Skiles to interview, according to NY Daily News

Here’s a note that ran in Sunday’s NY Daily News:

HOOSIER DADDY? With Indiana eliminated from the NCAA Tournament, the school is expected to being a search for a new head coach. Former Hoosier player Dan Dakich is serving as the interim coach.Scott Skiles is scheduled to be interviewed for the job, but when one of Indiana’s most famous alums was asked if he has any interest, Thomas passed. “I would hope that they would keep Dan Dakich there,” Thomas said. “Dan has done a good job under some tough circumstances. “I’ll do everything I can to help and support the program in terms of financial resources and also helping them recruit players. I definitely would like to see Dakich keep the job.”


  1. Well Dakich has the support of a terrible GM and a sexual harrasser.

    Skiles…are you kidding me?

  2. Thomas is right. Dan Dakich is the best choice to be the next IU Coach. I think he deserves at least 4 years to clean house and turn the program around. It took 3 IU Presidents and several ADs to screw it up, it will take time to repair all of that damage.

  3. You old farts have all these old school grudges against guys from other schools. Come on, this is the new millenium fellas. What’s wrong with Skiles? Why not go after a guy who has coached at the NBA level? Are you saying that kids won’t be lining up to play for a guy who has been to the NBA and coached the players, and been successful? I mean the guy must know something about basketball.

  4. At least its not IU going after Thomas for his opinions. Could you imagine all of the IU fan base if IU were to hold a meeting in Bloomington tomorrow night in front of a national audience to hear Greenspan say, “I would like you to meet the next head coach of your Indiana Hoosiers….Mr. Isiah Thomas.” *you could hear a pin drop and Greenspan clapping*

    Then he quits the next day. What a way to get back at us for all our whining….eh?

  5. There are lots of guys who know how to coach but not all of them will be a good fit for IU.They need someone who has successfully recruited; someone who has done that with no NCAA violations and someone who will graduate student athletes (as much as that can be done given the current one and done NCAA rules). Skiles does not fit any of these and should not be considered.
    If the BRC even talked to Isiah then I agree with you, Chet, we’re screwed and the BRC is a complete joke.

  6. Yes, we are screwed in those two are on the list.

    The fact that Isiah-Team-Destroyer-Thomas endorses Dan is proof enough he shouldn’t get it.

  7. “toxic” is too mild a word for the effect the little child who led them, isiah thomas, has had on everything he has touched of late. he ran the cba into the ground and literally bankrupted it, and has pretty much done the same thing to the knicks. an endorsement from him is the last thing dan dakich probably wants about now. the only worse front office guy than isiah is matt millen of the detroit lions.

    scott skiles would make somebody a great pro assistant coach. he has never been a college coach and has never recruited. he has no ties to this state’s high school coaches. he seems to have little patience. he would be about as good in the college environment as bob knight would be in the pro.

    if the powers that be see fit to retain dan dakich, i can live with that, for a trial year or so, to see how he recruits and coaches in a less stressful, adverse situation.

    but if they get tony bennett or xavier’s coach or some similar young hotshot, that’s fine with me too,as long as he’s honest, competent, respects the program and can recruit in state.

    i think the secret is not getting al these five star mcdonald’s all americans who are ball hogs and one and done, but getting lower profile good solid players who will stay four years. that’s how gene keady built purdue into a contender year after year while bob knight was getting guys like ricky calloway.

    it’ll probably be somebody from out in left field that no one sees coming.

  8. Word out of b’town is Anthony Grant is the front runner and we are trying to sign him up before LSU offers. LSU is also waiting to speak with Mike Davis…it’s a small world.

  9. I think at the very least, to interview you should have some measurable success at whatever level you’ve coached before. Let’s eliminate anyone who has been fired or been asked to resign.

  10. Okay, Kenny_G, you had me until the “Mike Davis to LSU” bit. That right there is proof that you’re talking out of your rear end.

    LSU is looking for a big-time coach. Mike Davis ain’t it.

