1. Guys,
    Greetings once again from Lafayette. What direction do you think the coaching search is heading? Will IU break the bank and go for a big name like Pearl or Calipari? Or do they go for a
    young up-and-comer like Bennett or Brownell?

  2. I like Bennett. Pearl has a great gig, all he has to do is win in a horrid SEC and they’ll shower him with money. That basketball arena is also very impressive. Same with Calipari, and I don’t think he’d appreciate the scrutiny he’d get at IU. A young coach spending 20 years in Bloomington would be great.

  3. I live in Oregon now and have seen Bennetts team play the ducks and the huskies. His teams value possessions and play team ball. I’d love to see what he could do with Hoosier stock like Gordon. And DJ of course, isn’t he a considered a true hoosier by now?

    Pearl likes the camera too much for my taste.

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