Doug is right… we have had 3 coaches in FB in 5 yrs and since 2001, we are now on our fourth BB coach, not to mention the AD revolving door. Heck look at the U of I… Gunther just got another extension to 2010…. he has been at the U of I since the mid eighties I think….. stability is what we need, not this nonsense

  35. Hey Hoosier fans….I think…relax a bit….Greenspan should be fired, we had no choice to but to fire Sampson b/c, yes, he made too many phone calls, which I do think is silly, but he dug his own grave and surely we are all over that?! Anyhow, we need to get a good coach in here and apparently every single person that has some money to spend on Peegs says we should hire Brownell…..I don’t get it? If we are going to settle for Brownell then why don’t we settle for Dakich or Alford? So, let’s get together and somehow find a coach for our “less than par” program”……I was on JMV the other day and was talking about this vary topic…
    “Whether IU is an elite program?”
    Well, we are….and if a guy can’t handle the pressure and doesn’t want to coach here b/c he likes to stay where he is at then we need to look at some big time coaches!! Go Hoosiers..

  36. OH NO, Tony Bennett said no! Guess we have nothing left to live for. Might as well head out to Lake Monroe, go out to the middle of the lake, tie a cinder block to our ankles and jump.
    Seriously people, get a grip and stop being such pessimists. IU is bigger than any coach, AD, or committee. Yes, leadership has been suspect but it can’t get any worse than it already has…..can it?
    No matter who the coach chosen is, we need to be supportive and keep rooting for the Hoosiers. Anyone looking to fill the role should at least know that the seats will be full and the spirit of Hoosier nation will overcome all.

  37. I’ve already made my favorite choice very clear, but for the record, let me say that no matter who Indiana hires, as a long time loyal die hard Hoosier fan, I will support them as deeply and passionately as I always have, and I hope all of you will too.

    I know Montgomery’s age must be bothering those of you who don’t prefer him. Otherwise, his credentials stand out above the crowd. Since I want him in spite of his age, I thought I might research the ages of some other prominent college coaches, just for fun:

    1. Tom Izzo, Michigan State, 53 years old.
    2. Rick Pitino, Louisville, 55 years old.
    3. Roy Williams, North Carolina, 57 years old.
    4. Bob McKillop, Davidson, 57 years old.
    5. Ben Howland, UCLA, 50 years old.
    6. Rick Majerus, St.Louis, 60 years old.
    7. John Beilein, Michigan, 55 years old.
    8. Mike Krzyzewski, Duke, 61 years old.
    9. Lute Olsen, Arizona, 73 years old.
    10.Bob Knight, retired, 67 years old.
    11. John Calipari, Memphis, 49 years old.
    12. Bill Self, Kansas, 47 years old.
    13. Rick Barnes, Texas, 53 years old.

    Mike Montgomery just turned 61 on February 27th, which makes him the same age as Coach K. Would anyone on this board not hire Coach Krzyzewski because of his age?

  38. Why don’t we offer the job to Steve Lavin. He coached a big time program, is aware of recruits, and understands the x’s and o’s of the game. Plus, he is young enough to be here long term and reastablish IU as the national power it should be.

  39. Why not Scott Skiles? He has the perfect -college basketball- coaching style. He couldn’t maximize that style in the NBA but I feel he would do wonderful in a college setting.

  40. Just give the job to Brownell and lets stop the shopping, maintain the recruits, and focus on winning. He is an Indiana guy who understands the traditions and knows what is at stake.

  41. I don’t see much mention of Scott Drew of Baylor here. He’s been outstanding in turning that mess around down there. He’d be a natural.

  42. Everyone is scared of next seasons record. We don’t play games on paper people. Sampson wasn’t the great x’s and o’s coach we want to believe he is. Lets face it we lost big games cause the kids weren’t ready to play competition in regular season cause preseason was a cupcake schedule. We got ranked based on talent. We still have talent and with a strong coach we will still compete. Remember Sampson was beat by Mike Davis and most IU fans don’t believe he coached the games.

  43. I.U. Basketball used to have a religious vibe or connotation. What is needed is a complete clearing out of the administration at I.U.. Larry Bird was at I.U. for a few weeks back in the 70’s. That’s all it took for him to pack his bags and head out to 46 west with his thumb in the air. Likewise Knight always was fighting with those administrative skunks. It is way past time to end DECISION BY COMMITTEE rule. President Kennedy was right: “a camel is a horse put together by a committee.” I never thought that the day would come when I would suggest that I.U. basketball do what the soviet union did after Brezhnev: choose a bunch of old men to rule till someone able came along. It is time for I.U. to hunt for “Andropov”. The rise and fall of I.U. Basketball.

  44. Most of those “older” coaches have been at there schools for awhile, or at least a couple of years, and built them. Your asking one of them at there age now and rebuild us. Possibly a suspension year and other recruiting sanctions by the time they might have something together they will be ready to retire but will end up staying to long past their time and drag us through this again. Hiring Montgomery or Pitino is just making sure we don’t win a championship in the next 10-15 years. Pitino gets teh recruits he wants in Louisville. He hasn’t won a championship there yet but has a hell of a class coming in next year why would he want to start over?