  11. I can’t see Grant as a front-runner for this big of a job. We need someone that has more coaching success during a longer time frame. My #1 is Bruce Pearl, not only clean but has helped the NCAA, and lived in Indiana for 9 years. #2 Rick Barnes. If you can’t get those proven winners, then look at the list of younger hot coaches including Tony Bennett, Jamie Dixon, Sean Sutton, Drew and Grant. This panel needs to reach as high as possible and then work their way down, not vice versa.

  12. Anthony Grant would be a good choice maybe not as good as Bennett but not as bad as Skiles and Wittman.
    Note to Mike Davis: take the money and run before UAB realizes you can’t coach. LSU has a football team that will mask all your dubious moves with the BB team.

  13. Sean Sutton? No way dude. Pearl and Barnes won’t move. Odds are a Bennett, Grant, Miller or darkhorses like Herb Sendak at ASU, Paul Hewitt at G Tech or Leonard Pitts at FSU.

  14. Most of the people you guys are bringing up are not going anywhere. Why would Sean Sutton leave? He has coached there since his dad was the coach. Bruce Pearl? maybe, but they love him in Knoxville and I am pretty sure he loves it there too. Rick Barnes has an elite program in Texas and he has all the resources there he could possibly want. He has no problems recruitng top talent to go to Texas, so why would he leave a situation where he will probably win a national championship for a place as chaotic as IU? If you all remember the last time we were in this situation, it was not as if all the best coaches in the country were lining up to be our head coach.

    and if Scott Skiles becomes head coach, IU will potentially become irrelevant in the world of college basketball. he has never coached in college. he has never recruited and never shown the ability to connect with teenagers. he failed in the NBA and consistently mismanaged the lineup and rotation. his teams played good defense. that is about the only good thing I can say about him. Skiles as head coach would be a disaster

  15. What about Mark Few from Gonzaga? No one seems to be mentioning him. It should be him or Bennett. Scott Skiles is a terrible decision. We do NOT want a NBA coach trying to teach college defense.

  16. So let me get this straight, some of you would rather have Dan “Big Ern” Dakich stay than hire a guy like Scott Skiles. I mean the guy was an NBA HEAD COACH. That could be a HUGE selling point to kids coming out of high school… He knows what it takes to get to the next level. He’s been there. He’s coached some really good players. And who cares that he doesn’t have the recruiting experience, he can hire good assistants and learn the “tricks of the trade.” I mean like I said, his NBA coaching experience can be a good selling point. And recruiting doesnt happen overnight. It’s a process.

  17. Why not go afer a coach that has won both; a NBA
    championship and a NCAA championship.
    Larry Brown. Iknow he only stays in one place for
    a few years but that would give him time to clean up the mess, establish IU as a contender and then he can move on.

  18. Steve O – Just because he coached in the NBA doesn’t mean he can coach here. Look at what he done in Chicago, hell he was fired less than 20 games into the season.

    He couldn’t hack it on the NBA level, a level where you get to buy your players, now you think he can come to IU and recruit and build a winning program? Doubtful.

    Skiles is not what this program needs. IU is still an elite program, it still gets national attention, and it is time we get back to IU basketball, and hire a college coach, not a “can’t hack it” ex-NBA coach.

    Oh, and to set the record straight, I don’t think DD should be our next coach, as much as I like and respect him.

  19. I like the Anthony Grant thought. Not big enough ? Very successful at VCU, but many years under Donovan & Pitino. Why are so many IU folks against young and fresh ?

  20. The only reason I see Pearl leaving UT is because, no matter what he does, he will ALWAYS be #3 behind the football & women’s BB teams. Big-ego coaches like Pearl want to be #1 on campus & definitely not below the women’s coach, even if it is Pat Summitt. It’s fine for him now but eventually he’ll want to be BMOC.
    Rick Barnes isn’t going anywhere. He’s had enough success in Austin that all the top recruits in Texas probably come to him. I doubt anyone leaves that kind of comfort for the chaos of IU.
    I assume Mark Few has been mentioned because the media finally realized he’s happy at Gonzaga. His name came up for every open position in the last few years & yet he was adamant on staying. If he didn’t leave then I doubt he’s leaving now.
    My guess is on someone young & hot that they could potentially have around for another 30 years. Miller, Bennett & Brownell all have some sort of recruiting ties to the Midwest & run perfectly clean programs so I would think they would be high on the list. But it’s hard to tell what this committee is thinking about so they could throw a curveball like Sendek, Dixon, Grant or someone even less known in these parts. What’s the top program in Div. II? Maybe that coach’s name will surface too!

