A few quick notes . . .

There’s so much news to be had today, but I thought I’d give you a run down of some things that have interested me today:

  • Jamarcus Ellis and Armon Bassett, the guards who were recently ousted from the team by interim coach Dan Dakich, were not invited to the team meeting with Crean this morning.
  • Eric Gordon, the freshman guard who is currently trying to decide whether or not to jump to the NBA, did not attend the meeting. I spoke with his father, Eric Gordon Sr., earlier today and was told that Eric will announce on Friday a plan — a plan — for the next week or so. He’s not going to make his final decision known but instead outline some of his thoughts about how he’ll come to whatever conclusion he comes to. Gordon Sr. said that what Tom Crean has to say — the new coach has expressed a desire to meet with Gordon — will not play heavily into E.J.’s decision. “What he’s doing is making a decision about what’s best for him,” Gordon Sr. said. “He’s got to make the right decision for his own future based on what’s going to help him the most.”
  • Crean knows he will be re-recruiting most of the current players. He said that they were quiet when he met them during the 10 a.m. meeting today. But that’s what he expected. He hopes to meet with them individually in the coming days.
  • Eli Holman, the 6-9 center out of Richmond, Calif., will fly home Friday night and meet with family and friends to discuss his future. He said he was not currently leaning toward staying or going. Jordan Crawford said he will take some time to ponder his future, too. Those were the only two players who attended the announcement today.
  • Lawrence McGugins, the AAU coach and trusted adviser to top recruit Devin Ebanks, believes Indiana made a solid hire by grabbing Crean. “He’s won in a major conference, one of the top conferences,” he told me today. “He’s a good catch, a great coach. He knows what he’s doing in running a program all around.” Ebanks is waiting to hear from Crean before moving forward with his decision. The 6-9 wing from New York City is also considering Memphis, Rutgers, Texas and West Virginia.
  • Crean hasn’t had time to even consider who he’ll try to hire to fill out his coaching staff. He plans on speaking with the current coaches — Dakich, Ray McCallum and Jeff Meyer — sometime soon. He’s also keeping his assistants from Marquette in mind, and two of those have (what’s the best word here?) interesting ties to the Indiana situation. Tim Buckley actually took over for Ray McCallum in 2000 when McCallum left his alma mater, Ball State, for the Houston job. Buckley had spent several years as McCallum’s top assistant, and last year was on Steve Alford’s staff at Iowa. Bennie Seltzer played for Kelvin Sampson at Washington State, then became an assistant on Sampson’s staff at Oklahoma after a short pro career. He spent nine years as Sampson’s assistant but went to Marquette when Sampson left for Indiana.


  1. Guys,

    Thanks for the updates. The fact that the Jamarcus and Armon were not invited to the meeting is not surprising. I still believe that Greenspan’s office was part of the decision to dismiss the players from the team.

    Regarding EJ, I’m dissapointed. Not because I expect him to stay, but he has been a really great kid and is still a part of the team. He could have done a lot of good for the other kids and further showed that he is mature for his age just by going to the meeting.

  2. Eric Gordon once again showed his tremendous immaturity. He is still at this moment an IU Student on Scholarship and a member of the Indiana Team. For him not show at the meeting says to me, this kid has so much to learn and not a real good sign of his upbringing.
    I wish him a lot of luck, for he seems to be a very mixed up kid who shows no emotions and apparently has no heart!
    Talent? Maybe. No passion, respect, heart!!!!!

  3. Sorry guys, but it’s been a long time, “isiah”, since any body left IU early, and then lasted a while in the pros, Eric can do it, but only after a couple of tours in Italy. If he stays, fine, but tell his daddy to take a hike. Also, he needs to ditch the cell, because I think Kelvin may have been in his ear, as a possible agent connection, not good!

  4. rick,
    jared jefferies is still with the knicks. and that was the smartest thing you said. shut the hell up about sampson and cell phones and agents. why are you making stuff up?

  5. I thought IU fans knew their basketball, the guy you hired has only won in 2 of 9 ncaas. Wade carried him one year. In fact MU, was seconds away in one of those years from losing to Holy Cross. You choked this one. Quite a large mistake, but it just shows that IU is no longer what it was. You now have Crean, hah!

  6. Joe Hoss, you are clueless. Time will tell how wrong you truly are… have fun eating crow. If you are not happy with it, go find another team to follow… uh, um.. I mean cut down. We don’t need you here!

  7. Chris, thanks for the updates on another wild day for IU basketball and Bloomington too with the Clinton visit(my wife shook his hand as is so excited!), the announcement of the Dave Matthews concert on Sunday as part of the Obama campaign and of course the start of the Crean and Crimson.

    I am intrigued by what will happen next and again thanks for your excellent coverage and keep up the good work!

    I wonder of Joe Hoss is a Hoosier or a Golden Eagle? I vote for the later as their message boards were filled with some disappointed fans to say the least! Crean is, as I read on another boards, a 3 run home run, not the grand slam of a hire, but a good solid choice that most all of the Hoosier Nation is proud to welcome to our family.

  8. seems to me that all the scholarship players should have been in attendance for the introduction of our new coach… whether or not
    they are intending to play next year they are part of the team and we are paying their way.

  9. Leary and Fish said there was a LOT more that those two did to deserve getting kicked off.

    Good riddance.

  10. jojo

    I agree. You still represent the university, and especially those who are still on the team next year. Where were Taber and Fink? Hopefully crean can ment this broken heart or whatever it is that is going on in that locker room right now.

