Bassett, Ellis mum on Crean hire

Recently-dismissed IU players Armon Bassett, a junior next season, and Jamarcus Ellis, a senior, wouldn’t speak with me just a few minutes ago about Indiana’s decision to hire Tom Crean as their next basketball coach.

Both were joined by (former?) teammates DeAndre Thomas, Jordan Crawford and Brandon McGee for some pick-up basketball at the HPER on IU’s campus. Former IU player A.J. Ratliff was also playing, and freshman Eli Holman arrived near the end of their scrimmage.

Holman did say that he hadn’t spoken with anyone at IU (or Crean, for that matter) about the hire and there hasn’t been a team meeting of any sort. He’s planning to go home to Richmond, Calif. this Friday, discuss his options with his family, then decide on his future at Indiana by Wednesday.

“I’ll give anyone a chance,” Holman said.

Ratliff said he didn’t know what the future will hold for Ellis and Bassett.


  1. Come on now boys… Hold IU Down. This school is LEGENDARY! Bring it back to the “Glory of Old IU!!”

  2. they’re worshiped like gods here
    and that little clic of there’s seems to be tight
    i think
    if Ellis and Armon can’t be reinstated, then I think Crawford and McGee leave. Maybe Holman too.

    I think Thomas stays just because it would be a pain to sit out the year somewhere else and only play one year.

  3. if they cant follow rules, get them out of here. they had their chances, they chose to keep breaking the rules. get out. and this is coming from a huge ellis and bassett fan.

  4. Crean should be on the first flight to Indy-Bloomington. HE should immediately meet with Basset and Ellis and smoke a peace pipe with them. He should then go to the administrative skunks and raise Hell. I seriously doubt that thermopylae will occur. If he did I’d buy a season ticket. Where are the men of legend?

  5. Perry1000 said:

    “HE should immediately meet with Basset and Ellis and smoke a peace pipe with them.”

    Do you really think he should be smoking with the players? Hasn’t that been one of the problems?

  6. Holman seems like a good kid. I hope they all stay and get their act together. This team could rebound sooner rather than later.

  7. Whoa there ‘IU Alum’ can’t take a joke very well hu bud?.. I’m pretty sure Perry was being sarcastic but ok =)

  8. Armon and Jamarcus need to relax. They have suffered a great deal of negative reactions from IU fans. Dan Dakich was certainly not thinking rationally about how to deal with emotionally distraught players. Crean needs to intervene in due time and give them substantial guidance about what is best for their future. I believe Crean can do this in due time; but, not in the next 7 days! Armon and Jamarcus need to relax.

  9. In response to IUALUM: You have a good point. I guess I walded right into that one. I still find it hard to believe that I.U. ended up with a coach that found the phone more addicative than women, drugs, and gambling.

    All that aside: there was once a man named Ghengis Khan. He created the biggest empire in history out of nothing. He had a best friend and literal blood brother named Jamuka. For some reason Jamuka did a Benedict Arnold on Ghengis and fought with another mongol faction against his friend. Two of Jamuka’s generals took Jamuka hostage and delivered him to Ghengis. Ghengis within seconds killed the two generals and begged Jamuka to return to the fold. Jamuka refused. Jamuka only asked that he be given a royal execution, meaning none of his blood was to be spilt.

    IUALUM: moral of the story, don’t be a fair weathered friend. Beg Bassett and Ellis to come back into the fold. More greatness and less pettiness.

  10. Ellis and Bassett must go. Why give that problem to the new coach. Wouldn’t you want your new girfriend to be free of the clap before you start dating her?

    Although, it probably was pretty tough for Ellis abd Bassett to get up and run at 6AM after lighting up a few blunts a few hours before..

  11. We need everyone back, even Big Boi! McGee. None of us really know what in the hell has been going on since Sampson split town, but guess what….AB and JE don’t play for Sampson, they play for INDIANA UNIVERSITY. I understand it is their life to live, so either do it (THE RIGHT WAY!) or take your issues elsewhere. I want nothing more than for both them to return. They could both be 1st team all Big Ten, but not if their behavior gets in the way.

  12. You have apoint Baker. But my experience is that it takes all kinds. All teams are built upon a division of abilty. No team is 12 centers or twelve guards. Same thing with ethics and personality. For some reason the best chemistry comes from opposites. Think beauty and the beast or peanut butter and jelly. One of the most unthinkable friendships was squeaky clean JFK Jr. and Big bad Mike Tyson. They were instant friends! On the other hand, you put twelve quior boys together and you’ll end up with WW III.

