Selection show – live updates

In what’s turned out to be a tough year for Indiana basketball, this is a tough NCAA Tournament draw – getting a difficult first-round opponent in Arkansas (22-11) with a potential second-round matchup against the No. 1 seed in the tournament, North Carolina.

In the SEC Tournament, the Razorbacks beat Vanderbilt and regular-season champ Tennessee before losing to Georgia, 66-57, Sunday.

Obviously, the selection committee put a lot of weight on Indiana’s weak finish to the season in the final six games after Kelvin Sampson was forced to resign. Now the Hoosiers will have to overcome strong early-round opponents to avoid this season turning into a complete disappointment.


Here’s the East Region: 1. N.C. vs. Mt. St. Mary’s/Coppin St. winner,

8. Indiana vs 9. Arkansas.

That didn’t take long. Indiana dropped farther than many expected. I’ll be away now looking for airline tickets to Raleigh, N.C. where Indiana and Arkansas will play Friday.


It’s the four No. 1 seeds most people were expecting:

Midwest – Kansas No. 1

West Region – UCLA No. 1

South Region – Memphis No. 1


Here we go. North Carolina is the No. 1 overall seed as expected. They will play in the East Region.


  1. I’m here at Assembly Hall, where reporters from newspapers and television stations have gathered to watch the show.

    Cameras are not being allowed into the locker room, where the players are currently watching the show.

    Why would the program want the positive PR of a picture of the players together, celebrating their selection? I mean, all the fans are so upbeat about this team that they don’t really need to see that sort of thing.

    Dan Dakich and the players will be available after their place in the bracket is announced.

  2. NCAA taking another cheap shot at IU, making them an 8 and putting them right up against the overall number 1 seed north carolina…gotta love the ncaa

  3. i dont see how us getting a #8 is the fault of the NCAA. we’ve not played well since sampson left. i was expecting a #7.

  4. consider that being a #8 means there are 28-31 teams better than us right now. i think thats pretty accurate.

  5. They ought to cancel November, December, January and the first two weeks of February. Why bother?

  6. I see all we can handle with an Arkansas team. An 8 is pretty accurate at this point. Do what you have to DJ. We have a chance to play like a 2 or a 3, but we have performed like an 8. Tip it up and play DJ.

  7. The way this team… I mean this group of individual players wearing the same uniform is playing right now it doesn’t matter what their seed is.

  8. Kentucky???? The SEC with 6 bids!! Oh please. Virginia Tech has a better record, in a better conference, has a better RPI than Kentucky and lost to the #1 overall team on the last shot yesterday in their tournament after Kentucky flames out in their tournament but Kentucky gets a bid with 18 wins.
    How about Butler? They play a 10 seed and the 10 seed gets to play at home.
    You can always see the favors getting returned on selection Sunday.

  9. So how is it that North Carolina plays in their back yard? Have we ever been assigned to play in Indianapolis for first round games? Educate me somebody.

  10. In 1981, IU’s first two tournament games were at Assembly Hall and in 1987 their first two were in Indy.

  11. I was in school and at the games in ’81. We drove to Philadelphia for final 4 and bought tickets from Ike’s mom.

  12. Speaking of UNC playing in their own backyard, when they won the championship in 1982 they never played outside the state of North Carolina the whole tournament.

  13. Serious? I remember NIT games here, but NCAA? Mark………Ike? President Ike? wow! I was at the final four in St. Louis 73/74 when Walton went crazy. We beat Providence in the consolation game and should have been in the finals. Three blind mice called fouls on Downing when they should have gone to Walton. What a great weekend.

  14. ME……..Wisky gets a 3 by winning the Big Ten twice. Regular season and then the tourney. Hard to argue there. Had the BT not been so weak, they would have maybe garnered a one seed. The pundits are down on the BT and rightly so, in my opinion. I love Wisconsin and Purdue and will root hard for them, but I see so many other teams quicker and stronger. To me, the BT is in slow motion compared to the top ten.

  15. ww- You do know the game. And I think I’ve agreed with you 100% of the time on these bball blogs, a rarity.

