Open practice (it’s really just a lazy old shoot around)

 The Hoosiers huddle after their light practice at the RBC Center.

There’s a tension to this team right now. It is somewhat difficult to explain how it’s plying itself and what it might mean for Indiana’s chances, but the source is nothing more than what you’d expect it to be.

Here’s what happens at these things: media from all over descend upon these sites, hoping to write the very general story of What Has Happened to the team that may or may not advance in their readers’ brackets.

For many teams — most teams, in fact — that might be a fairly happy thing to recount. For Indiana, it’s a whole lot of trying to answer un-answerable questions that they’ve already faced for the past month.

D.J. White, Armon Bassett and Eric Gordon handled the questions with poise. They’ve done that all year.

But while the players from the other teams are up there joking around or talking about how to guard whoever their opponent is, Indiana’s players are rehashing events that tore them up the first time.

There’s a lot of drama to the story, so you can’t really blame anybody in the media for wanting to tell it. But there’s not much that Indiana’s players care to say about it. Not right now.


What does shoot around portend?

That’s an ancient question. I just watched Eric Gordon do exactly what everyone says he does, which is hit 80 percent of shots he hits from anywhere in the arena. But will it translate?


Fairly light turnout by Indiana fans for this practice, but my guess is that many of them won’t get in until tomorrow. The past two years the Hoosiers went West, and in many instances that meant that fans would make the trip a big early. But with this being a quick flight from the Midwest, I think more fans will wait until tomorrow.


Indiana has taken the court for its mandatory open practice session. Minutes ago Dan Dakich said that the Hoosiers just plan to shoot around. They had a full practice earlier today.

I’ll post any interesting updates (though I don’t expect many) and will have a brief recap of Indiana’s press conference in just a few.


  1. Every day is a new beginning. Don’t regret the past. Don’t dread the future. Live in the present and enjoy it because once it’s gone…it’s gone. I believe that the Hoosiers can go out there Friday and get the job done…if they want to and if they play unselfishly as a team. No one person is greater than the whole. That’s how those Cinderella stories of the past were born.

  2. I live in North Carolina these days. You would be shocked at how worried Heels fans are that they might have to face the Hoosiers. There are plenty of memories of the Hoosiers that hang with the Heels fans.

  3. A short message to our basketball team. I doubt you’ll see this but I wanted to offer words of encouragement none the less.

    How fitting that your first NCAA tournament game should be on Good Friday. A day that for many Christians represents victory in the midst of defeat. A day of sorrowful reflection and yet tears of joy. A day filled with doubt and yet full of courageous certainty followed by an interminably long and silent pause…………………….then Sunday dawns.

    You are currently traveling through the doldrums of confusion, frustration, and in some cases anger over the events that have taken place over the last few months. You have a right to be angry with the administration, because the administration exercised bad judgment. What makes matters worse is the mistake is irreversible and cannot be rectified. What is done is done. You cannot bring back Coach Sampson. You cannot replay the end of the regular season or the Big Ten tournament. That time has passed. So it is understandable that you are caught in the frustration and doubt of Saturday. The long interminable pause.

    So here you are on your opening night of the NCAA tournament. The media is behaving badly as usual hoping to increase readership by replaying the same old story of how Coach Sampson fell and “brought down one of the greatest basketball programs of all time.” You have been told you are the underdogs when compared to a more athletic and physically bigger Arkansas team. Sports commentators have all but written you off and are salivating for the NCAA’s final disciplinary action due in June. All seems to be lost….except that Sunday has not dawned.

    And so the stage is set. What are you going to do? This is your night. This is your team. This is your time to be on center stage. You will never play together again with this same group of guys outside of this tournament. You will never replay this same game or in this same tournament. This is it and it is where you must make your final stand as men of character or walk away and always wonder what might have been. A line has been drawn on the court and the media is betting that you will not have the courage or strength of character to cross it. They are waiting for you to fall, for you to fail. Just as so often people do when great men and women stumble. You see, adversity strikes everyone but it is those with character who withstand the test of time and who become the next generation’s heroes and role models. How you handle this adversity in this tournament is what you will be remembered for. It is the college basketball legacy you will leave behind at IU. As you grow older and the statistics eventually fade away, becoming a distant memory, the memory of how you made your final stand will be what is etched in every living Hoosiers mind and heart. Ironically tackling adversity is the Hoosier story. Nobody can take that tradition and dignity away from you unless you let them. When the obstacles seem insurmountable, Hoosiers find a way. When everyone else has given up, Hoosiers roll up their sleeves. When everyone seems to have written you off, Hoosier’s make a comeback. It is time the sports commentators ate their words. It is time they came face to face with the reality of what it means to be a Hoosier. Write another Hoosier story for them. Become the team, not talented individuals, but talented team, you were meant to be. Win or lose play with all of your heart tonight and do not quit until that final buzzer sounds. While on the court enjoy the moment like you did when you first picked up a basketball. The alumni and their families are behind you and believe in you. We will support you whatever the outcome may be. You just need to believe in yourselves, give your best, and face your destiny.

    America needs another story of hope especially in uncertain times like these. I believe this is the team to give it to them.

    Now lets play some Basketball. Sunday is about to dawn.

    (D.J. may Psalm 121 carry you and the team through the tournament and to victory).

  4. Has Kevin Sampson gone to another job in the NBA. I have out ob the USA & I heard that rumnor. Thanks,Jim

  5. Who is KEVIN Sampson and what does rumnor and ob mean? It sounds like your still outside the USA and maybe living on another planet!

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