  21. And I totally agree about the Mark Few comment… Get him on the phone ASAP!! There’s a guy who’s already a monster recruiter and great teacher. Imagine what he could do in the midwest. I feel like there’s alot more talent in Indiana then alot of other places in the country.

  22. I think we are more likely to get someone young who has just recently realized success as a head coach given the uncertainty in our program’s future. Like when Thad Matta left Xavier for Ohio State. I find it hard to believe that Pearl or Barnes would leave their successful programs for IU. They are on the verge of turning those programs into an elite program. That said, we are going to have to take a chance on someone, no sure things available. Let’s take a chance on a good coach like Sean Miller who has a winning history with a program that graduates players or Tony Bennett who was the AP Coach of the year last year and made it atleast to the Sweet 16 this year.

  23. After Mike Davis got UAB to the 2nd round of the NIT, where they lost 75-49, who could pass him up? It only took him 2 years to get a consistent 20-win program to the NIT.
    That LSU story has to be a joke. UAB is as good as its gonna get for Mikie.
    Barnes, Few, and Pearl aren’t coming. I’m still hoping for Bennett.

  24. Mike P, I don’t know how you can say we’re an “elite” program, consdiering we haven’t won a championship since 1987, and this year, with the talent we had, managed to get knocked out in the first round.

    I mean we compete every year, and always have a good team, but to say elite is a stretch.

    And all you said is Skiles isn’t what the program needs.. And he couldn’t “hack it.” But you have no facts and must not know much about the guy…

    Skiles coached some really good NBA teams, including the Phoenix Suns for 3 years (making the playoffs twice) He even coached guys like Jason Kidd and Shawn Marion. And his Phoenix teams were also at the top of the NBA in defense during his run as coach. They were 51-31 in 2000-2001…

    At Chicago, he also led the team to the playoffs a couple times including a sweep of then defending champions, Miami Heat in 2006-2007.

    What else do you want? What makes you think he couldn’t recruit and build a program? Just being able to say you coached Jason Kidd or Shawn Marion gives you some instant credit. Stop praying for Knight to come back and have an open mind about the situation.

  25. I dont think Dakich should be the coach, but I’d definitely take him over Skiles. This post isnt even about Dan, it’s about:

    Why are we interviewing a guy who has never coached college basketball? Has never recruited? The NBA is a nice experience for him, I’m sure. But, it’s barely even basketball and certainly a much different job. All this, and Skiles has a reputation of being dirty, shady, etc. Didnt he get in trouble with coke when he was a player? Why the hell is he living in Btown anyway? I couldnt imagine a worse hire. I’m appalled that he’s even being considered.

  26. Groing up an IU fan I knew only 1 coach Robert Montgomery Knight. He came as a young coach with little experience and stayed 29 years. I would love to see a young Tony Bennett or Sean Miller come to B-town and stay 30 years. That way my daughters will only know 1 IU basketball coach for most of their lives. We don’t want no revolving door in our basketball program. Let’s get some stability with a coach that will continue with the success and integrity that IU has had in the past.

  27. And what if he can’t recruit? Will the fans accept, “Well, we knew we were taking a chance on a guy without a college track record when we hired him?” I don’t think anyone would be in a forgiving mood.

  28. The ‘he coached in the pros so recruits will love him’ didn’t work out with Sam Wyche or Cam Cameron either.

  29. Ok Chet, how about the fact he led multiple teams to the playoffs? And also coached teams whose “d” ranked in the top of the league for several years. I mean you don’t think the guy can coach? Gimmie a break. Also, I doubt whoever comes in is gonna be able to get 5 star recruits right away…

    I’m not sayin Skiles is the best candidate out there, but he certainly isn’t the worst. He’s a young guy who could buid up the program though.

