Piecing together reports and sources

Here’s what I learned from several sources today: some way, some how, Indiana has contacted Tony Bennett to begin the process of letting him know that it might be interested in having him coach the Hoosiers if he has any interest in doing so.

I don’t know that it has gotten any further than that.

We’ve posted below stories from two of the most noted national basketball writers in the country in Andy Katz and Jeff Goodman. Both have been quick to jump on this story (partially because they have been locked in a good old fashioned reporter’s duel for sometime now.) Anyway, to summarize, Goodman says the offer has been made. Katz says it hasn’t.

Now we’ve got Gary Parrish jumping into the fray, and his story sounds to me to be the most accurate. It’s the closest to what I’m hearing.

I’ll have more as this story develops.


  1. I really don’t know much…..but I know a couple of things. I have no faith in the “PBR Committee”. Does anyone else think they will mess this up somehow? I can’t argue that Bennett isn’t a good coach but he has coached for 2 seasons? Also, with all of the candidates out there, some of the other guys are playing right now….Miller, Barnes…Pitino? Why would we need to make a decision so quickly? If we are looking for a long term guy then shouldn’t we interview everyone? I will be very dissappointed if we only go after Bennett b/c he is out of the tournament and we don’t and at least entertain Miller. Man, we will be behind the eight ball in recruiting big time for years to come with Bennett b/c Painter is doing so well and ND is solid and obviously Butler is Butler. This isn’t good.

  2. Hey Chris, It’s Saturday night man $2.50 Upland and Blue Moon Pints @ Uncle Festers, and Murder by Death!! Not to mention 2 weeks until Little 5, Party on dude!

  3. Oh man, thats great news! Exactly what this program needs.. A young, hungry coach with a bright future. If Bennett does become coach at IU, Greenspan may just save his own arse.

  4. Why will we be “behind the eight ball in recruiting” with Bennett? Its not exactly easy to recruit to WSU, and he did a good job recruiting when he was an assistant at Wisconsin.

    By the way, Painter has had ONE good class at Purdue.

  5. i like everything about bennett but the actual physical appearance of his team. we dont have the “morrison or polomalu” hair here maybe im old fashioned but we just dont do it here (or havent really) and i like it duke and unc do not put players like that on the court and that is who we wanna be on par with and i think presentation is a part of that. (and yes ive seen pics of bensons hair back in the day so ill give you guys that one.) i love the tenacity of his team. but gotta question the offense a little bit. “d” wins championships but when was the last time a final four game was 40-38?

  6. by the way im 31 and mixed race so my opinions obviously arent racially motivated or “old school”

  7. “We won’t make a final four with Bennett so you won’t see the score of 40-38 anyway.”

    There’s more of that old IU fan optimism!

  8. Hey bshep…….. lighten up!! Is there a huge dark cloud over your house right now or are you the eternal pessimist? The only thing embarrassing about this whole process is that ignorant people like you think anyone else cares about your boorish perspective. No matter what some people can’t be satisfied but don’t think publishing your whines will relieve the ills of your tormented mind.
    I bet you want Bruce Pearl to be the next coach, don’t you?

  9. Hey IU Jimmy, Don’t forget that Matt Painter has done his 1 outstanding year of recruiting thanks to the pathetic in-state recruiting of Mike Davis and company. Painter will continue to recruit well as long as IU continues to flail in the wind….

  10. sorry cant help but be offended by the “bet u want bruce pearl” i agree he can come off as arrogant but the guy brings charisma like no other and the students would eat him up. and like it or not some of those students are gonna have the same passion for iu bball that we have. why not have somebody that puts that fire in you?? ive said it before, but do u think anyone woulda showed up to an IU Purdue womens game if they knew Sampson woulda been there in crimson chest and face???

