1. he’ll be good in the nba because there is no defense played and they never call travel. this kid needs another year in college but won’t take it because the $$ is too good.

    the sad thing is i had friends early in the year say he’d be the best to ever play at iu. he’s not even best THIS YEAR!

  2. After watching Gordon in the Semi-State last year I thought he would be a special player. Instead he was poorly coached and acts as if he’s already in the NBA. This “team” if you want to call it that has no idea that basketball is a team sport and so when it comes down to crunch time they don’t have the dicipline to run an offensive set.

    I can’t remember an IU team with more suspensions on game day than this one so Sampson not only coached poorly but he filled this team with kids that have no character either.

    The IU administration is to blame for all of it, what a sorry group of people.

  3. He played a lot better under KS than Dakich…but then the whole team did. EJ can thank Greenspan if his draft position drops, but NBA should draft on upside and EJ has tons.

    Why isn’t the media talking about firing Greenspan like they did KS?

  4. I can’t believe Rick still has a job… You can’t clean house without taking out the trash.

  5. There seems to be a mini-consensus that EG does not perform at impressive levels each game here at I.U. Lots of turnovers, poor shot selection, skewed faces whenever a ref makes a call against him. I don’t disagree.

    EG comes with many gifts as a basketball player. He finishes plays at the basket with either hand, he jumps well for a 6′ 4″ kid, and has unreal bursts of speed … sometimes faster than the ball he is dribbling. At the onset of this season, his ability to drain the long shot was unreal. His recent defensive efforts against opposing scorers – have been impressive.

    Sampson came to I.U. with lots of coaching experience behind him – with a pretty good win/loss ratio. He got things done over the years at 2 – 3 schools which allowed him to be labeled as a winning coach (although not a GREAT coach). After watching his I.U. experience, it seems that Sampson brought a lot of highly recruited players to his programs and then allowed their natural abilities and athleticism carry the season. He didn’t exactly bring any blue-collar players here.

    What’s the base for a NBA draftee? Is it $3M for 3 years until they reach free agency? Whatever it is, it does allow a player like EG to enter the NBA, to get paid for his efforts as he is being coached by tested people who examine his various basketball strengths and weaknesses and then insert them into his budding professional game (hopefully). The NBA takes the gamble that they understand raw talent which can be groomed.

    It is my understanding that Sampson kinda gave EG a green light to do whatever he wanted to do on the court while at I.U. If true, then it is hard for somebody like DD to come in at the close of a season and redirect the habits and patterns of an established “star” and compromise the team’s structure. About all DD can do (IMO) is tweak a little defense during his short tenure and PRAY he can tweak a little cooperation between players who are supposed to utilize the TEAM philosophy. Unfortunately, our current Hoosiers look like a bunch of high school success stories with Kobi-like egos. No wonder a blue-collar player like Kyle Taber is so much fun to watch. Taber simply plays his role in the TEAM concept and is able to have increasing success with each additional game.

  6. I hope Indiana never gets another Eric Gordon type of player/recruit ever again.

    You all are blessed wit a freak of nature. Granted, he’s young and makes plenty of mistakes, but the Eri Gordon bashing I see every day is incredible.

    The fans that complain about Gordon don’t deserve him.

    Gordon is a competitor and works his tail off in practice every single day. He’s a freshman averaging over 20 points game, is he not?

    The Indiana fans who sit around and whine about Eric Gordon are the type of fans that ruin college basketball.

  7. Hoosier Fan, you couldn’t have said it better! I have to defend him every day with my friends. Eric does work his tail off every game. In yesterdays game there wasn’t a leader on the court except for him and he is 19, I can’t say that Eric never makes a mistake or does some things that I question but that is the IU basketball team and staff. We do not deserve a player of his caliber if we are going to complain every time he misses a shot or has a turnover. Makes me wonder all of those years us IU fans were complaining about not getting the Indiana boys that went elsewhere? Seems like IU fans would have been up in arms.

  8. What a year for IU athletics. The highs and lows for the athletic program have bordered on mental abuse.

    It was a shame we lost the Penn State game after the incredible effort of Taber. Kudos to him for his effort on Sunday.

    What puzzles me most about these kids, is the fact that they had a chance to get a ring. A Big Ten Championship was within their grasp, and they seemed to not even reach for it. Back in the old days (The 80’s) we would of killed for a ring. I don’t understand their mental state.

    Eric should stay. The decisions he makes on the floor, are sometimes rushed and lack consideration to the offensive set, or the game situation. Some of these kids don’t seem to understand the game, or know what it takes or how to win consistantly.

    I did, however, see signs that they had been working on their defense. But they still get confused, and loose their man, who is often the best three point shooter on the team. Why DD did not play more of a zone in that game is puzzling.

  9. I fail to see how Gordon will be a “star” in the NBA when he doesn’t make a high percentage of 3 point shots with college kids guarding him. He’ll make less with bigger NBA guys on him.

    He also won’t get to the line as much trying to drive on people stronger than him.

    And do you think he’ll be able to guard NBA players when he struggles against college kids?