  11. First off, thanks for the updates cant read enough about what is going on………..

    Now Dick, you do know that only 2 players were there at the presser correct, I guess pointing out EJ not being there is an agenda driven bias. You sir need to grow up, EJ is a good kid who is being brought up the right way. Any kid that plays with a broken wrist with no excuses is OK by me, he loves IU and for you to take shots shows that your the 1 that needs to grow up………

    As for Hoss, thanks for showing how LITTLE you know about bball, Crean is a HR Grand Slam hire even many IU hating bobble heads think the same. I sense a little jealousy in your post, so having you say that just reinforces that I believe IU hit this one out of the park…….

    PS: It really looks like Eli and Jordan will be back, that alone is good news for sure…….

    Thanks again for the updates

  12. Dick, sorry I read the blog again and noticed that EJ wasnt at the team meeting, sorry for the attack I was thinking the presser.

  13. Gordon needs to go pro. I like the kid and he is a great talent but he needs to move on.

    I can’t see Gordon wanting to work hard to get shots as part of the natural flow of an offense. Watching him all season made it clear he came to IU because he was given an unlimited green light to do whatever he wanted. One-on-one freelance leading to poor shot selection doesn’t win games.

    As much as I like EJ I’d be pissed if Crean allowed something like that to happen again.

  14. Good updates. It’s early folks. It is not a big deal who was at the meetings/presser and who was not. I have a hard time getting my own kids to sit down for dinner, so it is understandable at this time of year. EJ has his dad in both ears and Ellis and Bassett are dealing with mixed emotions.

    I tend to believe that these two are not angels, but they also are basically good young men. Much like many 19-20 year olds. I think it will be interesting to see what happens to DD. This whole interim tag has been weird, if not damaging. With all the talk of IU family, etc. I think it will be critical to see what TC (or IU) does with DD. There surely is some bad blood between DD and Ellis/Bassett.

  15. Crean will work with whoever is left standing for next year and will build on that each year. Players will have to follow the rules!! IU has no where to go but up and I’m sure Crean is the man to get the job done. Those that don’t want to stay should leave…..but they will miss being in at the start of something special.

  16. Cut ties with the guys who have no loyalty to the program. As Crean stated yesterday, this will take time and we need to be patient. Why should he waste his time with Ellis, who only has 1 year of eligibility left? He would just be a bad example and distraction for other guys. He and Bassett are saying they won’t play if Dakich is still there?? Are you kidding me? These young men are acting like they run the show!! There are other athletes, maybe not as good athletes, but with less character issues that we can find to fill their roster spots.

  17. The only reason EJ played with the broken wrist was to maintain his draft status. By sitting out, it would hurt his draft stock. Now he can blame the wrist for his poor play down the stretch. How do we really know it was broke?? Is he having surgery to fix it? Might just be an alibi. His dad is no dummy, he knows what he’s doing.

  18. Listen you can all mock me, but look at history at Crean at Marquette, ONE good year out of NINE? He got lucky with Wade. Yes Diener and Novak were descent players but were never enough without Wade. There were always years of conflicts with players, But I believe looking at IU history this is the type of coach you strive for at IU.(knight, etc)HE DEFINITELY LOOKS LIKE A CLEAN CUT GUY, CLEAN IMAGE YES!! 2 YEARS OUT OF 9 WINNING 1 GAME IN THE NCAA’S. The first guy turned you down, apparently Crean knew this next year was a make or break year for him. If he couldnt win with the talent he had this year and definitely next, he was in for some trouble. Good move for Crean, IU FANS, IN 2 YEARS, I EXPECT TO EAT FREE IN YOUR RESTAURANTS FOR TELLING YOU ALL THIS UP FRONT!!!!!!!!!!

  19. At some point, will the HT writers actually do some digging ON THEIR OWN and find out what transpired between Ellis and Bassett. I was listening to a sports show out of Chicago, the reporter who knew Bloomington fairly well.. he knew where Zagribs was for example, and he is giving a far different take on their dismissal rather than they refused to run laps, and that they are simply the head of the proverbial hydra. I’ll give you sports boys a tip…. Contact IUPD get a copy of their dispatch logs. See if Units were dispatched to AH on the day of or the day before they were thrown off the team. Check with BPD and ISP as well to see if they might have responded. You can then begin to track down the police report. People do not get kicked off a team because they were late for a meeting and they refused to run laps,,, not when the coach is about to be replaced…..

  20. Joe Hoss who’s your team big man? And Crean spent 9 years at Marquette. Not exactly a major contender. He brought the team out of conference usa and into the big east and had alot of success. He had the final four run with Wade. How is that lucky? Wade was the 6th man on his AAU team when Crean started recruiting him, and they ended up in the final four. And for some reason everyone in the media and other coaches and analysts around the country think it was a pretty good move. Learn something about college basketball before you try posting retarted comments in our blog.

    This is Indiana though Hoss, 5 National Championship banners hanging in the gym… How many does your school have? And Hoss, is that name a reference to your girlfriend?

  21. thanks for your intelligent comments, go and watch “hoosiers” some more, maybe you and shooter can watch the paint dry down in Indiana. If it is such a great school, then why do you have players get kicked off the team, leave early for the NBA, have coaching turnover, used to have an angry old man throw chairs at officials,etc. WOW! what a great tradition. How is Mike Davis doing? How about Coach Sampson? In 3 years, you will be begging to get rid of Crean. Will we have some NCAA sanctions coming your way? What year did you last win it all? I am actually from Illinois, not Marquette. I cant wait for this season, will you guys have to fill a team? You will probably have to bring in OLLIE to shoot free throws bc your water boy will be your 5th player. INDIANA SPORTS IS A HAS BEEN, THAT IS WHY THEY MAKE SPORTS MOVIES ABOUT INDIANA SPORTS.
    But keep believing, and maybe on Sat mornings you all can get a free haircut.

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