  30. Then answer me why he is looking for a job? Oh yeah, he was FIRED!!

    He has never coached a college team, he has never had to recruit a student/athlete, go to a parents home and talk to them about their future.

    As an NBA coach, you tell the front office who you want and they try to buy them for you. He is not a college coach, it is an entire different world!

    Give me a coach who is familiar with this level, who has proved he can:
    1. follow NCAA rules
    2. recruit student/athletes (not 1 and done players)
    3. win with those student/athletes
    4. graduate those student/athletes

    Skiles has proved NONE of those, he has never coached on this level, and Indiana shouldn’t be his first stop.

    You want to mention he was 51-31 in 2000-01, what happened in 2001-02? Oh yeah, he was 25-26 when he was fired.

    Then you mention the 06-07 season and the sweep of the Miami Heat (with an injured D. Wade and Shaq I might add), what happened the next season (07-08) with that team? He was 9-16 when he was again fired.

    I am open minded about the situation, I don’t want Knight back here, I don’t think DD is right for the next coach, and hiring Skiles would be a mistake. Other than that, I am open to other coaching talk.

    Oh, and how can I say IU is an Elite program? I am just echoing what the media outlets said during the Sampson fiasco, the fact #1 & #2 in the nation were set to square off, and IU trumped that with coaching issues proves it is still an elite program. Thier words, not mine.

  31. Ok Mike P, you always make me laugh… Yea Skiles was fired, but so has a whole list of other great coaches who might have struggled at one point or another in his career.

    He’s from the state of Indiana, and also played high school ball in Indiana, so how do you know he has no contacts as far as high school coaches?? I mean do you have some “insider information” you arent sharing with everyone? come on.

    He’s a Big Ten guy

    Also, he only coached 7 years, and of those 7, made the playoffs 5 times… I’d say thats pretty consistant.

    He’s only 43 years old, which means he has alot of coaching left in him.

    And I’m pretty sure that if you go back and check Bob Knight’s track record when he came to IU, he never made it past the semi-final round of the NIT at Army, and was only like 30 years old… How did his career turn out again? Oh yea HE’S THE WINNINGEST COACH IN HISTORY!

    DD on the other hand has NEVER proven any of the list of things you put in your last response. Maybe he was a clean recruiter, but during his stint he amassed an unimpressive 156-140 record…

    And once again, I’m not saying Skiles is the best candidate, but I’m pretty sure his resume speaks for itself so far. He’s a good young coach. And I would be excited if he were offered the job. If not, there are plenty of other good coaches out there.

  32. And just because they talked about us on Sportscenter because our coach was a cheater doesn’t make us an elite basketball team.

    I mean, we have a rich tradition and have won 5 national titles, but what exactly makes us an elite program??? Please tell me? Is it because we are consistantly challenging for a Big Ten Title? No, we haven’t won one of those in over a decade. Is it because we always did well in the tournament
    ? Noooo not that either. We haven’t made it out of the 2nd round since out finals run.

    So if being talked about by the media makes us elite, then you better check the definition of the word big dog.


  34. he played high school ball in Indiana, then left for Michigan. I don’t know what his ties are to coaches in this state. I just know he has never done the job.

    Just like with Sampson, if he is offered the job, I will back him 100%, Even though I don’t think he is the right guy for the job.

    However, if he can handle the pressure of Chicago fans, he may not crack under the IU fans and pressure they will put on him.

  35. thats what i’m saying… if they find he’s the best candidate i’m backing him 100%. I don’t see why people are so quick to say he’s a bad option and would be terrible as our head coach.

  36. For the same reasons those people say Dakich would be a bad choice.

    Neither one of these coaches have ran a program like this.

    Though Dakich does have an edge in the fact he has coached the college game, has been on the recruiting trails, and understands the rules of the NCAA.