    I don’t “hate” Gordon, nimrods, I just don’t think he’s the BEST PLAYER EVER like some people do.

  10. I think he’ll get more calls in the NBA than he does in the Big Ten, and they won’t call him for as many travels when he gets his feet going too quickly. And you do realize that he is playing with that protective padding on his hand, right? It has had an obvious effect on his long range shot. I’m sure NBA scouts take note of that.

    “And do you think he’ll be able to guard NBA players when he struggles against college kids?”
    – Clearly you don’t watch him closely on the defensive end…as he always guards the opponents best guard and usually does a good job on them. Most announcers take note of it during each game.

    I haven’t seen anyone on this board or any other board or any other site say that Gordon is the “BEST PLAYER EVER.” That said, I’m not saying you hate him either. But many people on this blog and Peegs, etc, moan so much about a guy who is by far our best offensive player and the freshman of the year in the Big Ten. I read all the time that he does more bad than good, etc, etc, yadda yadda. Sorry but there have been many times this year that he completely dominates games whether he’s hitting long range bombs or not.

  11. He said his wrist was fine and he wears the cast because he’s “used to it”………so I don’t know how you can use that as an excuse……..unless you think he’s lying about his wrist.

    The “best guard” he guards in college will be worse than “the worst” guard he guards in the pros. He’ll get eaten alive.

    Why will he “get the calls” in the NBA? They usually don’t go the way of rookies.

    How many games did he “dominate” when we played anyone decent?

  12. i enjoy your analysis of IU bball more than anyone on the internet but i disagree with a couple of your points. i would bet taber is stronger than stemler. and how can you say gordon regained his shooting touch. 4-16 from three?!? hell, i can hit that. even stemler can hit that! gordon has flaws in his technique. releases from the side of his head instead of coming up thru the middle of his body. also, his release point is too low. helps his range but wait until he tries to get that shot off in the nba. defenders will expose that right away.

  13. EG needs to stay at IU. He is good but definitely not ready for the NBA. Remember Jay Edwards. I rest my case.

  14. It’s not my excuse, but it’s blatantly obvious that it has some effect. He can barely dribble to the left.

    He won’t be getting calls in the sense that stars like Jordan and Kobe etc get…but when he drives to the lane, I think the Big Ten refs tend to not give calls when there is a lot of contact.

    He’s had a lot of great games this year. Go back and look at the box scores if you want the answer to that.

    Your point about guarding players is stupid. You don’t think Gordon will grow and get stronger at all in the NBA or leading up to his rookie year? He’ll be fine on that end. You said he “struggles” with guys in college. That is absolutely untrue…guys struggle when he’s guarding them.

  15. I for one am grateful that we have Gordon, without him… who knows if we would have made .500. The guy is phenomenal and a heck of a lot of fun to watch. He turns the ball over more, but that is because he is trying to win games by driving the lane and getting fouled. If he would have had any kind of a coach this year (instead of a sorry excuse for one and a cheater), he could have been developed a heck of a lot more than he has. Not to mention his shooting % started going downhill after the wrist injury.
    I am just ready for a good coach who teaches defense and runs a good offense (instead of KS who did nothing with this team offensively or defensively). Thank God Sampson is gone and I hope the new coach cleans house of any existing players who have bad attitudes!
    Let’s build a team around the kids who want to play for IU and give effort… we can start with Tabor, it will certainly be more fun to watch!

  16. But wait Chuck, Laffy says that since Gordon said his wrist is fine and he wears the brace because he’s used to it…so that must mean his wrist never had any effect on his dribbling or shot at all, and still doesn’t.

    Oh wait, it’s Laffy.

  17. His shooting % also started going down after we got out of the cupcake part of our schedule.

    As far as him getting stronger, so will the other NBA players.

    Who did he shut down in college?

  18. laffy, you’re a nimrod. are you being pigheaded for the sake of being a devil’s advocate?

    sure the kid has made mistakes, but the level indiana fans have held him to is a little silly. he’s been amazing, first team all-big ten, freshman of the year, so good we expect him to be perfect, but that’s our issue as fans. we expected him to be perfect and lead us to the promised land like carmelo.

    well, he single handedly kept us in more games then should be necessary and has put up one of the most impressive freshman years in IU basketball history, all with the weight of being eric gordon on his shoulders. all the while doing it with the class of a fine young man. no point going on any further.

    i for one am glad he came to represent our fine university this year!

  19. Laffy, all you do is make statements just for the sake of spewing them out. Such as your idiotic comment about “so will the other NBA players” in terms of getting stronger.

    Well, jacktard, there is a difference between maturing and getting bigger while your are under 20 years old compared to NBA vets lifting weights to improve strength. I can’t wait to see your response because without a doubt it will be illogical and won’t have any thought behind it. Yet you’ll still type it out for no good reason. Thanks.

  20. Why do people rip on Gordon so much? Just because people set ridiculously high expectations for him, doesn’t mean he will automatically live up to them. He has some flaws, but he plays hard and is a very talented player. I really get tired of the over the top bashing of him.

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