Sweet drum solo, man

This guy seems unaware of the screaming.

We’re court side here at Breslin, with the students and the band just a few feet behind us. The Izzone has filled in fairly early and is excited about senior day. One guy has about eight hot dogs he appears to plan to eat. Nice.

After a swinging little drum solo, the Hoosiers left the court to a nice chorus of boos. And a few of them did something I don’t remember seeing at all this year.

D.J. White and DeAndre Thomas acknowledged the boos. They waved their arms as if to invite the scorn.

To be honest with you, I think the Hoosiers are, by and large, a “nice” team. The players are decent guys who seem to have fun playing basketball. But through this whole ordeal I think they’ve morphed into basketball renegades, at least in their own minds.