(WNIT) James Madison-Indiana, Live Updates

INDIANA (18-15) falls to JAMES MADISON (24-9), 86-81 in OT

Final Stats:
James Madison
Dawn Evans, 38 points, 6 assists
Tamera Young, 30 points, 12 rebounds, 5 steals
Lauren Jimenez, 9 points, 5 rebounds

Whitney Thomas, 26 points, 8 rebounds, 4 steals
Amber Jackson, 15 points
Jamie Braun, 14 points, 6 assists
Jori Davis, 11 points, 3 assists, 3 steals
Nikki Smith, 10 points



JMU 75, IU 72: Jasmin Lawrence starts off the extra period with a 3!!! James Madison has a group of traveling fans that is quite the rwody bunch, and they are heard often, trying to distract Hoosiers when they go to the FT line.

JMU 75, IU 73: Amber Jackson gets whistled for her fourth foul on an iffy call, joining Tamera Yoing and Kisha Stokes for JMU with four.

JMU 77, IU 74: The Hoosiers trail by three now, as Young hits a tough baseline jumper. Nikki Smith tries a 3, but it bounces off the back of the rim.

JMU 80, IU 74: Dawn Evans nails her sixth 3!!! of the game, and may have buried the Hoosiers. Evans has 34 points. Young goes to the FT line as IU fouls.

JMU 83, IU 77: The clock reads 26.6 seconds after a Jamie Braun 3!!!, but it may be too little, too late for the Hoosiers.

JMU 84, IU 81: Nikki Smith nails a ridiculous 3!!! and is hacked on the play. She makes her FT, giving the Hoosiers a crack of daylight.

FINAL: JMU 86, IU 81: Ballgame. James Madison moves on to the third round. A tough way to go out for Smith, the lone Hoosier senior.


Second Half:

IU 36, JMU 33: The teams trade buckets, as Amber Jackson hits for the Hoosiers (she has 10 points now), and Tamera Young knocks down a baseline shot. Young has 19 points. 18:15 to go in the game.

IU 41, JMU 36: Jackson misses one of a pair of FTs, just the second miss in 18 tries for the Hoosiers. Jackson leads Indiana with 13 points.

IU 41, JMU 41: Dawn Evans hits her second 3!!! of the game, pulling the Dukes within two points. James Madison has not yet led in the game, but is destroying the Hoosiers on the boards, 28-15. Evans hits another shot to tie it with 14:30 to go.

IU 44, JMU 43: The Dukes get their first lead of the game by way of Evans again, but Nikki Smith answers with her signature 3!!! to liven the crowd.

IU 47, JMU 45: The Dukes go ahead again, but it’s Smith again with a 3!!! The Hoosiers’ only senior is not ready to hang up her IU jersey.

IU 48, JMU 45: The Hoosiers head into a timeout with a slim points margin. There’s 11:44 left in this one, with a trip to Kentucky awaiting the winner in the third round.

IU 53, JMU 50: Dawn Evans with a 3!!! from the top of the key, but Amber Jackson answers with a layup on the Hoosier end. 8:24.

IU 57, JMU 52: Jamie Braun converts two straight layups, the second on a fastbreak that’s assisted by a long pass from Jackson. The crowd is on their feet now, and willing on the Hoosiers.

IU 59, JMU 52: Coach Jack is up and clapping enthusiastically for her team, who get the lead up to seven right before a timeout with 6:24 to play.

IU 61, JMU 52: Whitney Thomas sinks a pair of FTs. She’s 11-for-12 from the line and has 19 points in the game.

IU 63, JMU 54: The crowd gives one of the offiials an earful after a foul is called off the ball against the Hoosiers. Tamera Young hits both FTs and has 23 points now.

IU 65, JMU 57: Evans can’t seem to miss, nailing her fourth 3 of the night. She has 21 points, but Thomas comes back with a score for the Hoosiers. Thomas has matched Young’s 23 points to tie her for the game-high, and it’s a career high for Thomas.

IU 65, JMU 59: Moments later, Evans is the game’s third 23-point scorer with a pair of made FTs. 3:15 to play.

IU 67, JMU 61: Timeout with 1:59 left. Coach Jack calls for a 30-seconder when Thomas gets caught with the ball under the Dukes’ basket. She gives them a few calming words, but the Hoosiers follow with a shot clock violation.

IU 69, JMU 62: Thomas makes another pair of FTs. The junior forward is 15-of-16 from the line and has 25 points.

IU 69, JMU 65: Evans hits, what else?, a 3!!! to pull the Dukes within four with one minute to go. Evans has 26 points to lead the floor.

IU 69, JMU 68: Uh-oh. Evans tries a DEEP 3!!! that misses, but she’s fouled by Jackson on the shot. She sinks all three, rolling the last one around the rim.

