Some questions for today

D.J. White

1. Will Indiana be able to contain Raymar Morgan again?

The 6-7 sophomore had only three points against the Hoosiers on Feb. 17. And Indiana won 80-61. Since then, Morgan has scored 16 points in wins against Penn State and Iowa but had just 7 in Michigan State’s loss at Wisconsin on Thursday.

Indiana contained him with a collapsing zone, and the combo of Kyle Taber and DeAndre Thomas did much of the work because D.J. White missed the second half of that game with a knee injury.

2. That brings us to the next question: Will Drew Neitzel do a better job of shooting over the zone? Neitzel had 21 points against the Hoosiers in that first game, but all of them came in the first 32 minutes of the game. He went cold as Indiana pulled away.

3. Will Eric Gordon find as much room this time as he did last time?

The super-freshman had 28 points on 9-of-15 shooting. He had plenty of room to work and was able to run the floor. Playing at home the Spartans will surely try to slow Indiana down.

4. How long can the Hoosiers hold on?

We’ve all been in — or at least observed — emotional situations through which somehow people were not only able to persevere but thrive. And usually, there’s a crash. Or at least a slowing down period, a time to rebuild or recharge. So do the Hoosiers take that time now to sag and then rally for the tournaments or does their adrenaline carry all the way through to a possible run into April?