    I think one thing to watch: will the Badgers be able to make faster teams slow down and play a half-court game. That will be interesting.

  16. my point was why didn’t Wisconsin get a higher seed, winning the conference and tournament. I guess you answered it with BT is weak arguement. I will root for all BT teams, unless Purdue gets in the final game.

  17. HighBar: I sure hope so. I like the Badgers and I am high on the Boilers. Bob Knight is now saying he likes them also. WOW! Should I switch my allegiance? Bob is such the gentleman. Oh my….he is on a role tonight. So…….who is our next coach?

  18. ME…. Anybody but Purdue? Hee I know what you mean. I was born there and have had to listen to Boiler UP for two years now. But you have to admit…….what a nice group of players. And they might be there for four years. Wisconsin scares me. If only Bohannon could shot it like he did in Bloomington. And……if EJ could shoot it like he does in warm up.

  19. Is anyone watching ESPN right now?? Dick Vitale just called for Bob Knight to go back to IU…Knight responded by simply rolling his eyes and shaking his head

  20. Ben……saw it. Awesome. Knight is on his best behavior. Vitale is crazy!

    Mark…..gotcha. Should have put 2+2 together. I bet you had an awesome time in Philly. Going there Tues. Any recommendations on watering holes?

  21. The SEC is so good they get 6 bids but their conference champ is so bad they get a 14 seed. Go figure.

  22. I am a bit in agreement with Coach Knight. Throw 128 of them out there and add an extra week. Similar to old Indiana high school tourney time. Let the little guys prove their mettle. It also does not eliminate the bubble blowers. Think of the added money and additional TV time. Win/Win for everyone.

  23. I know we stumbled the last few games, but an 8th seed? Gimme a break. And someone please explain to me how Michigan State came up a 5 seed? They finished fourth in the Big Ten. I guess we are already feeling some sanctions from the NCAA.

  24. iubb fan – I wondered the same thing you did about State. But, ‘ya know they’re actually seeding Izzo with this one. He’s one of their favorites.

  25. The ACC usually gets the sweetheart deals. They’ll give a Wake Forest or Georga Tech a 3 seed and an equal or better Big 10 team a 9 seed and then justify it by showing how the ACC has better tourney records. Well, yeah, 3 seeds do better than 9 seeds. If you look at second round games over the years only UNC and Duke perform. Once they’re not playing 14 seeds the ACC overall tournament record is not that impressive. A few year back they made a big deal about all 7 ACC team (seeded 5 or better) winning their first round games. Six of the 7 lost in the second round.

  26. A lousy seed, but there is an explanation.

    Two words, folks – “Miles Brand.”

    As the past President of Indiana University, he damaged Indiana sports, including not just basketball, but also football, more than anyone in history.

    And for his failures as the steward of Indiana University and its storied athletics program, Brand was kicked upstairs to the Presidency of the NCAA!! Wouldn’t you think that the NCAA would want someone who had been successful in boosting athletics at his university?

    I would add that, in his current position, he has continued his “stellar record” with, among other things, his politically correct attack on team mascots that wiped out, among others, Chief Illiniwek for our friends, the University of Illinois.

    In fact, perhaps the very name “Indiana” incurs his wrath for the same reasons. It is, after all, resonant with the history of the state as a location occupied by Native Americans.

    Maybe Mr. Brandt will be happy when the University (and State) are renamed “Lower Ohio-area State Educational Reserve University. That would remove the Native American implications of our state name and make IU into “LOSER U” for short.

    By stamping Indiana with a permanent “LOSER” moniker, Brand would have achieved ALL of his goals and could retire.

  27. i think butler got hosed more than the hoosiers. they are getting what they deserve the last 2 weeks. they stopped playing and THEY shot themselves in the foot (or feet). but butler a 7?!?!!? ranked top 15 all year. and how about arizona state not getting in but s. alabama. then the head of the committe got on and had the nerve to say arizona state didn’t make it because of their weak out of conference schedule. s. bama is like 300th sos. idiots.

  28. They are always going to peeve some team by leaving them out. Tough business. System needs overhauling.

  29. still 1000% better than the bcs. but could do some tweeking. i like knights idea of having more teams in.

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