  11. Hey Emeril….No, Pearl is another bad choice! I think Bennett is a fine coach, I did say that earlier but I didn’t put a picture in there for you. Once again, I am not putting very much passion in a guy who has coached for only 2 years at a University that is no match like an IU. We need a BIG name, not a guy that has no connection to the program let alone even a time zone away. He may have been in the midwest 6 years ago but if you are like any other of us IU fans that want to win in the next decade, and are tired of seeing the program get ran into the ground then we need a coach that will make a difference a lot quicker than 5 years from now. Miller is the guy and if don’t at least interview this guy then the “flailing university” will continue to do so….what about Barnes (he has made the tournament every year he has been there) Few- great coach with experience? If we are making a decision by Thursday that doesn’t leave much time to interview teams that are in the Final Four..ie…successfull coaches that go farther than the sweet 16.

  12. Pearl, at least you aren’t drinking too much kool aid like our fellow Hoosier Emeril (bam). You are right though, Pearl would bring some passion but I am not 100% sold on him yet either…

  13. Pearl, yes Bruce is charismatic and brings a lot of energy but you obviously missed the part about how IU wants to get back to doing things the right way and re-building the program with not just ballers but great STUDENT athletes who understand the importance of playing in a team concept. If you want a bunch of street ballers that run up and down the court and then spend their free time getting tattoos instead of going to class then yes, Bruce Pearl is your man. He just doesn’t fit the IU mold, it’s as simple as that. If you think otherwise than your setting yourself up to be disappointed because he isn’t coming.

  14. Then Dakich is the answer, but no one is saying that? He brings back all of the things that are missing…….

  15. i agree a little about the tattoo stuff (i have 2) but yes i cant be a codger about hair and not be on tats but it is the SEC he coaches in and SEC plaayers come from that generation, lifestyle, clique, insert group or stereotype.

  16. Dakich is NOT the answer. You don’t need to have an IU guy to get back to having a program that emulates what the entire university stands for, which is integrity and excellence. I happen to think Bennett or Miller could reinvigorate the IU legacy despite not being ‘IU guys” because of the solid reputations they have already established in a relatively short amount of time. IU needs to evolve, not continue to live in the past.
    Dakich is a great PR guy but no so good with the X’s and O’s.

  17. i am gung ho for pearl and i would love bennett or miller. but FIRST AND FOREMOST…. GO IU i will support our team either way. but like all of us i want a team(coach included) all of hoosier nation can be proud of

  18. I think Bennett is a fine coach. But I think the best coach who may remotely be interested in this job is Sean Miller.

    From what I can tell from all the reports thus far, IU has basically let Bennett know through 3rd parties that the job is his for the taking. And this likely happened on Friday. That’s a little disappointing given Miller’s season just ended yesterday.

  19. heard through grapevine that 2 members of committee flew to NM last night and met with alford and then lon kruger later. person who told me probably read it on peegs.com so no clue how true it is.

  20. Wow, someone said that we shouldn’t hire Bruce Pearl because his players are “getting tattoos” in their free time. Do you have any evidence that his players are blowing off class to go to tattoo parlors? What does this even have to do with basketball? WHEN HAVE TATTOOS DICTATED COACHING STYLE?

  21. I started this posting last night and one of the first things I said was I didn’t have much faith in the “PBR Committee” and if these rumors hold true, I am actually wondering if the committee is on our side? It is no wonder I have been sick to my stomach since the original rumor of TB offered the job yesterday…..the rumors keep getting worse….and yeah, seriously, what does tattoos have to do with basketball and coaching styles?

  22. Don’t forget Brad Brownell in the mix. A good Indiana boy that has rebuilt two weak D1 programs into winners.

  23. why would bennett want to come to a place that ran his sister out of town on a rail? She couldn’t get out of town quick enough. He appears to be a good coach, but 2 years is not enough experience to run a program like ours

  24. Brownell is no better choice than Dakich….if I had my choice between bad and worse I would be picking Dakich….all the reasons everyone has said Brownell b/c he is an Indiana guy, but Dakich knows IU tradition more than anyone other than Alford….why all of this talk about people that have no real coaching experiences? Does anyone care about winning and running a clean progra? Once again, forget about getting any recruits b/c PUkes and ND, and don’t forget Butler, we won’t be getting any Indiana recruits that may have originally wanted to play here….listen, I hope I eat my words but we have been living with a less than stellar program for the past 8 years, is everyone willing to wait another 8 years? I am not!!!

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