  45. What’s so bad about Brownell? Look at Ohio State when they hired Tressell to coach their football team. A small school coach that has now taken the Buckeyes to 3 championship games. Don’t count out the little guys.

  46. everyone notice how the big names have stopped coming up since bennett said no. Or as most suspect decided he didnt want the microscope hovering above his every move. we can still get a TOP coach i think bennett is just waiting for bo ryan to retire. anyone give me odds on the fact that job will be gift wrapped for him?

  47. The Indiana job was simply tarnished by the administration not standing behind its coach. It was just phone calls people. End of story.

  48. Why no Mark Few talk? When I was on campus during the Davis firing and Sampson hiring process, it seemed like his name was brought up alot. But I haven’t heard him mentioned at all this time around. Has he said he isn’t interested or something? The guy is a good recruiter and ridiculous coach. I think Gonzaga has won like 8 or 9 straight division titles.

  49. Lavin came to speak at IU this year. Someone asked him if he would be interested in the IU job, he laughed and said No it’s not for me.

  50. Was curious if Sampson was still there when he said that? I did a little research and other than his last year at UCLA he’s got an impressive list of achievements.

  51. Actually no he wasn’t still here. He spoke the Monday before the Ohio State game. I believe that was 3 days after he got fired.

  52. Steve O – How many times does it have to be said that Mark Few already turned down the IU job once, and has said he is a west coast boy, and wants to remain on the west coast. He is not interested in any midwest school.

  53. the announcement of our search committee before the tournament is probably not going to work in our favor. college bball analyst were obviously put off by this move. i’m not saying someone wouldn’t come here because of this, but it doesn’t make you warm and fuzzy when you think of our program right now.

  54. Not enough gel in Bloomington for Lavin. If your picking sportscasters, I would opt for Jay Bilas as head coach and Erin Andrews as recruiter. Problem solved.

  55. IU athletics is broke. I don’t think they have enough money to hire J.R. Holmes away fron Bloomington South.

  56. You guys didn’t seriously say Steve Lavin did you?
    Yeah right he was so wonderful at UCLA.

    Bruce Pearl was on the Dan Patrick show this morning and admitted that IU sent feelers out to him about the job. He also admitted that at one time that would have been his dream job, but he has no intention of leaving Tennessee. So scratch Pearl off of your list everyone.

  57. JR holmes is about as bad a pick as Lynch was for football. we might as well give up on bball as well, and go for a cheap solution that gets us nowhere

  58. i think you need to give DD a chance. he brought defense to a team that didn’t want to play defense after KS. DD will be able to snatch up some locals and start winning RMK style

  59. I listened to Bruce Pearl’s interview this morning and IU had put out a feeler to see if he was interested. I would say this was a similar situation with T Bennett but for some reason from the time he said he was interested until the time he spoke with Greenspan, things changed. I atleast take comfort in the fact that the confirmed coaches IU has shown interest in are both great coaches.

  60. Just because Pearl says he has no intention of leaving UT doesn’t mean he won’t. Perhaps it is just a negotiating ploy to get more money from IU.

    I still wonder how he would look in the Crimson blazer? A lot better than that hunting orange one that’s for sure! 😉

    Any other IU Alum’s still a possibility? Other than Dakich of course! Alford just signed an extension too. Hmmmm.

    Remember Dakich’s postgame comments about why he should be the next coach?

  61. You can listen to his interview on and make up your own mind, but he had me very convinced he isn’t leaving. Bruce Pearl that is.

  62. Exactly, BA.

    All you need to do is read all the comments on THIS blog to understand that NO coach on the preferred “A” list is going to come into Bloomington right now. The best we can hope for is a young coach from the Horizon, MAC, or Missouri Valley right now. Especially with the NCAA decision looming later this summer.

    Not that that’s all bad – by the time the sanctions are over, the young coach will end up being a steal and a pretty good choice after all.

  63. Some please go hire Brownell and get this mess over with today. If this doesn’t end I be forced to like UL living this far south in IN.

  64. Okay, so far it looks like the following are the best prospects (not in any particular order):

    Jamie Dixon, Pitt
    Sean Miller, Xavier
    Tim Cream, Marquette
    Rick Pitino, Louisville
    Bruce Pearl, Tennesse
    Keven Stallings, Vanderbuilt
    Mike Montgomery, Stanford (when coaching college)

    Anyone else????

  65. How about Mike Woodson!! I think that we need someone who loves and really understands I.U. basketball (like DD but with some enthusiasm to lead and inspire his players)I think that he would be a great recruiter with all of his NBA years behind him & he’s and “Indiana Boy” Might be worth checking to see if he is happy coaching in Atlanta. (Never hurts to ask) If not him someone who would be willing to work hard to bring back this program to the greatness we all want and desire. Let’s face it we are in for a long hard struggle if we don’t find the right someone who wants I.U. back on top we may never get it back. God knows we suffer enough with football, please lets not have to suffer to long with basketball. What would you think of DD as the next AD? God knows he loves I.U.

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