  37. Let’s see… cocaine possession, marijuana possession, drunken driving all while playing at Michigan State. It sounds like he could fit right in with today’s players, dws. Did he ever have to sit out a game during that time? I think they let him serve his jail sentence after the season was over. I never thought much of Heathcoat after he turned his head the other way from all the trouble his superstar was getting into while at Mich. St. I don’t think Skiles even earned a degree after 4 years there.

    I’m sure some of you will point out that this happened a while ago but just how can we expect Mr. Skiles to respond the first time one of his players gets into trouble?

    Sorry, I’ll pass on Skiles. IU deserves better.

  38. Randy H. – The man who gave us Davis no longer works at IU, he is the head of the NCAA. The person who brought you a search commitee before the NCAA is the University president. Then there is the guy who helped bring us Sampson. So just who do you want fired?

  39. I think I would make a good coach. Hire me for two years. I will accept half of what Sampson made and answer questions at press conferences. Then you can fire me and pay me 3/4 of a mill to leave. I will try hard not to laugh out loud.

  40. I’m sure Skiles is knowledgeable and capable. I just dont think IU should be his testing ground. He may be able to coach a team, but as has been pointed out this isnt the NBA. Having a guy with a few decent NBA coaching seasons for an interview is ridiculous to me, it’s such a different game and he still isnt that proven in that; getting fired twice. I dont mind him being discussed, but really dont see how he even warrants an interview. And, seriously H-T crew: does anyone know why he lives in B-town? Seems very odd to me. Unless it’s because of his wife or something, I dont really get it. Is that why he gets an interview? How ’bout J.R. Holmes?

    I’m afraid we could be looking at another bad decision here. Not that I think they’ll jump the gun with Skiles, but just dont have a good feeling in general.

  41. I’m just syaing, the same people who are saying no to Scott Skiles are the same people who are ranting and raving about guys like Tony Bennett.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Bennett is a good coach, but he’s got all his father’s recruits as seniors this year. I mean what has he really proven? He can coach a group of his father’s players?

    Everyone keeps saying it needs to be someone who is a proven recruiter… Even if Tony did recruit a few players at Washington State this year, what makes anyone think he can recruit Indiana any better than hometown boy Scott Skiles? Who again was an NBA head coach for 7 years…

  42. Good point, but dont you think as a college assistant and now head coach, he helped recruit some of those guys? That might not be a lot, but still more than your boy Scotty. I’m not really advocating for anyone in particular, but I dont know that I can be sold on Scott Skiles.

    I dont know that calling Skiles a “hometown boy” is completely accurate.

  43. By hometown boy I mean he was born and raised in Indiana, where he also played his high school ball.

    And I’m not completely 100% sold on him either, but it just annoys me that people are so quick to be like “that guy sucks” and “oh no if he were coach i’d kill myself.” Especially when his resume trumps alot of other candidates.

    Just trying to show that he’s comparable, and no one should freak out because he’s getting an interview.

  44. And I mean the guy had 30 assists in a game during his NBA career to set the single game record. You gotta like that.

  45. By questioning hometown boy, I mean he went to a northern Indiana high school 20+ years ago….and that’s about the extent of his hometown-ness. Anyway, I’m sure he’s a capable guy in some regards, and would be a good candidate to go back to the NBA or for a smaller college job to start out. Anyway, talking is just talking. I cant imagine we’d actually hire him….knock on wood.

    I dont think he sucks, but I cant see any legitimacy in interviewing him for our situation.

  46. Anybody who suggest JR Holmes is crazy! He is a High School coach with many close calls to on his resume. I’ll admit he is better then Grier Werner though. How is that guy still coaching at a decent size high school? -another story some other time…

    Skiles as our coach?????? Didn’t he get busted for Cocaine use in college? Don’t dip to his level please. I’d rather see Alford or keep Dakich before Skiles.

  47. If anyone there actually knows Dan Dakich the man, and isn’t just basing their decisions on his 5 game record with a team still in shock from losing thier head coach, or his 10 years at a small mid major with very little commitment from the school for athletics, you would all be on the “band wagon” to keep Dan on as your head coach. He knows how to coach and win at any level and he will bring back the integrity that has been missing from your program.

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