  13. Hardliners want to be tough with Bassett and Ellis. Hardliners will win fewer games. There’s rules and then there are rules. The rules Bassett and Eliis broke need to be overlooked and they both need to be given a chance to prove to the new head coach that they belong on the team.

    This IU Alum most certainly wants them back.

  14. Rules? I guess illegal activity, talking back to the coaches, missing meetings…oh those rules dont mean anything. Get rid of the trouble…they are wishing they behaved properly now that Crean is on board. SEE YA!

  15. Do I believe in second chances? Sure do these two need second third or fourth chances? Will the new coach decide to let them stay or let them go….. we shall see… but they made their own bed.. let them lie in it.

  16. Oh and Perry1000 what the HELL are you talking about with your weird analogies are you sure you haven’t been smoking that reefer before typing up on the blog bud? …MAN i can not follow this dude’s analogies..

  17. I can not believe the number of people who think Crean should ‘beg’ for the players to come back. Is IU so desperate that they need to beg players to play for them? IU is a top program and its the players who should be begging. If they want to play, they should be begging to run everyday for a week or more. Let them clean the toilets. Otherwise, they should go to some other program. The day that IU has to beg players to come is when it becomes a 2nd tier program. How the might have fallen.

  18. Thanks for the constructive criticism DYNASTY.
    You’ll understand when you’re left hanging out to dry one day. It is only then that you find out who your friend are. I dare you to go out and test your friends. Look up FAIR-WEATHERED FRIENDS on your search engine.

  19. Why on Earth would Indiana let players who don’t follow rules and are given their education dictate who should be assistant coach. I say kick them out for good and give the scholarships to someone who deserves it and will work for it. IU cannot let players rule what happens with leadership. If they don’t like who the coach or assistant coach is then let them hit the road. I would rather lose games until the staff can build the team than let these guys have a say is what is going to happen. This is not a professional team where things might go differently. This is college ball. I know most of these guys just use this to try to get to the pros but let them try it someplace else. Indiana has never let something like this happen and now is not the time to start!!! So boys just go on your way.

  20. Both Ellis and Bassett should be told to not let the door hit them in the butts on the way out.

  21. I have a friend that went to Indiana State University. He has a Master’s degree. I said you must root for ISU when they play IU? He said: “nope!” I said: how could you root against your alma mater? His response was: IU BASKETBALL. I explained to him the illogic of his ways. I explained with the finest reason why he should root for ISU. After the 10th time of his answering with a slow motion I-U-B-A-S-K-E-T-B-A-L-L I understood. To all IU alumuni: I hope that you are as dedicated to your coaches and players as my friend is to your program. Hold on tight to your people.

  22. An IU player who was a junior this year will be playing under his 4th head coach next year. That is nothing for IU to be proud of. I would not blame any player for thinking the program is a total mess. When you sign up to play, you are basing your decision on the school, the program, and the coach. When mismanagement of the athletic program causes your coach to be fired or the administration hires someone who has already committed NCAA rules infractions you may begin to think you made a huge mistake choosing to play at IU. That is enough to drive you to cause anyone to make a poor choice.

    They deserve a chance. If anyone should be removed from the IU program it should be the athletic director, who has shown he is incapable of performing his job satisfactorily. It is his decisions that have destroyed the program.

    Crean needs to hold onto every player he can and demonstrate to potential recruits that IU basketball is a good choice. Otherwise the next 2-3 years are going to be a disaster for IU.

  23. John, lets prove to the recruits that they don’t have to listen to the coach and they will actually control the program. IU used to be s strong program with strong moral values. Now with this down turn, it appears the Hoosier Nation is only interested in what it takes to get wins. Haven’t you learned anything yet. That type of thinking is what brought Sampson to IU and caused all this problem in the first place. If IU wants to get its status back as an elite program, it needs to recruit solid players with a good moral background and not just students who want to do whatever they want and ignore the coach. I worked at an engineering company and had several bosses within a few years, but never thought I could ignore my boss just because he was not the one that hired me.

  24. Dynasty is an administrator. He works for the athletic director. Agent provacateur and a troll.

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