1. OF COURSE the big ten blocked this proposal! Without the BCS.. only ONE Big Ten program would make it to the playoffs. The Big Ten is down in football (maybe rebuilding) and they are probably threatened by it. I would love to see a tourney, but there’s always MONEY involved and thats what keep these conferences going.

  2. the only bad thing about this would be there would never be a chance for a mid major school to win no matter what.

  3. The Big Ten and Pac-10 will never waver in their stance against any form of a playoff, right or wrong. It has nothing to do with how good teams are, because that changes every year, but rather with money (most importantly) and tradition. These two conferences are raking in millions of dollars every year thanks to the current bowl system, why change? The logistics of the whole thing just doesn’t work out either, and no form of playoff would ever be possible without completely rehauling the bowl system, which will never happen because of all the money involved. Think about it, a team in the 4 team playoff has to wait 50 days to play one game against an opponent, and then play a different opponent 7 days later? Are fans going to travel ridiculous distances and pay crazy money for tickets twice now? This would also start to creep up into the start of the 2nd semester (or quarter for some schools), which is something that school presidents are strongly against. Remember, Division II and III playoffs dont wait until January to start, they are done by mid December since they don’t have lame bowls to worry about. I am probably the only person for the BCS, but that is for a different discussion. A playoff will happen over Jim Delany’s dead body. Don’t hold your breath for one

  4. They say no now but in seven months when they’re in the same boat again with another controversial national championship game they will be forced to revisit it once again and look like fools for not pulling the trigger soon enough. But hey everyone is making money so lets not mess with a good thing.

  5. All I know is, if we add just 2 teams, there will never be any controversy. Ultimately, the best team will always win. That’s what you want, right?

    Building mythological towers with bricks labeled “George Mason,”

    March Madness

  6. To March Madness –

    There will ALWAYS be someone complaining they got left out. Its the nature of life. You take 4 teams, the 5th team is upset. You want 10 teams? The 11th team is unhappy. Maybe depending on how you look at it the 11th team played a tougher schedule and only lost one more game, so they should have gotten in, etc. We just need to stop trying to make everything “perfect”. The NCAA tournament, the BCS, just enjoy what we have. If the SEC and ACC didnt want the bowl system, then they shouldnt have voted for it in the first place.

  7. Also, with our current system of 97 bowl games, the fans of 97 teams will end the season happy. With a true playoff system (basketball style) all but one team ends the season with a loss. Bowls keep fans giving money.

  8. Exactly. If you are a commissioner of a BCS conference, why mess with a good thing. You are making tons of money and interest in the sport has never been higher, why risk devaluing the best regular season in sports just to make fans who think they want a playoff (but if they thought about it really don’t) happy? In 7 months they will not look at it again, because they just signed a deal to keep it this way until 2014.

    Although it is important to note, it is NOT just the Big Ten and Pac-10. The Big 12 and Big East were also very against it, and the ACC only was kind of interested.

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