NCAA ticket info from IU

WE JUST RECEIVED THIS NEWS RELEASE FROM IU: The Indiana University men’s basketball team will make its 35th appearance in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament as the eighth seed in the East Region where they will face ninth seed Arkansas Friday, March 21 in Raleigh, N.C. Game times will be announced on Monday. Should the Hoosiers win they would take on the winner of the North Carolina-Coppin State/Mount St. Mary’s game in the second round on Sunday at a time to be announced.


There are a limited number of tickets allocated to each participating school for the first and second round in Raleigh.

To place a request for NCAA Tournament tickets, please call the IU Athletics Ticket Office at 866-IUSPORTS on Monday, March 17 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. IU general public men’s basketball season ticket holders can order up to two tickets, while student season ticket holders can order one ticket.

Tickets will be allocated and assigned based on the IU Varsity Club’s Priority Points System.

Fans wishing to arrange for travel to Raleigh can do so by contacting Anthony Travel, the official travel agency of the Indiana Department of Athletics, by calling 1-800-736-6377 or by visiting and searching the word ‘Hoosiers’.


The IU Varsity Shop will carry a broad selection of Hoosier NCAA Tournament apparel. For more information and to order, log on at and click on merchandise at the top of the page.


  1. Tough match-up from the get go. I wish I could be optimistic but we may not make it past Friday. It looks like everyone besides DJ is ready to pack it in..

  2. I could not believe my eyes when I saw our seeding! I thought we would be a five-seed; six at worst. How is Michigan St a five seed? Their season ended like ours, and we finished above them in conference. Finally, Wisconsin should be a two-seed. They won the regualr season conference title, and the tournament. The Big Ten deserves better. My prediction: Arkansas 68 IU 59.

  3. How can anyone complain about our seeding? Have you seen how awful we’ve been under dakich?


  4. Unless you are a 1,2, or 3 seeds all the matchups are tough. We have the players. Do we have the team? ???

  5. Sampson should apologize to every player on the team for what’s happened since his firing. He’s an idiot for breaking the simplest of rules.

  6. i can’t believe anyone would think that iu would be a “5 or 6 seed at worst”. they haven’t played good since ks left. no improvements on offense or defense. gordon throws up 3’s like he’s on fire but can’t hit 20% of them. lucky to be an 8 seed. could have been as low as a 10.

  7. Jason we deserved the seed we have just lost to Minnesota and Northwestern we are playing awful and it is clear that the selection committee based all decisions on how a team finished a season. MSU has played very well to end the season and that is why they are a 5 seed. They lost their last to Wisconsin in a game that mirrored our game verse uconn as far a officiating went and o by the way they blew us out by 30. I agree on the fact that we got a very tough Arkansas team and deserve a little more respect as to who to draw considering we are Indiana but that complaint is a bit of a stretch. All i can say is i hope we compete on Friday and all i want is a match up with UNC, with a miracle win there our season could be changed from a debacle to a Cinderella. O and Wisconsin is very overrated a 2 seed would have been very greedy. Go Hoosiers

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