IU 71, JMU 68: Kim Roberson is fouled now, and makes both FTs. There’s 28.5 seconds left as a timeout is called.

IU 72, JMU 70: The energy drains a bit, and the crowd is silenced as Kim Roberson goes down with a badly twisted ankle. She’s helped off the floor, and Evans heads to the line as a foul was called on the play. 17 seconds on the clock. James Madison fouls Braun with 13.3 ticks on the clock. Braun misses the first, then makes the second. A timeout is called, and the Dukes will get a chance to tie or win.

End Regulation: IU 72, JMU 72: Young ties it with 6.2 seconds left, setting up a last-second attempt for the Hoosiers, but Jori Davis fires from three-quarters court length instead of getting a little closer, and time runs out.


First Half:

IU 10, JMU 4: Amber Jackson has started out strong in this game, hitting a jumper on the Hoosiers’ first possession and later putting back a Jamie Braun miss. Jackson played very well in the Big Ten Tournament and has four points in the early going tonight. Timeout with 15:50.

IU 14, JMU 4: Braun hits two free throws to give the Hoosiers a 10-point lead with 14:16 left in the first. Jackson made another power move underneath and has six points now.

IU 17, JMU 7: Jori Davis answers Lauren Jimenez’s old fashioned three-point play with a 3-pointer from the top of the key.

IU 19, JMU 11: The Dukes set a school record this year for rebounds in a season, collecting over 300 more than Indiana. Right now, James Madison holds a 10-9 advantage on the boards, and Colonial Athletic Association Player of the Year Tamera Young gets a ricochet for a second-chance putback. 11:30 to play.

IU 25, JMU 14: Thomas shoots a pair of free throws for the second straight possession. A 67.8% FT shooter on the season, Thomas drains all four. 9:20 left in half one.

IU 27, JMU 16: Thomas hits another two FTs after a timeout. She’s 6-for-6 on the night.

IU 27, JMU 21: Young hits a silly falling-down jumper from the lane with two Hoosiers in her face. She follows with a steal and gets a foul called driving to the bucket. She hits 1-of-2 and has 12 points in the game to lead all players.

IU 30, JMU 23: Coach Jack calls a quick timeout with 3:40 left after the Dukes get an easy layup. The last thing the Hoosiers want is to give away this lead they’ve had all game.

IU 30, JMU 26: Dawn Evans hits a 3!!! for the Dukes to cut the lead to just four. 2:06 to go.

IU 34, JMU 26: Indiana busts a sweet passing play, as Kim Roberson feeds Braun from the right wing. Braun cuts into the lane, dribbles a few times, and finds Davis on the other side of the rim waiting for the easy layup. 1 minute left.

HALFTIME: IU 34, JMU 31: Young hits a 3!!! for James Madison, then gets the rebound. After a Dukes miss, Young grabs the board and hits a short jumper. Young has 17 points at the break.

Halftime Stats:
James Madison
Tamera Young, 17 points, 8 rebounds, 3 steals

Whitney Thomas, 10 points, 5 rebounds
Jori Davis, 10 points
Amber Jackson, 8 points


  1. Ryan, thanks for the updates on this good game. I should have packed up the family in the mini van and helped Pack The Hall to support the lady Hoosiers like we did a few weeks ago.

    It is good to see an IU basketball victory…that is if they did win?

  2. While I am sorry to see yet another IU loss, espcially for Nikki, but she should have some good memories of hitting a “ridiculous 3” while getting fouled and makes a 4 point play. Thanks for your time here Nikki and best wishes in your future endevours.

    Any thoughts on how the Lady Hoosiers might be next year?

  3. Nikki has been a staple in the lineup for the last three seasons, and while it’s tough to see her go, she is the only one that will definitely not be back next season as the only senior. I know Coach Jack is pretty excited by her first true recruiting class, and if these six freshmen can gel the way Coach and they seem to think they will (and have already), there’s no reason why they couldn’t be a force in the Big Ten (they still had an outside shot at the league heading into the last three games this season) and get in the NCAA’s here in another season or two. Jori Davis stands out amongst the freshmen, having contributed valuable minutes this year. It’s scary to think what her production might have been had she not had to sit out 12 games with an injury. And any team that returns players like Jamie Braun is going to be better off for it. I think the biggest key to next season, though, is the fact that two starting forwards in Whitney Thomas and Amber Jackson are slated to return for one more campaign. Jackson strives to be the best at what she does and welcomes what is sometimes harsh criticism from Coach Jack to fuel her desire, and Thomas is quite simply a warrior in the post that holds back absolutely nothing for 40 minutes a game, often sacrificing her own body to get things done.

  4. thanks ladies for a great year. We only missed a few games this year and it was great seeing the player get better with each game. Next year should be a great year for the lady Hoosiers.

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